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[Modular Modmodmod] Keepers of the Holy Places

Discussion in 'Wildmana Modmod' started by Pazyryk, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Pazyryk

    Pazyryk Deity

    Jun 13, 2008
    Version: 0.21a. (This will also install UniqueFeaturesPlus_0.10beta) Keepers of the Holy Places is fully modular but was developed and tested with WildMana 8.32.

    NOTE: I won't be supporting this mod anymore for MoMana. Not for lack of interest... I just won't have the time over the next several months. If anyone else has interest, time and ability to do it, please feel free to to do so. Or take any part of it you want.
    Spoiler :

    0.21a (won't break 0.21 saves)
    Selphi provided promo buttons. Should fix 16 of the 19 UF promotions so they don't look like pink squares in the mouse-over

    0.21 (will break 0.20 saves)
    1. Found Order (formerly called Sirona's Pilgrimage) costs 120 gold to cast
    2. Changes to Order promotions:
      • given to all disciple units when built in city with an Order
      • given to single novice or monk present on tile when an Order founded
      • a monk without an Order can get one through Monastic Training (costs 60; 5 turns)
      • some base effects reduced
      • some level-dependent effects added
      • level-dependent effects applied to monks and paladins only
    3. Monastery can be built in any city (Elohom only); cost reduced to 120
    4. Monastery required to build Monk
    5. Monastery and an Order are required for Monastic Training
    6. Cost increase for upgrading novice to monk
    7. True Self, Imprisonment and Tongue of Moon and Sun added.
    8. UniqueFeaturesPlus (included with ElohimKeepers 0.21)
      • Mount Kalshekk (in jungle, provides gems)
      • Tower of Eyes (mind mana)
      • Aifon Isle provides Water Mana; Bradeline's Well provides Entropy Mana
      • UFs are permanent features on map (5 can be explored; 4 can be sealed)
      • Explored versions revert back to base UF in 100 turns
      • Sealed versions loose bad mana (death, mind) and can never be explored again by anyone
      • Bradeline's Well can be sanctified (looses entropy), but never sealed
      • Elohim can never explore any UF
      • 3rd level Monk can seal/sanctify UFs
    9. Establishment of a Monastic Order will seal or sanctify the associated UF
    10. Can only build new capital in a homeland city

    0.20 (will break 0.11 save)
    1. Sirona's Pilgrimage requires Myticism (start settler can no longer cast)
    2. It converts settler to a Sirona's Pilgrim that is then transported to a UF (still gaining Novice or Monk); has small defense value (although if escort lost, they are probably toast) and starting settler promotion
    3. Sirona's Pilgrim can only settle "near" a unique feature. Near is defined as 3 tiles radius for land UFs or 4 tile radius for water UFs.
    4. An unclaimed UF near any Elohim city will become "claimed". A UF-specific building is placed in the city (called an "Order"). A UF can only be claimed by one city (the original claimer; doesn't matter if a new city is closer). However, if that city is captured or razed, a new city can claim the UF.
    5. Pilgrims civ trait effect on trade changed to -30% commerce (this is still needed for balance)
    6. Any city can have Pilgrim's Tithe. The Pilgrim's Tithe can add food, production and/or commerce dynamically. New cities receive mostly food and secondarily production. Mid-sized and larger cities that have typical food and production yield receive only commerce. Changes are gradual, capped by overall civ size, affected by Elohim-specific buildings (especially reliquary) and city culture production, and respond partly to needs of the city. Total yields from trade network are deducted one-for-one from total Tithe level. So you will likely "zero out" the Tithe in a developed, trade network-connected city, but you will always receive at least the normal trade yield.
    7. The Homeland building is required to build settlers. It is always present in the capital and is gained by any city within 8 tile radius of another city with this building. A city can have Homeland and an Order.
    8. Pilgrims civ trait allows small chance for religious spread between Elohim cities not connected by trade route. It only works if you have the holy city and it is your state religion.
    9. Monastery building; only buildable in cities that claim a UF, requires Priesthood; increases Tithe and has other small boosts
    10. Monks or Paladins in a city with Monastery gain a UF-specific "Order" promotions. These give UF-appropriate benefits (the ones that are hard to get or in rough places are generally stronger). Monks or Paladins in the city that do not already have an Order also gain this promotion.
    11. A Novice or Monk serving as escort for a Sirona's Pilgrim gains the appropriate Order promotion when the Pilgrim settles (no building or tech prereq for this)
    12. Novices are base 3 str/def (no Medic promotion); they become 4 str/def with Philosophy and 5 str/def + Medic I with Way of the Wise.
    13. Any new city founded by Sirona's Pilgrim takes the name of the Order as its city name (cities founded by settler have default city names even though they can have an order).
    14. Changing many names around to better fit lore or just sound better

