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Monarch Student XV - DeGaulle

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Strategy & Tips' started by Ai Shizuka, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. gskyes

    gskyes Warlord

    Nov 15, 2002

    Thanks for the comments. I actually finished this one last night, with an AP win through vassals in 1857AD.

    Spoiler :

    As I said in my last update, I wasn't sure what victory type I wanted to go after. Luckily there's always some jerk like Ragnar to help me decide. ;) Rags and his vassal Izzy declared war on Biz and I, so I fought off their stacks and counter attacked Izzy. After taking two cities, she breaks free from Ragnar and capitulates to me. Then I march across Saladin's lands and take one more of Ragnar's cities (he had 2 over on Izzy's side) and he capitulates as well. By this time Saladin is pleased with me, but I declare war on him anyway and it only takes one city before he throws in the towel and becomes my vassal, too. Sal looked like he was heading for a culture win.

    What I don't think I had mentioned in a previous post was that Bismarck had built the AP in Berlin, which was Hindu. While I was building up for the war on Joao (I didn't have enough transports), I sent out a few Hindu missionaries. Isabella and ragnar were running theocracy, so I had to gift them theirs. Saladin was in FR and I think Joao was in OR, so it was easy to spread it to one of their cities. A few turns before my landing party was finished, the AP diplo win came up. I was the only candidate.

    Not a bad score either.

    This was actually my first monarch win, but it didn't seem that hard. I realize from reading the other spoilers that everyone's games were different, and some people had a harder time. For me, there were no runaway AI, and some of the usual problem people didn't put up as much of a fight. Isabella didn't found a religion. Mehmed must have popped Mysticism from a hut, to get Polytheism so early, then he and Bismarck wonderspammed, making them both relatively easy targets. Joao was leading in tech most of the game, but I think because he didn't have a lot of trading partners, he wasn't as far ahead as he could have been. Ragnar was Ragnar, but instead of picking on the easy target, Saladin, he kept going after me. Also, because it was one long continent, he would send his troops all the way across the land instead of loading them on boats and hitting me in my weakly defended back.

    Not that I'm surprised I won at monarch, I knew I could. I just like prince because its easier and I can win almost every game at that difficulty. :blush:
  2. KaytieKat

    KaytieKat King

    Jul 29, 2007

    Monarch, Marathon, 1889 AD, dom win.

    Spoiler :
    So after DoWing on Jao I took a cpl of cities each time checking to see if he was willing to cap. It took me taking his capitol city but:

    He was finally willing to see reason.

    He was so happy he even gave me prezzies hehe :)

    After that I checked victory conditions:

    It looked good so I hit end turn and:

    I am now 2 for 2 on monarch games :D

    Final graphs looked like this:

    and final demos:

    and it all adds up to:

    One of my to 10 all time scores :)

    at end my main empire looked like this:

    My cap Lyons was my top beaker city:

    Istanbul my top money city:

    And Rheims my top hammer city:

    So I guess thats it. Kinda surprized I managed to win on monarch after losing so bad last few prince games but like Ai said this game had a very nice start with tons of nice land so really maybe it was more like a lower level game than a regular monarch level game would be. Even though I STILL need to come from being way behind in order to win but at least I DID manage to pull one out so Im happy :)

    Anyways ty for the game and good luck to everybody else :)

  3. TheMeInTeam

    TheMeInTeam Top Logic

    Jan 26, 2008
    Higher difficulties FORCE the player to come from behind. If you're playing below your skill you can stay in front on them, until deity where even the best seem to spend a LITTLE time in a tech hole ;).
  4. gfm

    gfm Refuses to Talk!!!

    Mar 6, 2008
    Paris Area
    Monarch / Normal / 1880 AD win. No pictures.
    Spoiler :

    I basically expanded to six cities on the southern edge of the continent, playing nice to both Hindus Mehmed and Bismarck. I geared up for a late War Elephant & Catapult war against an unprepared Ottoman that I quickly eliminated. I then went for Bismarck with a medieval stack and got him to capitulate after capturing three cities.

    I then set my sights on the Buddhist bloc that I cared not to anger by first going into Free Religion, then into Buddhism/Theocracy (once I got Buddhism to spread to me). I managed to capitulate Isabella very quickly, but by that time Ragnar had capitulated Saladin and Joao was breezing through techs.

    I decided to fight Ragnar at tech parity (Cavalry/Riflemen/Cannons), though his forces were more numerous than mine. I lured Ragnar's SoD and destroyed it in an epic battle. From then on it was a cakewalk, because Ragnar's forces were crushed, and my riflemen upgraded to Infantry. I got him and Saladin to capitulate when I seized his capital and just had to wait for the borders to pop.

