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Monarch Student index

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Strategy & Tips' started by Ai Shizuka, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. Ai Shizuka

    Ai Shizuka King

    Oct 30, 2008
    Major edit. I'm not hosting the MS games anymore. Lack of interest and general boredom with civ 4.

    But Meatbuster is bringing it back to life with the new Monarch Student^ series.

    So here is the new bullpen: Monarch Student^ Index. Subscribe/bookmark the new one to keep track of the new installments.

    Below is the list of the old games, but the first MS is officially dead.

    MS I - Ramesses
    MS II - Joao, hosted by gcm4738
    MS III - Asoka, hosted by gcm4738
    MS IV - Boudica, hosted by Single Malt
    MS V - Catherine
    MS VI - Pericles, hosted by assass1n
    MS VII - Mao
    MS VIII - Genghis Khan
    MS IX - Mansa Musa, hosted by nanomage
    MS X - Charlemagne
    MS XI - Washington
    MS XII - Mehmed
    MS XIII - Isabella
    MS XIV - Sitting Bull
    MS XV - DeGaulle
    MS XVI - Victoria
    MS XVII - Frederick
    MS XVIII - Gilgamesh
    MS XIX - Justinian
    MS XX - Darius
    MS XXI - Montezuma
    MS XXII - Huayna Capac
    MS XXIII - Hammurabi
  2. Bleys

    Bleys Deity

    Dec 24, 2007
    Upstate, NY
    Good work Al. I like your series. I play most of them, even if I dont post much. The only reason I havent played the Sitting Bull one is because I JUST played him in one of my "learn Normal speed" games. I have it downloaded though, so I will probably play. I still think the very best way to learn this game is to read how others played the exact same game.

    I have an idea about how to pick future leaders. See how many times you have played each trait, and try to pick a combo that doesnt have a lot of games. We did this in the middle of the NC when I was running it and it worked out quite well.
  3. Ai Shizuka

    Ai Shizuka King

    Oct 30, 2008
    I usually try to pick different traits for the new games, but now you've made me check the trait combos and we had 3 exp leaders in a row. GW, Meh and Isa. Not working as intended :lol: .

    EDIT: I'll keep track of the traits in this reply, updating them as new games are hosted.

    Hit parade so far (MS XXIII):
    6 Imp, Spi
    5 Exp, Org
    4 Pro, Agg, Fin
    3 Cre, Cha, Phi, Ind

    Mr. Capac? No, he's in the last LHC. I think Hannibal, Rag or Bismarck.
    Or not. Bis is Exp again. Looks like I have a soft spot for Exp leaders.
    Maybe even Liz.
    Arg, decisions.
  4. gfm

    gfm Refuses to Talk!!!

    Mar 6, 2008
    Paris Area
    Some random ideas :
    • Ragnar (Financial, Aggressive)
    • De Gaulle (Industrious, Charismatic)
    • Roosevelt (Industrious, Organized)
    • Willem Van Oranje (Financial, Creative)
    • Zara Yaqob (Creative, Organized)
    • Stalin (Industrious, Aggressive)

    I like this series too, probably because I jumped to Monarch around the time when the series started. Can't find the time to post a full game, though... :sad:
  5. silvor

    silvor Chieftain

    Feb 16, 2008
    In addition to the stuff I learn here, I think this kind of initiative is also great fun.

    My favorit leader, however, hasn't been chosen yet.
    I'd love to see you play Lizzy.

    I think she's the best of all, since:

    1: She's financial with the best secondary trait there is.
    2: Her units are definitly in the top 3 (I'd say they rank 2nd, just under the Praetorean).
    3: Her building is awesome, despite the fact that they are mid game...
  6. Single Malt

    Single Malt Prince

    Jun 30, 2008
    Has monte been done? Some sac altar whip abuse would be nice:)
  7. Ai Shizuka

    Ai Shizuka King

    Oct 30, 2008
    Montezuma is on the to-do list.
    Liz will have to wait. We already had an english leader, so she'll come later.
  8. Chas

    Chas Chieftain

    Dec 18, 2001
    Can you explain what version is required for this series? I tried the second one, Joao, and got a 'expected version 302 or earlier' error message.

    I have 3.19, with BUG.

    At what point in the series will I be able to load a starting save file?

    I have just about got Prince (though I still lose a lot of them) but have had no joy at all with Monarch, so this series should be perfect for me.
  9. Ai Shizuka

    Ai Shizuka King

    Oct 30, 2008
    Not sure about Joao, I didn't host that one.
    But it should be a standard wb save. I know I've played that game with 3.17, BUG and Blue Marble.
  10. assass1n

    assass1n Warlord

    Nov 16, 2008
    This dead ? o_O
  11. stimpyhoek

    stimpyhoek Warlord

    Aug 17, 2010
    Am inspired by meln teams videos yesterday.

    Monarch difficulty.

    workboat/worker/lots of warrior
    Grew to size 6 and built settler

    techs mining/ animal husband/ bronze/ myst/ mason/ poly
    / priest/ wheel/ iron work(from hut)/monarchy(from oracle)/ pottery/ writing / math/ aesthetics

    Met germany and nobody else yet.....shaka @ 1000bc

    Gold!!! up in thar them hills, btw no hills anywhere else

    Huts must be rigged i got iron working

    ok 3 million barbs come from the south, pisses me off

    Got size 9 cap for specials etc

    building g lib now, so far so good tho still dont know quite what is south...

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