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[ModPack] Total Experience

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Modpacks' started by [to_xp]Gekko, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. [to_xp]Gekko

    [to_xp]Gekko QCT junkie

    Dec 16, 2005
    Seyda Neen, Vvardenfell
    Thanks to everyone for your support and suggestions so far, I'd never thought so many people were going to use this mod - I originally did it for my own personal use, then I realized it was growing bigger and better and decided to share it. turns out this was a good idea :)
    so let the download begin, don't forget to give me feedback, as this will greatly improve the 3.0 version ( which should not take huge loads of time to develop as it should include way less stuff than 2.0 ) .




    Total Experience mod version 2.0 :
    python & bugfixing by TheLopez
    XML and concept/ideas by [to_xp]GeKKo


    there is a pesky parsing error somewhere in the UnitInfos.xml file, you'll notice an
    error message when loading the mod - just ignore it.
    as far as I've seen this error does not give any gameplay issues. if it does anyway,
    I'd be really grateful to the person that notices it and points it out, as this will allow me to finally fix it.

    check out the Total Experience.ini file in the main folder of the mod.
    there is contained the new options for the Random Events. they are all turned on by default,
    and you can choose to turn them off individually by setting "true" instead of "false" in the Total Experience.ini file
    under the description of the event.
    Turning them all off is highly recommended for multiplayer games, as they have been reported to cause OOS errors.

    thanks A LOT to all the guys I shamelessly ripped work from :p

    random order:

    GraveEatr http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=152325
    Galindus http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=148486
    Master Lexx
    Fanatic Demon
    player 1 fanatic

    all the other guys that contributed to Grave's and Galindus' mods, or any other I may have forgotten to mention


    I took Grave's Mega Mod v. 2.1, and added in many many changes I liked from some of the
    most successful mods. it is entirely possible that some things I changed and then forgot to mention in this readme,
    if you happen to notice that, please let me know :p

    1) General:

    - added modified and fixed version of Random Events mod that allows to activate
    each random event on its own (thanx DireAussie & TheLopez)

    - added GreatSpecialists mod by TheLopez
    ( 3 new specialists: doctors, statesman and soldiers, each with their own Great Person associated)
    (Great Doctors automatically get Medic3 and Heal3 promotions, Statesmen are versatile, Generals inspire nearby troops)
    (modified many buildings in order to have them allow new specialists' spots, and/or generate greatpersonpoints for the new great people)
    also added Specialist Stacker mod ( enhanced specialist interface) ( thanx to TheLopez )

    - added Current turn at a glance mod ( thanks Goombaz)

    - added Raw Commerce City Display mod ( thanks Sevo )

    - added updated gamefont files that have ZoroAstrian icon replacing the old confucian one, and finally the bonus resources
    are displaying the correct icon in city-view. Thanks a lot to Master Lexx for this!

    - added AbandonRazeDemolish (press Ctrl-X while in city screen to pop up the list)
    (you'll get a worker for every 5 points of population when you raze/abandon a city) (thanks twyggins)

    - added a second unique unit for each civ, tanks now come in two different models.
    units can now gain 10 xp max from animals, 50xp from barbs, and can carry over 50xp max after an upgrade.
    Spiritual Trait +50%production for monastery, not only temple.
    added GreenMod's resources (except for temples, and added building-related extra bonuses
    just like all the other resources)
    when a settler builds a city, any jungle in the surrounding 8 squares is automatically burned down (thanx to Master Lexx)

    - added Dearmad's version of Noble handicap, much more fair than vanilla.
    spy missions are cheaper (thanx dearmad)

    - added Realism gamespeed by Jaynus (modified epic)

    - civic upkeeps now more meaningful ( low cost lower, high cost higher) , thanx to Kael.
    also changed all "none" upkeeps to "low".

