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[Module] Aos-Ni-Sira - Forest Beasts Civilisation


Sep 23, 2016

Aos-Ni-Sira is my second self created Civilisation for the Master of Mana Extended mod.
I was inspired by the Fearies and the Woof Elf Factions in the game.

There are 3 Neutral, 1 Good and one Evil Leader for this civilisation.
Many have magic Traits, like Loremaster, Arcane or Master of a certain Magic type.

Main Mechanics
The main mechanic of this civilisation are their Beast Units.
Each of them has an Affinity to Nature Mana. They are the pure force of the Civilisation, but very bad when Attacking or Defending Cities.
Then you have your Diciplin Units, which are your default Units. They start as Follower Of Cernunnos and have the still mind promotion from the Elohim Monks. Also, they have an Affinity to Mind Mana.

The Sira are especially strong in their Forests. They have a great synergy with Follower of Leaves Religion.
As they have no access to Siege Weapons and their main Force Units are weak against Cities, they are bound to a war of attrition against their enemies. Their strong economy allows them easily to support their units in enemy territory.

You can't build the Salon District and most of your Research Buildings are weak in Research. The Sira are a nature civilization, which is strong in magic. You can easily build up a huge Spell Research and Mana production.

ToDo/Help accepted
- There is no World Spell at the moment. I am missing a good idea and the required python scripting abilities right now ;)
- There are no Lore Entries right now. I would welcome help here.
- I am not so sure about the Balance. For me, it fits and seems neither Overpowered nor underpowered. But I am open for Feedback here as well.
- All Models are recycled from other units of the game/mod.

Known Issues
- The Unique Sage District has no Icon above the city name on the Game map. I don't know right now how to add this.
- If you build the unique Sage District in your capital, you will receive no Great Library, differently to the normal Sage District. I don't know right now how to trigger this.

Place the AosNiSira Folder into "Master of Mana/Assets/Modules/NormalModules"



Sep 23, 2016
Like, I've not played them yet but do they gain any affinity or other buff from being in or fighting in their forests? In that case you might want to have a worldspell that spawns more of it. Like maybe tie it to the number of nature mana the player has or something?

Hi, yes, sorry I have not written it in the text ;)
They have the Race "Sira" Promotion. Every Unit.

This Promotion gives them, similar to the Elves, a strenght Bonus in Forest and Ancient Forest.
To make them a bit weaker, I gave them a weakness against Holy and Unholy damage :)

And to let them Spawn woods is not a bad idea for sure. I thought about something like that as well. Like, giving them a chance of certain ressources on their forest tiles etc.
Yet, I am not really experienced in Python Scripting, so I must first see...hoooow, haha.
Also, in MoM Extended, there are many spells to get Forests, so I dont know how strong it would be. But its something I will write in my Todo Document as idea ;)
Maybe something like:
- Grow Forests on all owned Fields (Exception Ocean, Sea, Peaks)
- Transform all Jungle, Forests into Ancient Forest
And this all at...maybe Hunting as Tech Requirement. Or a certain Nature Spell Research.

Thank you for your Feedback :)
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