    "...and at that spot seven fir trees were born to stand witness. Before departing, Sucellus tasked the order of the Elohim with tending to this and other sacred sites, some symbols of great importance, some fonts of power." The Age of Rebirth brings a renewal of this ancient charge. Elohim settlers can journey to the most distant of these special places to found new Monastic Orders. These Orders serve to protect the holy places or, in some cases, to sanctify or seal the unholy. Once established, they can survive in the most distant and inhospitable locations, supported in part by Pilgrim's Tithe or other benefits provided by the Order.

    Found Monastic Order (ability). Requires Mysticism and costs 120 gp. This ability will convert an Elohim settler to a "Missionary of Sucellus" and transport it to a tile near a unique feature. The unique feature is random except it must have a valid tile nearby for city founding and can't be too near (within the "fat-cross" of) any other civilization's cities, although the feature may be within another civilization's cultural borders. Once arrived, the Missionary of Sucellus can found a specific Monastic Order — a city dedicated to the particular unique feature — but only within a 3 tile radius of the specific feature (within 4 tiles for water features).

    Novice (new disciple unit). Attack/defense 3; movement 1. Novices are precursors to the monk unit. They cannot be built, but will appear as escorts for Missionaries of Sucellus. They will change to atk/def 4 with Philosophy, and atk/def 5 (and gain Medic I) with Way of the Wise. Novices can upgrade to Monks. Once Priesthood is researched, Monks replace Novices as escorts for Missionaries of Sucellus.

    Pilgrims (new civ trait for Elohim). Trait allows functioning of Pilgrim's Tithe and Monastic Orders. Has -30% effect on trade commerce (needed for balance, and because trade is replaced in part by the Tithe). Allows small chance for religion to spread between unconnected cities, but only for your state religion if you have the holy city (3% chance per turn affected by game speed).

    Pilgrim's Tithe (building). Pilgrim’s Tithe may occur in any Elohim city and comes in the form of food, production, and/or commerce. Generally speaking, new cities will see all tithe in the form of food (mostly) and production. Mid-sized and larger cities (with reasonable tile development) will only see commerce. Tithe is most strongly increased by the presence of a unique feature nearby, with its associated Monastic Order in the city, and this increase can be doubled by the presence of a reliquary (which house holy relics associated with the particular feature). Other Elohim-specific buildings and total city culture can also increase Tithe, but to a smaller degree. A cap based on overall civilization size keeps Tithe very low in the initial few cities, but it can be a powerful boost for isolated cities at distant unique features. Allocation between food, production and commerce changes with city needs and is related to city size relative to capacity (based on happy cap) and current city food and production yields, ignoring yield from Tithe itself. Changes in Tithe are gradual, and it may not appear in a new city for a few turns depending on game speed.

    Monastery (building). Required to build Monks. +10% research and +4 culture. Costs 120. Allows Monastic Training (see below).

