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MoM-style Mod for Civ 5

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by Niniux, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. Niniux

    Niniux Chieftain

    Jan 27, 2006
    I've been bitten by the MoM (Master of Magic, for those not into the acronym thing) bug once again. Fourth time in my life. I remember getting the game when it first came out (or near to) and opening it up and popping it into my brand new CD-ROM and reading the thick manual while it installed. I was only about 10-11 at the time, but I thought the game looked absolutely amazing. I played it a whole bunch but, of course, at that age didn't understand all the optimal strategies and such. Played again a few years later for a bit. Then after I moved out,around age 19 I discovered a DOS emulator, installed it again and played it while the girlfriend was at work. Here I am at 26 and I installed it once again and each time I install it I play it in a new light. There are so many races, combined with all the wizard traits and then you pile on the spellbooks on top of that and it allows for a lot of different experiences each play time. And then you add heroes, and random dungeons and items!

    Now, I'll qualify this by saying I'm not a modder. Yet. I never played with any of the code or did any modding for Civ 4. However, I wanted to start a thread to get some ideas rolling. Someone else can use them, or in my free time (I work nights and on my days off, I still stay up all night, so I have at least 12-16 hours a week, uninterrupted) I can attempt to learn to mod and start tackling some of the coding. Obviously, if this becomes a serious project, I'd need assistance, but I'm happy to just use it as a learning tool as well.

    So, what I want to discuss is ways to implement some of the features of MoM, what can be improved on the original formal, and what some of the features of Civ 5 that could make it even better.

    Some questions:
    Tactical Combat: Now that there are hexes and 1upt, is that a good enough approximation? Should there be two planes? Should I look into making separate hex battlefields for field, dungeon and town fights and spawn the units there during a battle?
    Social Policies: Obviously this can be changed to a more magical theme and could be an enchantment list. Should this be adapted to spellcasting or should it be kept seperate?
    Wizard Creation: Is this even possible? It seems like with having UAs for the Civs, that there will be a possibility for modding in the special wizard abilities with less hassle, but I guess only time will tell.

    Anyway, I'm hoping for some feedback. Thanks! :)
  2. tokala

    tokala Chieftain

    Jan 14, 2006
    Klein Texas, Germany
    Great idea, but i fear anything even remotely approaching the plethora of possibilities MoM offerered will take even for a few dedicated modders A LOT of time. Might end up being on a similar scale as FFH.
    You will need lots of art assets, this alone will probably take the modding community several years to come up with. This need for art assets was the main reason Elemental ended up so "bland" regarding multiple races (they got only two). Stardock had a multi-million $ budget and they thought they couldn't afford this :mischief:

    One great advantage of Civ5 as a base for a MoM-alike is that the strategic map will seemlessly double up as a tactical battle map, thats the whole point of the hex+1upt system. So, no separate tactical battles. Getting Myrror to work would be cool, but might not be possible with the engine. It was not possible with Civ4s engine.

    You might be able to twist the social policies into something like the traits/special abilities of the MoM character creation menu. Spell research could be mapped onto the tech tree.

    Overall, Elemental should provide a much more suited base for a MoM Mod, might even be already under construction :lol:
  3. Pragmatic

    Pragmatic Chieftain

    Oct 31, 2001
    Wasn't there a semi-official MoM mod in Civ 2?
  4. thither

    thither Chieftain

    Mar 8, 2010
    What you are looking for is known as Fall From Heaven 2. It is amazingly good, though it's currently a mod for Civ IV only, as far as I know.
  5. Coffee Zombie

    Coffee Zombie Chieftain

    Feb 27, 2012
    Yes, I am an idiot reviving a dead thread in my very first post on this forum. But I need to know if anyone out there are trying to do MoM mods for civ5 - or if you have heard of any recent games trying to follow in the footsteps of MoM. It was the greatest turn based strategy game of all times, but sadly littered with bugs.

    Does anyone know, I really miss that old game - apart from the bugs.
  6. Rex_Mundi

    Rex_Mundi Chieftain

    Mar 23, 2011
    If you liked MoM, try finding the Insecticide patch of the code, it does remove a whole lot of errors.

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