    - updated Leaders' Civic preferences, courtesy of Armandeus

    - pacifism now gives +25% to greatpeople generation in all cities, + another 100% bonus to cities with your state religion in it.
    so for cities with state religion, the total bonus is 125%
    Serfdom now gives +1 gold for farms + the old bonus for building improvements (thanx to Edibi)
    - expansive trait now gives +3 health, industrial only gives +35% for wonders (thanx to naf4ever)
    - Slavery now gives +1 production to quarries and +3 commerce to plantations. no more +20% worker speed.
    - can now build as many national wonders as you want in a city
    - catapults and trebuchets now get captured instead of destroyed. use them wisely.
    - global warming decreased
    - ENVIROMENTALISM is back to high upkeep and needs ECOLOGY, to make up for this the bonus health is 8 (was 6)
    - forts can now be built with MASONRY (was mathematics) (mathematics gives fort2 promotion to units inside a fort)

    - decreased unit upgrade gold costs
    Aggressive trait now gives bonuses to more unit types (thanx Exavier)

    - updated the Exotic Foreign Advisor to the last version available (thanx Requies)

    - ReInitialize Interceptor Missions
    Plot List Enhancements
    last version of Modified Special Domestic Advisor (thanx 12monkeys)

    - added last version of TechConquest+last version of Cultural Decay (thanx Bhruic)

    - added Soldier specialists and Great Generals. (changed the late age graphic for the GG
    to Commando, was Praetorian) (thanx to Snaitf)

    - added Promotions and Traits v 0.5 ( thanx to Zuul )

    2) Technologies

    - PAPER needed for Beaurocracy
    TECH TRADING with GUILDS not with Alphabet
    MAP TRADING with ASTRONOMY not with paper (thanx to dearmad)

    - Tech prices rebalanced ( basically I added the changes included in the 1.52 patch as I noticed this mod was using 1.09 prices ) (this means that industrial era tehcnologies now take more time to research) (it's a good thing)
    horseback riding now costs 160 (was 80)

    - Monotheism now needs Polytheism and Meditation (was polytheism and masonry)

    - Meditation now founds Zoroastrianism, Literature Buddhism.
    meditation's cost has been raised to 120 (was 100)
    religions spread rate modified for the sake of both game balance and realism
    Switched costs of polytheism and meditation so that hinduism is usually first to be discovered (thanx to abbamouse)
    now judaism gives 1 culture and 2 gold in all cities if it is your state religion (was 2culture and 1gold)

    3) Buildings:

    - added Magellan's voyage wonder ( thanx Sevo )

    - supermarkets +33% cost, +25% food. ( thanx to Kristine )

    - nuclear silo needed to build ICBMs
    sdi icbm intercept 75 to 60, sdi cost 750 to 2000
    bomb shelter reduced to -50% modifier ( thanx to Exavier )

    - Cold Fusion Plant wonder added, +3 GEPPT
    castles give +2xp for mounted, archery and melee units
    bunker damage -75% to -70% (thanx to Master Lexx)

    - MARKET is a -1 health building.
    CASTLE with CONSTRUCTION (was engineering)
    GREAT LIBRARY with ALPHABET not literature
    WINERIES possible with POTTERY
    COTTAGES NOT possible until Monarchy (was Pottery)
    CLEAR JUNGLE with BIOLOGY (instead of Iron Working) , BUT Roads/rails+improvements needed
    for resource gathering are available with Iron Working as normal (thanx to dearmad)

    - lighthouse is now needed in order to build a harbor
    Great Lighthouse no longer needs a lighthouse to be built
    Eiffel tower and HollyWood back to normal.
    Great Wall moved to masonry, obsolete with gunpowder.
    monasteries no longer get obsolete.
    christian temples and cathedrals +1happiness with wine
    buddhist temples +1happiness with marble and stone
    zoroastrian temples +1 happiness with incense
    drama +1happiness with theatre, not broadcast tower
    books +1happiness with library
    hindu temples now get +1 happiness with hemp
    pyramids moved to polytheism
    nuclear silos now give -2 happiness, universities give+25%war weariness,
    rebalanced bonuses to health and happiness for grocers and markets (thanks to naf4ever)
    mausoleum of mausollus gets double production with stone intead of just +50% ( like all the other wonders)

    4) Units:

    - added Tactical ICBMS that can be loaded on nuclear subs and can be used to nuke a SINGLE tile (thank Exavier)

    - added Rocket Artillery (now with proper graphics) ( thanx to Atma)

