Monarch Koreans in AA - need advice


Mar 17, 2005
Morgantown, WV
Dear C3C gurus,

I have attached a .sav file of my latest adventure.

In short, I have just won the Philo race to get Republic. I have traded techs with my 1 known opponent. My kingdom is growing and will continue to grow. I will shortly get horses and iron as resources.

In short, what do I do next? :confused:

I have 3 specific questions.
1. When should I switch to Republic as my government?
2. What broad strategies should I pursue next?
I plan on building military and hunting and killing my one known opponent to the northeast.
3. What should my research track be?
I plan on getting Currency, building some key Marketplaces and then switching to Republic.

I believe I understand the very early game. This save file represents the start of transitioning out of the "expand at all costs" phase and into my "go forth and kick butt" phase.

Any advice will be welcome. :goodjob: Thanks. :)


Feb 9, 2004
Oviedo, Fl
Switch now, before you found two more towns. The more cities you have the more the chances are that you will draw a longer anarchy.

Currency is always good. I would probably not go for math right now and go for Map. If this is a contients game, you want to get galleys to search faster and farther.

Construction can wait as you have very small towns anyway and will not be able to make aquas in in for a long time. Math is good if you have ivory or face a war.

It looks like you do not have either right now.

I would not have sent the settler to the west right now as I want to grab the land closer to the other civ first. That land in the west is yours already and be settled any time.

I would be careful about making settlers in a size one as it will just sit till it get to pop 3. I would want more workers very soon.

I also would have prefered to not found Namp'o so far over as those cities will need to have the ability to help each other defend.
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