    Before he capped, I built the UN to speed things up, but it was useless. On a side note, Joao II was quite the wonder-whore this game, with Lisbon nabbing 10+ wonders (including the 3 late media wonders Rock'n'Roll, Broadway & Hollywood) !

    77K score for a 1880AD Monarch Domination win. Not great, but not bad either. Thanks Al Shizuka ! :goodjob:
  5. FlyinJohnnyL

    FlyinJohnnyL You need more workers....

    Feb 17, 2007
    Jacksonville, FL
    Thursday has come and gone, where's the Ragnar game?
  6. Ai Shizuka

    Ai Shizuka King

    Oct 30, 2008
    Little time these days and I got my hands on a copy of Fallout 3 :blush: .

    Will host it today (not Rag).
  7. FlyinJohnnyL

    FlyinJohnnyL You need more workers....

    Feb 17, 2007
    Jacksonville, FL
    Been playin a lot of that myself, so I feel ya. No hurries. FO3 is quite addictive, I'm a mean customer, I love sneaking around and killin everyone, blowin' up megaton, etc. No good karma here!
  8. darreljnz

    darreljnz Chieftain

    Sep 17, 2008
    Working on my transition to Monarch so going through some old bullpen games :)

    Monarch, huts on, epic

    To 265AD:
    Spoiler :

    Build queue:
    • Worker
    • Warrior
    • Warrior (grow to size 2)
    • Stonehenge
    • Settler

    3 huts: gold, scout and map

    Settled stone site early and started Great Wall ASAP. In hindsight I didn't use it at all as there were hardly any barbs.

    First GP was a great spy which I settled. Turned out to be a good move as I used espionage quite a bit in my game.

    Was toying with the idea of a GLH game but Bismark bet me to it before I even had my lighthouse up. (No matter, it will be mine later)

    At this stage I had met Bismark and Mehmed and neither have a religion. I'm not looking at founding a religion any time soon so Cultural or AP victories are out. Could still do space, domination or diplomatic.

    Expanded to 6 cities before hitting Mehmed and Bismarks borders. Can probably backfill 2 cities but its clear some warring is needed.

    I explore for likely targets and choose Mehmed as there is a good chance I can manipulate Isabella into warring with Bismark. Plus I want him to build some wonders for me while I'm at war with the Ottomans.

    1st war with Mehmed:
    • Capture 3 workers on first turn
    • Raze one small city
    • Pillage horses as Mehmed has HBR

    Got another great spy and started a GA to switch to HR.

    2nd war with Mehmed:
    • GG spawned who turned a horse archer into a medic 3 with 50% withdrawl chance
    • Killed Mehmed in 265AD
    • Got no wonders from Mehmed (not surprising given two industrious neighbours)
    • War finished just as my economy crashed but loot from last city funded CoL and the courthouse spam started :goodjob:
  9. darreljnz

    darreljnz Chieftain

    Sep 17, 2008
    Spoiler :

    At this point I've just killed Mehmed but my economy is around 20% with most of my cities building/slaving courthouses and I've still got about 8-10 units left over from the war. Bismark just got feudalism so my phants, cats and swordsmen will be useful now but will be outdated very soon.

    I can either have a quick war with Bismark clearing out land and possibly taking his capital or I could consolidate for a little while given my economy is in the pooper and I have quite high health and happy caps in most of my cities. I now have about 4 city sites I could backfill.

    The shape of the continent and the religious situation make the diplomatic arena very interesting. Fron left to right we have me (no state religion) - Bismark (Buddhist) - Isabella (Buddhist) - Jao (Jewish) - Ragnar/Saladin (Hindu). Bismark had founded Confucianism about 20 turns ago but turned Buddhist anyway which made it nearly impossible to get Isabella to turn on him.

    I reckon I'll go for a domination win given the continent shape lends itself to progressive warring with one or two choke point cities at any time.

    I stop buddying up with Isabella (she'll be next after Bismark and won't like me much when I declare on him anyway) and start buddying up with Jao (sp?). Jao is top of the leaderboard just above me but is likely to come under pressure from Ragnar and Saladin - especially since he's also next to a Busshist Izzy.

    I'll aim for an early win (I have never finished a domination win before the late 1700's) so my plan is to do rapid lightning wars and capitulate as I go - risking the diplomacy repurcussions. By the time I get to Jao I should be so far ahead in cities it won't matter what the political situation is.