    - the original tank has the name Sherman and +Amphibious, the new tank has the name T-34 and +10%withdrawal.
    All the eastern civs get the T-34 and the western get the Sherman. This shows some historical differences between east/west.
    second unique units added:

    America - Minuteman
    replaces rifleman, +1fs, +30% withdrawal, -10 prod

    Arabia - Ansar Warrior
    replaces knight, +get terrain defense, + heal 1

    Aztec - Elite Jaguar
    replaces maceman, +woodsman 1&2, -10 prod

    China - Junk
    replaces galleon, +1 cargo, +20% withdrawal

    Egypt - Egypt Archer
    replaces archer, +1fs, +1fsc

    England - English Longbowman
    replaces longbowman, +1combat -10 prod

    France - Dragoon
    replaces cavalry, +get terrain defense, -20 prod

    German - Teutonic Knight
    replaces maceman, +march

    Greek - Companion Cavalry
    replaces knight, +1fs, +1fsc

    Inca - Elite Quechua
    replaces swordsman, +50% vs archer, -5 production

    India - Indian War Elephant
    replaces war elephant, +25% vs melee, -10 production

    Japan - Zero Fighter
    replaces fighter, +1str, +20% evasion

    Mali - Mali Cavalry
    replaces knight, +commando, +10 prod

    Mongol - Keshik Horse Archer
    replaces horse archer, +ignores terrain movecost, +1fs

    Persia - Sipahi
    replaces knight, +2str

    Rome - Roman Cavalry
    replaces knight, +30% withdrawal, +1fsc

    Russia - Tank-54
    replaces tank, +retreat 1, +10% vs armored

    Spain - Treasure galleon
    replaces galleon, +2str

    - Camel Archer now substitutes Horse Archer, not Knight
    Keshik now substitutes Knight, not Horse Archer
    Jaguars get free woodsman1 promotion instead of jungle defense bonus
    musketman, musketeer, cannon, grenadier, cavalry +related UUs, ship of the line and frigate units need sulphur to be built,
    sulphur revealed by tech_gunpowder
    machinegunner 25% bonus against mounted
    ironclad strenght 12 to 16
    camel archer +25% against mounted
    inquisition now gives -2 happiness for 10 turns (thanx Master Lexx)

    - Settler cost 120
    Rifleman now has 16 combat strength
    Redcoat now has 17 combat strength
    Redcoat got +1 moves (they were extremely discaplined, and better marching skills seems appropriate)
    Musketman (and musketeer) got +25% against melee troops (not mounted) . musketeers also get 25 against mounted.
    Carrier now has a cargo capacity of 5 (instead of 3)
    Removed Uranium requirement from - Destroyer - Battleship to add realism of oil requirements
    Machine Gunner enabled at Assembly Line ( thanx Jaynus )

    - Caravans and Freight allow to do a trade mission just like the merchant but with reduced effectiveness
    Entertainers allow to create a great work that gives +15 culture to the city. useful for newly built cities ( thanx to Hastur)

    - Scouts and Explorer back to normal, now can also build forts. (thanx to Sevo)
    reworked resources needed for many units and unique units for the sake of realism and game balance
    Elephant available at Horseback Riding, no bouns vs mounted, +25% vs melee, collateral damage weaker than catapult that can damage 2 units max,
    horse archer and keshik +50% vs catapult AND trebuchet, +50% against elephants ( thanx Fanatic Demon )
    jaguar str 6.
    swordman types need iron OR copper
    cannons ( this includes frigate and ship of the line, which have cannons on them) need Iron OR copper ( + sulphur of course)
    Maceman (and samurai) now avialable with Civil Service + metal casting
    Knights (and camelarcher and consquistidor) now avialable at Feudalesim+Metal Casting
    knights need a castle to be built, related UUs need a forge )
    Pikeman now at civil service, needs Iron OR copper.
    CARAVEL carries TWO special units (thanx to dearmad)
    ICBM building destruction chance 70% ,
    nuke_unitdamagebase 30 to 50
    nuke_popdeathbase 30 to 50
    galleons carry 4 units, transports 8 units.
    naval units from galley to ironclad (excluding ironclad and workboat) get +50%production bonus from hemp.
    french musketeers have 10 combat instead of 9 to make them a little bit more useful. they also get a free pinch promotion.
    catapults and trebuchets get captured instead of destroyed.
    cavalry + related uus (cossacks etc.) are now considered Gunpowder units instead of mounted.
    horse archer types are now considered archery units instead of mounted.
    all swordman types get a 25 combat bonus against archers and a 50 combat bonus against horse archers.
    ships from ironclad to aegis cruiser need Iron ( other resources vary depending on unit, subs and cruiser excluded)
    gunship combat 24 (was 20)
    units that need robotics now also need a manifacturing plant to be trained
    unit upgrade paths reworked in order to allow more flexibility and more realism.
    crossbow and musketman types get a +50% bonus vs knights
    knights in return get a +25% against melee
    grenadiers get +75% vs rifleman (was 50%, this was needed to balance out the increase in combat for riflemen)
    privateer now carries just 1 unit

