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Mods I'd love to see for Civ:BE/RT...

Discussion in 'CivBE - Requests and Ideas' started by Tim1964x, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Tim1964x

    Tim1964x Chieftain

    Mar 14, 2016
    Mods I'd like to see in CivBE:RT?

    4. A mod for RT that makes the Ultrasonic Fence such that it 100% guarantees that no alien can enter within 2 tiles of a city with a fence). I would then want to use the mod that already exists to give all AIs this in their capital city at the start.

    3. If I could have (4) above, a mod that, when a city is founded, automatically clears miasma from the six tiles immediately around it. This counts for the capital city too (both the players and the AIs). Perhaps for the capital only, even extend this to the second ring of tiles as well (at least for AIs anyway).

    2. If I could have (4) and (3) above, then also a mod that puts miasma on every single tile of the map at the start. This would mean a really tough start for players and AIs alike, but with the fences on the AIs would mean they would expand.

    1. More than anything: Maps of ... Earth! World maps, Continent maps (Europe, N America, etc), and so on. All with the CivBE:RT content on top of them (Aliens attacking from Russia, etc)!

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