    Monastic Orders. A Monastic Order is established in an Elohim city if it is near a unique feature (within 3 tiles of land feature or 4 tiles of water feature). Each specific Order can only exist in one city. Cities founded by Missionaries of Sucellus take the name of the Order as the city name; cities built by normal settlers may gain an Order (if an unclaimed unique feature is nearby) but take normal Elohim city names. Monastic Orders reduce maintenance, seal or sanctify places that are unholy or have witnessed great tragedy, or confer other specific effects. Each Order also confers an Order-specific promotion to all disciple units built in a city, although the full effect of these promotions is reserved for monks and paladins. The single Novice or Monk escort present when an Order is founded also gets the Order promotion. Orders are generally more powerful for unique features that are hard to get or in very inhospitable locations.

    Effects of Monastic Order on city or unique feature
    Brotherhood of Majosi +1 production from all water tiles; seals feature
    Keepers of the Well -2 health; sanctifies feature
    Wardens of the Fell Lich -2 happiness; seals feature
    Witnesses of the Godslaying +4 food
    Order of the Storm Order promotion also given to naval units
    Order of Heaven +2 food
    Order of Chains -1 happiness
    Wardens of the Unholy Fire -1 happiness; seals feature
    Champions of the Holy Fire +4 food
    Order of Kalshekk +6 health
    Curatoriæ Sanum -30% research; seals feature

    Monastic Order Promotions These are gained by any disciple unit built in city, but additional level-specific effects are applied only to monks and paladins.
    Brotherhood of Majosi Gains Channeling I at level 3 and Water II at level 6
    Keepers of the Well +10% resistance to Unholy damage; 50% resistance to Unholy damage at level 3
    Wardens of the Fell Lich +10% resistance to Death damage; 50% resistance to Death damage at level 3
    Order of Dragons +10% magic resistance; +30% magic resistance at level 6; can cast True Self at level 15*
    Watchers of the Pass +1, +2 +3 visibility at levels 3, 6, 9
    Witnesses of the Godslaying +10% resistance to cold damage; +30% resistance to cold damage at level 3, +300% vs. Avatar at level 6
    Order of the Storm (applied to disciple and naval units) +30% resistance to cold and lightening; disciple units gain Air I at level 3 and Air II at level 6; naval units gain +1, +2, +3 movement at levels 3, 6, 9
    Order of Heaven +10% vs. demons; +30% vs. demons at level 3; can cast True Self at level 15*
    Order of Chains can cast Slow at level 6; can cast Imprisonment at level 12*
    Order of Tears +10% heal to all units on tile; gains Medic II at level 6 and Medic III at level 9
    Wardens of the Unholy Fire +10% resistance to fire; +1 fire damage at level 9
    Order of Patria +10% city defense; +30% city defense at level 3
    Champions of the Holy Fire +1, +2, +3, +4 atk/def at levels 6, 9, 12, 15
    Order of the Compact can cast Tongue of Moon and Sun at level 7*
    Brotherhood of Calculpech +10% def; gains Earth I at level 3, double fortification bonus at level 6, and Earth II at level 9
    Order of the God Resurrected +10% heal rate; gains March at level 3
    Order of the World Tree +10% atk/def in forests, ancient forests, jungle; gains Nature I at level 3
    Order of Kalshekk +30% atk/def in jungle
    Curatoriæ Sanum +1 visibility (planned changes in next version, if I can do this: immune to all forms of fear, insanity, charm and domination; combat bonus vs. illusions and puppets)

    Spells and abilities
    Seal (or sanctify) Requires level 3 monk on a unique feature tile. (This spell is cast automatically on any unique feature when it's associated Order is founded nearby.) Permanently removes bad mana from feature (death, entropy, mind) and makes it unexplorable by anyone. Bradeline's Well can never be sealed, but it can be sanctified to remove entropy mana.
    Monastic Training Monks that do not already have an Order can gain one in a city that has a Monastery and an Order. Costs 60 gp and takes 5 turns.
    Tongue of Moon and Sun Requires level 7 and Order of the Compact. Raises relationship with one other civ by +7. Must be in or next to another civ's territory. Can be cast once only by a unit.
    Imprisonment Requires level 12 and Order of Chains. All surrounding hostile units are placed in cages. Does not affect any tiles with a city, unique feature, monster "spawning" improvement, or mana node. (Farms, mines, towns and other normal improvements will be destroyed by cage; any other unknown improvements will not be affected.) Can be cast once only by a unit.
    True Self Requires level 15 and Order of Dragons or Order of Heaven. Becomes a Dragon or Angel.​

    Purity Mechanism from Elohim+. Since I can’t find this documented anywhere else, I’ll do it here as best I can from looking at Python code. Please let me know if you see any errors.