    - SAM infantry bonus against helicopters is now 70% instead of 50% (thanx player 1 fanatic)

    - subs and nuclears subs get +25% against transports
    spies and their missions are cheaper (thanx Dearmad)

    5) Terrain and Bonuses/Improvements

    - less desert on random generated maps (thanx to Kristine)

    - Tree Nursery Turns into a forest after 25 turns. (thanx Exavier)

    - lowered the maxlatitude of most resources in order to not get them on the pole
    forest growth 8 to 16
    oasis appearance 500 to 1000
    workshop can be built on tundra
    fort defmulti 25 to 50
    fort airdefmulti 20 to 40
    whale_boat prod 1 to 2
    tradetech for incence tech_mining to tech_calendar
    airbombdef for cottages,... 5 to 5,10,15,20
    soylent green facility, needs desert and biology, +2food +1gold
    waste refinement factory, needs needs desert and fission, +2prod
    desertwindmill, needs desert and tech electricity, +4gold
    ivory grouprand 50 to 25
    increased iplayer 67% per player to 100% for gems, incense, silver, whale (now more per player)
    decreased iconstappearence 50% to 40% for
    banana, corn, cow, pig, rice,
    sheep, wheat, dye, gems, gold, incen,
    silk, silver, spices, sugar, wine
    pot, cof, pearl, lem, cot
    (not water, not strategic)
    windmills after electricity LOSE their +1 food bonus and get an additional +2 gold
    (were too much ressources with 8 new ones) (thanx to Master Lexx)

    - oil is more clumpy in its distribution, which will cause more conflicts to gain it (just like RL ) ( thanks to Dearmad)

    - jungle growth 16 to 8
    forest_cut prod 30 to 20
    jungle_cut prod 0 to 10
    forest_cut time 250 to 400 (less when building roads or railroads)
    jungle_cut time 400 to 600 (less when building roads or railroads)
    jungle health -0.2
    floodplains now give -0.4 health (was -0.25)
    hemp no longer obsoletes, gets -1 happiness with jails (thanks naf4ever)
    fur no longer obsoletes
    books now obsolete with mass media
    rebalanced the plot yelds of many resources, most notably fur now gives +1 food unimproved, and +5 gold improved,
    lemons give +1health instead of happiness.
    wine is once again visible from the start
    hemp now needs a plantation instead of a farm
    can now build farms on hills too.
    rebalanced unimproved/improved yield rates of some resources in order to make them all balanced.

    planned for version 3.0 :

    Assassin mod by RogerBacon
    Atoll mod by Optimizer
    Autolog v. 1.2 by Eotinb
    Religious Victory by rodman49
    Not just another gameclock mod by TheLopez
    Reminder mod by Eotinb
    Updated Great Person mod by Patricius
    Promotions and Perks 0.8 by Zuul
    Exotic Animals by Zuul
    Icebreaker by Optimizer
    Balanced Civics by Armandeus
    Something totally awesome by TheLopez
  2. rebel5555

    rebel5555 Brigadier General

    Jan 10, 2006
    In The CSA
    looks pretty cool i'll give it a shot:)
  3. rebel5555

    rebel5555 Brigadier General

    Jan 10, 2006
    In The CSA
    :goodjob:I 've loaded the mod it plays great! I like the tweaks to the civics and th Xp tweaks as well. I like the mod pretty well. Good job I bow down at your feet at your greatness. HAHAHAHA
  4. [to_xp]Gekko