    I build some archers to free up some garrison troops for the front line. Build a stack of 15-ish units and declare on Bismark.

    1st war with Bismark:
    • Take closest city on 2nd turn of war
    • Used spy to revolt 2nd city and take it only losing 2 or 3 units
    • Heal with my super medic
    • March on capital
    • Capital goes down with the loss of another 3-4 units. It was on a hill so good thing I had destroyed its walls with a spy before the war started.
    • Berlin had GLH, Collosus and Temple of Artemis!

    I take one more city to the north with a stack of 5 units left and reinforcements arriving soon when Izzy declares. Annoying she declares before Bismark capitulates so I have to put the war on hold. I take one more city. Bismark has macemen turning up vs my phants/swords/cats but I just got machinery and engineering so my xbows/trebs should be turning up soon. Guilds will be coming soon too.

    At the beginning of next round I'll get peace with Bis if he is willing to pay well for it - otherwise I'll wait 4-5 turns for reinforcements and to see what Izzy throws at me. Either way obliterating/capitulating Bis is next on the agenda.
  10. darreljnz

    darreljnz Chieftain

    Sep 17, 2008
    Spoiler :

    Ok the plan for this round was to capitulate Bismark and go straight on to Isabella to set up a fast domination win. Both are at war with me but Bismark only has city defenders left.

    More of my military cites are online so I'm running a split of 3 commerce cities to 2 military cities.

    I have a choice on whether to backfill some ok city sites or continue warfare. I choose warfare as the backfilled sites aren't great and I'd rather take and hold cities near the conflicts border.

    Bismark capitulates quickly. I then move straight to Izzy. I kill a stack of 12 with only 3 losses. I take 2 medium sized Spanish cities then take Madrid (which is a shrine city). The turn after Ragnar DOW's and surprise attacks with a stack of elephants. I lost my whole offensive stack including a level 6 warlord (doh!).

    I lose Madrid to Ragnar and decide to let go one more city before making peace with Spain.

    My next GP pops which is a Great Engineer. Since I'm only one tech away from Nationalism I research it (slowly) so I can immediately build Taj Mahal and do the most crucial civic change of the game - Vassalage, Theocracy and (since very few people were trading with me anyway) Merchantilism.

    After I built another offensive stack I declare on Izzy again. Ragnar is around too but too far away to hurt and isn't interested in peace.

    I take one Spanish city and spy another stack from Ragnar. This time I have the numbers and I have a slight military edge. I now have Pikes to counter his Elephants plus I'm holed up in a city. His attack kills only 1 or 2 units and my counter attack wipes his stack easily. Ragnar accepts peace and I concentrate on the war with Izzy which ends quickly with her capitulation.

    Spoiler :

    At this stage I'm at an important crossroads. I've just realised Jao is on another continent and I have two enemies left on my continent and two vassals. I want a fast Domination win so I'd prefer not having to build a navy to win.

    I have two decisions to make:
    • Who to attack first Saladin (few defensive units but protective and walled) or Ragnar (further way but aggressive and fielding some tough Beserkers)
    • Capitulate or conquer?

    I decide to go with Saladin then Ragnar and capitulate both hoping that tips me over the domination limit.

    Saladin falls easier than expected. He only has 2 longbows per city and even though they are CG2+ they can't stand up to the numbers. 2 cities fall quickly and he capitulates. That's one of the downsides of Protective as an AI - they rely on less defenders but the power ratio is really low so if you lose a few units you capitulate easily.

    I declare on Ragnar knowing it will be a while before my stack is ready again. I hope that it draws him onto the open.

    I take 3 of his cities denying him iron and copper before he capitulates.

    I'm dismayed to learn this doesn't even put me close to domination (I think it was 59% and I needed 64% IIRC). I have 4 vassals and a third of the large continent but Jao has all of his continent.

    Interesting state at this point as Jao has been left alone, traded well and is almost on par with tech. We both have the same military techs except he has no horses and I have cavalry. We both have riflemen and I see lots of them running around.

    I build a buttload of Galleons while researching Chemistry for Grenadiers. I then turn to Nationhood after 2 useless great people pop and I start a GA. With drafting 3 units a turn and ~10 galleons I get a massive number of cannons/cavalry/riflemen/granadiers and a level 9 warlord on his continent very quickly.

    No surprises after that. Takes another 50 turns delaying my Domination to 1714AD but I finish with a respectable score (for me any way) of 148k.

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