    Purity Counter (PC) calculation.
    Spoiler :
    There is some guesswork here because it is hard to reverse engineer the equations. But here is the way I think it is working.

    Start with 0
    +5 for each Abbey
    +2 for each Shrine of Sirona
    +1 for each Reliquary
    +20 for each Minster

    Modify this value as follows:
    +10% for having any Law Mana; additional +5% for each (so 15% for having 1)
    +10% for having any Spirit Mana; additional +5% for each
    +10% for having any Life Mana; additional +5% for each
    Modification for difficulty (10% for each level increment; not sure which level is 0%)
    Decay modification (I think it’s roughly 2% reduction per turn at N speed, but I could be wrong)
    Adjust for game speed: multiply by 0.5, 0.67, 1.0 or 1.5 for M, E, N, Q speed

    Any value higher than 50 at this point is reduced to 50.

    +30% for Pacifism
    +10% for each Unique Feature owned

    Adjust for state religion (only followers of the three "good" religions will have a PC > 0)
    No change for Order or Emperian
    50% reduction for RoK
    100% reduction for any other religion or no religion

    Effect on Armageddon Counter (AC). (Each turn.) If PC is greater than 50, a random number is generated between 0 and PC. If that number is greater than AC, then AC is reduced by 1.

    Effects on Monk unit.
    If the Purity Counter is 25 or greater, monks have str/def = 7 (+1 from base) and gain:
    Still Mind. Immune to fear. Cannot be charmed, crazed or enraged.
    Quick. +1 movement​
    If the Purity Counter is 50 or greater, monks have str/def = 8 and gain:
    Purity of Body. +10% heal rate. Cannot be diseased or plagued. +30% resistances to poison and unholy damage.
    Ki Strike. 1 extra first strike. +20% vs. melee. +20% defensive strike and defensive strike damage. +50% vs. demons.​
    If the Purity Counter is 75 or greater, monks have str/def = 9 and gain:
    Wholness of Body. Can heal while moving. +20% heal rate. Immune to mutation (works??) and weakness. +30% resistance to death damage.
    Timeless Body. +20% vs. melee. Immune to first strikes and defensive strikes. Immune to poison. +20% resistance to cold, fire and lightning. Double fortification bonus.​

    To do (or not do).
    1. Balance.
    2. More interactive unique features. Hell terrain at Bradalin’s Well. Barbados?
    3. May implement a stronger form of Assimilation trait as in my old mod (no conquest required; new cities take on race characteristics of nearby civs).
    4. Probably something with the new "faith" system coming in 9.0.

    Play suggestion: try it on a largish map (the biggest you can handle) with the option for all unique features. My testing/balancing has been with PerfectWorld2 standard size map, 9 players.

    Unresolved problems, unfinished work. The Order promotions look correct in the unit window, but show up as large pink blobs in the mouse-over view.

    Installation suggestions. Place ElohimKeepers_0.xx.zip in your FFH Wild Mana folder and unzip it. It will place a folder called "Elohim Keepers" in Assets/Modules/NormalModules/ (this contains all modular XML additions) and a Python file called ElohimKeepers.py in Assets/Python (containing functions called by spell and trait XMLs). Although this is fully modular, I suspect there will be problems when Wild Mana 9.0 arrives (new commerce types and other changes). You can always "uninstall" by removing the folder and python file above. (Consider copying the whole FFH Wild Mana folder and renaming it. Then you can have an old working version and still install 9.0 when it comes out.)