    [to_xp]Gekko QCT junkie

    Dec 16, 2005
    Seyda Neen, Vvardenfell
    It's good to hear that, rebel :goodjob:
  5. keldath

    keldath LivE LonG AnD PrOsPeR

    Dec 20, 2005
    great work man

    have you tested it on multiplayer game??
    it would be great if it works on that...
  6. [to_xp]Gekko

    [to_xp]Gekko QCT junkie

    Dec 16, 2005
    Seyda Neen, Vvardenfell
    Haven't tested it yet, but I can't see why it shouldn't work, assumed both players have the same mod. it would be great to if someone tried it, and I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions or balance issues by people who played it ;) Gameplay bugs are (to my knowledge) absent. I think I've spotted a couple of text errors somewhere, but nothing that takes away from actual playing I guess. :cool:
  7. oldbone

    oldbone Chieftain

    Jan 18, 2006
    Wow - lots of good stuff in there!

    Seems like ALOT of resources are around... which makes the game less interesting... variety is cool, but vast quantities negate the whole "goto war over resources" thing...

    A slower gamespeed like what's in FexFX's mod would be nice.

    More civs is always nice... lots of mod packs out there, but just a few of them incorporate added civs as well...

    oh.. dunno if anyone's done this yet, but the ai is kinda dumb when it comes to war... a more aggressive ai would be nice (landing multiple troop-laden ships, etc)... dunno how possible that is tho...

    good work!
  8. [to_xp]Gekko

    [to_xp]Gekko QCT junkie

    Dec 16, 2005
    Seyda Neen, Vvardenfell
    well, actually the only "strategic" resource that wasn't in vanilla civ is sulphur, which is used only for a limited timeframe.

    I find that having more resources makes trading more important and fun ;)
  9. szef504

    szef504 Chieftain

    Jan 26, 2006
    It is very nice mod, but there is something, what broke good play:
    - when AI or player attack often game crash
    - game crash time to time
    - the turns are extremely long (on small maps, unlike others mods)
  10. Kidinnu

    Kidinnu Chieftain

    Dec 10, 2005
    North Carolina
    It probably came from another thread, but anybody who thinks musketmen should get a bonus against mounted is welcome to borrow my Brown Bess and stand a cavalry charge - they're scary, almost as scary as artillery. *Well formed* muskets can repulse cavalry, if they have 18th century bayonets (much much harder with 17th century gear) and hold their fire. But musketmen without good discipline are toast.
  11. [to_xp]Gekko

    [to_xp]Gekko QCT junkie

    Dec 16, 2005
    Seyda Neen, Vvardenfell
    @szef: that's weird, I'm not experiencing crashes when attacking, but then again, I'm not a great warmonger. I wonder if this is related to a bad implementation of Unit Allegiance... were you using Slavery when the crashes happened? also, was the game stable for you before trying the mod?
    about slowdowns you are quite right, but I feel this is an issue with any mod that adds tons of stuff, if you add code the game's obviously gonna run a little slower ;)

    @Kidinnu: point taken, although I've read somewhere an opposite argument. but the facts about "18th century baionets" seems reasonable to me, and giving that bonus vs mounted to rifleman/redcoats instead of musketman might be fitting.
  12. sharick

    sharick Warlord

    Jan 18, 2006
    The mod looks promising because I like the mods which don't change the gameplay too much. I gave it a try but it crashed when I was attacked by barbarians which never happened before.
    Please continue the good work and fix it.
  13. [to_xp]Gekko

    [to_xp]Gekko QCT junkie

    Dec 16, 2005
    Seyda Neen, Vvardenfell
    thanks for the feedback guys.

    so is everyone experiencing crashes on attacks, or just some people? I'll look into the code as soon as I get home later. these issues are probably related to unit allegiance, since it is the only combat-related change I made. I hope
    I won't be forced to take it out because of that, wonder what's wrong... :(
  14. keldath

    keldath LivE LonG AnD PrOsPeR

    Dec 20, 2005

    I Sent You A Private Massge Before Looking In This Thread -
    So Now I See What It Is You Asked...

