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Dec 27, 2008
Each week we feature a mod made by one of our members on our Facebook page. You can submit your mod for consideration in the Creation & Customization forums for Civ5, Civ4 or Civ3. May saw 4 Mods of the Week, from VI to X.

Mod of the Week VI - City-State Diplomacy Mod (CSD) for Civ5 by Gazebo.
Spoiler :
CSD is a complete overhaul of the city-state diplomacy system. It removes the 'Gifts of Gold' mechanic, introduces a new, unit-based system of influence, and adds many new city-state quests. This mod also greatly enhances the World Congress by adding additional means of gaining votes, new congress resolutions, and strategies for players that wish to use diplomacy to harm other players and benefit themselves.

Players are encouraged to build and use diplomatic units and/or complete city-state quests if they wish to earn influence. Because city-state diplomacy now requires production, time, and planning, players must actively and consciously strive to maintain good relations with city-states throughout the game. Furthermore, diplomatic units, being defenseless, are liable to capture or destruction if sent too far from safety, thus city-state diplomacy now utilizes a risk-reward system.

All of the features of CSD, from diplomatic units to world congress resolutions, have been thoroughly tested for balance and gameplay value. The AI has been trained to utilize every new system in CSD, and will play a much smarter diplomatic game in and out of the World Congress.

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Mod of the Week VII - Pie's Ancient Europe (PAE) for Civ4, by pie_at.
Spoiler :
PAE is a Civ4 total conversion set in Ancient Europe, North Africa and Middle East. It starts at 4000 BC and ends around 500 AD. Play as 33 famous civilizations like Sparta, the Hittites, Assyria, Egypt, Carthage, the Britons, and Rome, until the late antiquity. Play scenarios as Alexander the Great against the Indians, Leonidas against Xerxes, cross the Limes against Rome or try a random map and stand the test of time with all the historical and unique possibilities of a great ancient civilization.

In PAE you don't just fight barbarians and other civilizations, but will also face internal threats: faithless generals, provincial governors going berserk, religious tensions, mutineers, rebellious slaves, vassals that stab you in the back, mercenary armies an angry neighbour has set on you. Will the leader of those mercenaries reveal his principal under torture? Then pay that leader back by hiring your own mercenary army on his territory to destabilize him from within. But maybe the Gods themselves will punish him with a devastating natural disaster: deluges, meteorites, volcanoes, earthquakes, locusts and plague wreaking havoc on his empire - or yours.

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Mod of the Week VIII - The Lord of the Rings Scenarios for Civ5, by Khose Galkin.
Spoiler :
The Lord of the Rings Scenarios (1650, 2950 of the Third Age) let you experience the world of Tolkien inside your favourite strategy game. There are some games available on the market dedicated to the Lord of the Rings, but only a few explore the setting from a strategic point of view.

In LOTR scenarios, you will find not only strategy, but also the features of a role-playing game (heroes, magic, spells, artifacts). With 22 civilizations available (free peoples, dark servants and neutrals), you can choose the way to rule your country. New policies (magic, plundering, assassination), character units (heroes, mages, agents, emmisaries...), new abilities (spells, influences, robbery, assassination...), up to 120 artifacts hidden in the map, new units, encounters, a new action button system - these are only part of what you will find in the game.

These scenarios also include other mods:
- Allstars mod (featuring a new hero system)
- Faerun mod (new policies)
- 34 DLL from whowards
- Many other components made by Khose Galkin and other Civ5 modders.

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Mod of the Week IX - Legends of Revolution for Civ4, by phungus420 & achilleszero.
Spoiler :
Legends of Revolution (LoR) is a modification of Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword. LoR is designed to play like an official expansion pack. This modpack includes many common sense and popular mod components which greatly expand gameplay, such as the BUG User Interface, BtS Better AI, Revolutions, and Expanded City and Unit Ethnic Art. Further all of the models have been set to BtS-appropriate sizes, so that the modpack plays smoothly. The added concepts and art make this modpack feel like the same step as the expansion from Vanilla Civ4 to BtS; If you enjoyed the BtS expansion pack, give LoR a try.

Legends of Revolution has been built to function like official content. All added art is high quality, as well as adhering to performance standards. Also all content, such as new leaders come with full diplomacy text and music, and new units have their own unique buttons. Much attention to detail, stability, and performance were primary considerations when producing this mod. As such gameplay will be smooth and all added concepts are fully optional and may be toggled to your preference so that you can play the game you enjoy how you like it.

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Mod of the Week X - Race for Religion for Civ5 BNW, by Machiavelli24.
Spoiler :
Race for Religion is more than just additional beliefs. Experience a new dynamic around religion while still being compatible with other mods, even those that add new religions. Don't get left behind in the Race for Religion!

Every pantheon belief provides a way to generate faith. Pick one that fits your circumstances and strategy. Using it well will ensure your success in the Race for Religion! Once you have a religion your founder belief will spread it to the corners of your empire and beyond! Proselytize and profit at the same time. A cornucopia of followers beliefs guarantees that no two games of Race for Religion will unfold the same. No matter your unique style or strategy there is a follower belief that will benefit you! Try to find all the subtle synergies you can! Enhancer beliefs will allow your foreign worshippers to contribute to your cause. Become an international religion and nothing will be able to stop you! Reformation beliefs provide alternative ways to spend faith. They enable faith to be used to acquire buildings, military units or even Great People.

Key Mechanical differences:
*Dozens of new beliefs.
*The cost to found a Pantheon does not increase as other players found Pantheons. Founding a Pantheon always costs 10 faith.
*When a religion is enhanced the distance at which it generates pressure is reduced from 10 to 6.

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