    Attached Files:

  2. tesb

    tesb Emperor

    Jan 16, 2010
    sounds interesting :)

    you can give the buildings negative trade routes, the yield per trade route will not change, but they have less trade routes.
  3. Pazyryk

    Pazyryk Deity

    Jun 13, 2008
  4. esvath

    esvath Apprentice of Erebus

    Mar 27, 2008
    Wow, :goodjob: This would make Elohim more flavourful.

    One question : I assume that undergoing Keeper's Journey is optional? I still can build Elohim as usual?
  5. Calavente

    Calavente Richard's voice

    Jun 4, 2006
    it seems so.
    on the other hand, it seems the elohim will really need the gateways... but it's such a late tech.

    And last : maybe "Keeper's journey" should not allow you to travel over ocean if you don't have optics ...
  6. Pazyryk

    Pazyryk Deity

    Jun 13, 2008
    Gateways are too late to matter. An early push for Astronomy is something to consider, though. Those distant unconnected cities do fine, however, if they can only survive for a while. The Pilgrim's Tithe ends up replacing normal trade (which is weak anyway). So even unconnected cities become powerhouses for food, commerce and culture if they are controlling a UF (and you have several other cities controlling UFs). They might be small though (lacking happy resources) and tough to defend. The good news is that if you anger your neighbor enough and he takes one of your cities, he probably can't get to any others.
  7. Kalina

    Kalina Just lurking...

    Sep 29, 2008
    Łódź, Poland
    I loved it with Orbis/LENA, will probably love it here :D Both parts of it actually - modified Elohim itself and improved Unique Features, especially permanent ones. It's something I always wished was part of Wildmana :)
    From Orbis version I remember they were very powerful early thanks to free monks, but this issue is addressed here already from what I see :) There is nothing wrong with civ being powerful early if it's weaker later (as scions are, for example). Maybe they have no settlers (or slower/more expansive ones ?) and their 'new' settlers are spawned with high purity counter like Grigori adventurers in Orbis/RifE (and Wildmana ?)
  8. Pazyryk

    Pazyryk Deity

    Jun 13, 2008
    @esvath, Yes, the trip is optional (I changed the name to "Sirona's Pilgrimage"). It's a difficult trade-off. I sometimes build a 2nd or 3rd city normally if there is a good spot near the capital. You could play it normally for the whole game, but then you just have a civ that has been gimped on trade commerce. Owning UFs has a cumulative effect on all cities that own a UF, and this effect should not be underestimated.
  9. Tarquelne

    Tarquelne Follower of Tytalus

    Dec 8, 2001
    Very cool!
  10. [to_xp]Gekko

    [to_xp]Gekko QCT junkie

    Dec 16, 2005
    Seyda Neen, Vvardenfell
    I've always thought this mod to be a bit too hardcore, but some ideas in there are definitely awesome and I hope Sephi takes inspiration to improve the Elohim even more, right now they're my favourite civ to play :D

    permanent unique features are a must have for example. getting special abilities via pilgrimage to them is awesome, and so would be expanding their role as some are rather bland. bradeline spreading hell, broken sepulcher with barbatos, odio's prison with odio like brigit, etc. :) also would love to see the new unique features from RifE and Orbis indeed :)
  11. lemonjelly

    lemonjelly Modding For Ethne

    Jan 5, 2008
    Does any of this use any WM only features?

    Or should it be fully compatible with RifE?
    I don't play WM, if it isn't compatible, could you consider making a RifE version?

    Can I use this version for Fallen Ages? :p
  12. Pazyryk

    Pazyryk Deity

    Jun 13, 2008
    @lemonjelly, The Python code is all generic civ4 (I think) but I have no idea about all the fields in the XML files. There are many custom fields specific for Orbis and WM, and I assume also for Rife, so I'd guess that you would have to adjust many of them. I can only focus on one modmod at a time (last year Orbis, this year WM) so I won't be making RifE version soon. I'd be happy if someone else does, though.
  13. Sephi

    Sephi Deity

    Jan 25, 2009
    It should work well with 9.0. Maybe a few minor issues related to spells, but probably not.