    So - I Havnt Had Time To Play In Your Mod - I Just Gave Feedback - Looking At All The Things Youve Done And I Like It.

    Now I See That The Guys Here Says That There Is A Crach Problem...

    So Im Hopping Youl Fix It Soon - And Yet I Have Another Suggestion - While Your At It - You Might Wanna Consider Merging The Promotion Mod 0.72 - Its Far Extencive Then The 0.5 Version.
    Its Not Too Much Work :)

    Looking Forward For The Fix - Then Ill Test It On Multi Player .
  15. [to_xp]Gekko

    [to_xp]Gekko QCT junkie

    Dec 16, 2005
    Seyda Neen, Vvardenfell
    Updated to Version 1.0 , fixed the CTD, I had to take out Unit Allegiance but hope to make it work in the future. I have also updated the readme. Have Fun ! :D
  16. Bringa

    Bringa King

    Jan 23, 2006
    CLEAR JUNGLE with BIOLOGY (instead of Iron Working)

    I haven't played this mod yet, but this sounds INSANELY late. This means that for all intents and purposes, jungle-surrounded starting points are viable for good cities until modern era. That sounds way off. Why did you do that?
  17. Martock

    Martock Warlord

    Jun 19, 2003
    South Carolina, USA
    Poo. I just got used to Graves 2.1 and now you come along and improve upon it. I'm guessing that this is a seperate mod and doesn't require Grave's to be installed?

    By the way, I incorporated the Training Barracks mod into Graves 2.x and it works rather nicely for both AI and 'umies. It has made taking cities and certain terrain a costly endeavor so I would recommend it being added to this mod.
  18. [to_xp]Gekko

    [to_xp]Gekko QCT junkie

    Dec 16, 2005
    Seyda Neen, Vvardenfell
    Primarily for the sake of realism, as jungles have been on the planet till the 19th century, and medicine had a grand part in doing it. it does make things a little worse if you start right in the middle of jungles, but remember that you'll be able to at least build roads and improvements needed to gather resources with just ironworking. moreover, I've halved the growth rate of jungles, so at least they won't get bigger :D

    anyway, if you don't like this tweak, all you have to do is open up (using wordpad or any other such program) the BuildInfos.xml file in the Assets/XML/units subfolder, and then change every "TECH_BIOLOGY" to "TECH_IRON_WORKING" ;)

    @Martock: eheh, sorry for that, now you'll have to re-learn everything :p
    yes, it is a separate mod and doesn't need anything else to work.

    anyway, I'm not going to add the training barracks... I like that the units have to fight hard to gain promotions, otherwise it would take away much of their charme imho. and it gives the game a little rpg feeling that doesn't hurt ;) but if you want to add those changes, go ahead and do so, maybe some people will like that as well :cool:
  19. Armandeus

    Armandeus Warlord

    Jan 17, 2006
    Thanks for using my leader prefs in this mod! I'm glad somebody appreciates me.:D

    I made a button for the nuke silo in your mod. Feel free to make use of it. It's already in DDS format in the ZIP file attached.

    (The JPG is here to show what it looks like.)

    Attached Files:

  20. Hephaistion

    Hephaistion Warlord

    Apr 19, 2005
    Mt. Vernon, NY USA
    I've been in one of those putting together the perfect mod for me marathons the past couple of days, and your total experience mod has been a great source of both inspiration and files! I've only recently gotten into the business of Civ4 modding, however, and so I'm still learning to put everything together.

    I'm having a minor problem with getting some icons in the game to show up. I've got all the new bonus resource icons working everywhere except in the city screen, where the mini icons in the bonus resource list don't show up. I'm also having a problem with my Zoroastrian temple and monastery icons in the city status bar on the strategic map -- they show up only as black circles with exclamation points in them. Everywhere else the Zoroastrian artwork is fine. When I was using abbamouse's religion mod on its own, those icons worked fine, too.

    Have I mismatched some files somewhere, or am I missing some artwork or something? I appreciate any suggestions.

    BTW, Gekko, I really dig your reworking of the industrial era tech tree -- a much-needed revision, IMO.

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