Mods applied to Scenarios?


Apr 29, 2021
I'm wondering if anyone has any experience attempting to apply mods to pregenerated scenarios, either those provided by Firaxis or as their own mods. Is this ever viable? If so, has anyone found any particularly good combinations? For example: if there are mods that tweak or rebalance other civs, add more unique structures or units, etc., would those mods then apply to those civs when they appear in scenarios? (I realize that incompatibilities would still result in crashes; the point of the question is to know whether this could ever work in theory before spending a lot of loading time messing around. Relatedly, I just discovered that a particularly invasive mod not available on Steam and which must be installed manually in such a way that reverifying files would be necessary to remove it -- called Unrestricted Leaders, which has the amazing function of restoring the Civ 4 option to allow any leader to lead any civilization [combined with Random Uniques and JT Warhammer, it seems to make modded Civ 6 the best alternate history / fantasy world generator ever yet created] -- causes a bizarre error in the Conquests of Alexander scenario, triggering the ban against duplicate civilizations but forcing Alexander to rule a duplicate civilization, only successfully loading the scenarioa if Alexander is selected as the leader of Persia. That certainly isn't enough to make me uninstall the glory that is Unrestricted Leaders, but it did inspire this question, because apparently this scenario has, due to the invasive mod, become an alt in which Alexander leads the satrapy of Macedon in revolt against Darius. That's probably how Darius saw it anyway, really....
Added note: Out of curiosity, I just checked, and similar compulsory and potential alts erupt in all other Firaxis scenarios. So if anyone has ever wanted them to be alts, Unrestricted Leaders really does "apply", in a weirdly restrictive way, to official scenarios. I'll add to this again if/when I discover it does strange things to scenario *mods*.
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No, Scenarios are, by definition, seperate rule sets, akin to the expansion pack ones. So you'd have to modify the files accoridng to the rule set criteria in order to change anything.

If something is installed via Steam instead of the mods folder then it's modifying core files so of course it's going to break the scenarios since they are based off the core rule sets, i.e modifying standard/expansion rulesets.
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