    If you want to add Permanent Unique Features FF style, just need to add copy of the Unique Feature Improvementinfo and add XML tag for "improves to improvement X in Y turns" to it that for exampl cottages use. Then modify the python for exploring Unique Features that they instead of removing the Feature replace it with the copy that has the "improves to improvement" mechanic. Both should be possible modular. Most of the Code you could borrow from Orbis/FF.

    The Monk Promotions do work, but are different. Monks automatically gain them with a high purity counter. Python for that is in Python/Contrib/CvFFHPlus.py

    Maybe want to make an installer, fairly easy nowadays. Valkrionn has written a tutorial for it (in his sig). Basically need to install the install script programm and change a few path and names in a one page long install script.
  14. lemonjelly

    lemonjelly Modding For Ethne

    Jan 5, 2008
    Ah, thanks :D

    I'll download it and see :D
  15. Pazyryk

    Pazyryk Deity

    Jun 13, 2008
    Edit: posted before I saw Selphi's post.

    Funny. These monk promos are originally from my Orbis mod. Then suddenly I see them in a test game I'm running.
  16. Sephi

    Sephi Deity

    Jan 25, 2009
    indeed they are. Just tied to a different mechanic.
  17. Breez

    Breez King

    Oct 17, 2008
    I like the look of what you are doing here. I look forward to trying it out.
  18. DonQuigleone

    DonQuigleone Warlord

    Feb 26, 2010

    If you want this to be somewhat limited, perhaps the number of pilgrimages you could make could be limited in some way(maybe you have to build it and spend some more, like an austrin caravan), or maybe the free defender you get could be immobile, with also the region around the unique feature revealed. However wouldn't much of this be stepping on the Austrin's turf?

    Perhaps the cities built in this way could function somewhat like settlements in Orbis, or Jotnar cities, only be able to work the first ring, and not be quite as good as a standard city.

    Otherwise will the government center only apply to the city that's on the UB? Otherwise it's a bit overpowered (and stepping on the austrin's turf). I'm not sure if the pilgrim's tithe will be needed as well.

    I'll give it a go anyway...

    EDIT: Also perhaps if the terrain is very difficult, their could also be some bonus units generated (for instance if you end out next to the mirror of heaven in the middle of the desert, this would need more "help" then a city next to Yggdrasil or the Remnants of Patria)
  19. captainmission

    captainmission Chieftain

    Aug 5, 2007
    manchester, england
    Just gave it a quick try and thought i'd give some initial thoughts.

    On the plus side its a fun mechanic of playing a spread out empire; single self sufficant cities, maybe surrond by hostile civs, having to focus on diplomacy to secure open boards- felt very different and in keeping with lore.

    However in terms of balancing- the Elohim were already quite strong with Elohim+. With the changes they felt very overpowered. The bonus food mechanic meant i could very quickly churn out settlers, who in turn got there own feature bringing in more food. The bonus gold also covered the cost of expanding so quickly and when i got reliquaries there was no stopping me. Maybe i was lucky with initial placement of features though. Maybe reducing the intial food/gold/culture bonus to 0.5 (or less) and having imporve as you get techs or only alllowing sinora's pilgramage to be cast every 30 turn or so to stop such rapid expansion?
  20. Pazyryk

    Pazyryk Deity

    Jun 13, 2008
    @captainmission. Yeah, the runaway settler production (from Pilgrim's Tithe) can be a problem if you have early luck in settling UFs. I've had this happen, but I've also struggled in some games. I may need to rethink the Pilgrim's Tithe a little. It really has two purposes: 1) to encourage you to focus on settling UFs rather than making a normal centralized empire and 2) to make those distant, unconnected cities in inhospitable places (e.g., all ice tiles) into useful cities. I think it does both of these well. But it may cause other unintended side effects (like exponential growth) that I don't want and need to fix. Maybe I'll make the mechanism more of a "rubber band" kind of thing where it benefits crappy outpost cities but not your well-developed cities. Alternatively, could have rising costs for settler production.

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