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Mongolia (DoC 1.15 Normal Monarch) - Conquest Victory

Discussion in 'Gameplay Guides' started by Enyavar, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. Enyavar

    Enyavar Chieftain

    May 16, 2015
    As the title of the thread says: This playthrough is with Mongolia, DoC v.1.15, Monarch Difficulty, Normal Speed.

    Spoiler This game is based on a China flip. :
    My China held only 4 (but big) cities in its core, but then early expands into the Mongolian core. The latter are the cities I settled and developed as big as possible. Tech-wise, my China was racing behind India for a long while, but via teching in different directions and then trading/stealing the discoveries of India, we were both THE leaders in the world. When playing for a chinese win, that would have been really a bad move, but this way both India profited (they collapsed around 1050) and my China as well.
    I turned the territories over to Mongolia just as planned in 1190). That way, Mongolia could start with a couple banks and post stations, they inherited the Great Wall and could conquer the Porcelain Tower without problem.
    Spoiler Note for strategy optimization :
    If I were to play this game again, I would use a different city constellation. I optimized the Chinese cities for the Mongolian starting core area; not realizing that after the conquest of China, the NEW Mongolian Core is considerably larger. Several good extant cities were then just right outside of this enlarged core.
    I realized this only after achieving the UHV, and then edited the stability map to allow for some more cities in the North of Mongolia, to compensate for the lost stability population in Manchuria/North China. Yes, strictly spoken, I cheated.
    My Mongolia swept through China, Persia, Arabia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Khmer and the Byzantine Empire like a hot knife through butter. Instead of conquering, I just vassalized Russia: I conquered Saratov first, then threatened Moskow; that was enough to never experience the russian winter again. The UHV was done in 1320: I razed several bad cities that I wouldn't want to keep (either not in historical areas or not productive enough), and I conquered 12% of the land masses of the world.

    Spoiler UHV complete in twelve rounds. 500k+ points. :


    Spoiler Turkish Cheese :
    The Turkish people spawned in 1280 just as planned - but there were no flip cities, and also no cities for them to conquer because the Byzantines had dissolved in the very same turn. For whatever reason, the Turks went into the Holy Roman Empire (their worst enemy), leaving Istanbul for me to conquer. As soon as my victorious hordes returned from Africa, I went and also vassalized Holy Rome (first), then Poland (second); releasing all the conquered cities back afterwards (Poland also got Istanbul). Meanwhile, Turkey had captured Athens as their capital, and I gratiously released Ninive into their control to get into Mehmed's good graces. Eventually, I granted Tyros to Turkey also, and they collapsed only to reform a few turns later with the recently settled Russian Sevastopol as their capital and only city (probably a Russian AI triggered release, as Ivan was collapsing next). I left Turkey where they were, to not have them or Russia respawn later now.

    Spoiler Other emerging civs. :
    A few other civs were also scheduled to appear later than Mongolia and right in my way:
    - The Thai: Rises in 1350. I evacuated the area, refused the flip. Hanoi was attacked by their full army, then I razed their nearly defenseless capital (sniff!, no stability to maintain that resource heap!).
    - The Chinese: When Mongolia is still around in 1425, there seems to be a script that China declares Independence. So I built Keshiks in all chinese cities, then evacuated the flip zone, agreed to the flip and gloriously reconquered them 10 turns later. Before killing their last soldier, I vassalized them and left them with two large cities, for stability reasons.
    - The Iranians: Rises in 1505. I evacuated the area, refused the flip, and harrassed them so long until they were no longer a danger. For stability reasons, I wanted to vassalize them after Russia's collapse. But they refused to vassalize because I was too strong already. Darn. I let them live in their shame, but destroyed Susa and Isfahan and gifted them a southern Panjab city.
    - The Dutch: Rises in 1580. I let them in peace for a while, then razed Amsterdam while they were still on Arquebusiers.

    Spoiler Other noteworthy occurences: :
    - The Mughals were decidedly anti-islamic, adopting Buddhism. We were never on good terms, but had open borders eventually.
    - The Emirate of Cordoba vassalized Spain (Emirate of Isbanya) and Mali (Emirate of Mali).
    - France had conquered the Inka. When I destroyed them, the entire Anden region was turned over to England who went on to be the most influential colonial power.
    - The Azteks never abandoned their pagan religion until 1730 AD, when Moctezuma was infected with Catholicism. He died in 1742.
    - In 1525, the following five nations were leading in the scoreboard: Mongolia, England, Holy Rome, MALI, Netherlands.
    - In 1724, the following nations were leading in the scoreboard: Mongolia, England, France, Prussia, Italy(, Austria, Turkey, Aztec, Kongo). Mongolia and England together accounted for 81% of the world population.
    - In 1751, I built the Apostolic Palace, and from then on controlled all ten shrines in the world. The only Curia members: Austria and Congo, 4 votes each.

    Well, the UHV was not enough for my Inner Genghis. I wanted to rule the world.
    The Mongols apparently don't get a stability malus for razing cities. Which means, it is possible to raze every single non-Mongolian city (eventually), leaving Mongolia as the single survivor nation. Civilizations usually don't respawn if their core area is unsettled!
    I was eager to win such an ultimate victory as early as possible, especially because the Mongolian main weapon the Keshiks eventually become useless. So, after I dealt with China and the Iran, I raced to the west again and went against the colonizing powers. The strength of my (slowly becoming more and more trained) Keshik hordes were essential in this undertaking.
    For example, in 1550 I had just destroyed Italy and France (Rome, Aachen and Paris went to HRE), and Sweden had collapsed on their own. At that point in history, a detachment of Mongolian Keshiks was razing all formerly Swedish cities, a large infantry army was trying to vassalize Persia (unsuccessfully, I had "grown too powerful for them"), and the European main horde was attacking the second-largest civilization, the Moorish Empire and their Spanish and Malinese vassals. I vanquished Spain/razed Cordoba in 1565, then took Lisboa for myself, retraced to Egypt and soon attacked the North African side of the Moor Empire, while my infantry army was already amassed near the Mughal territories.
    Civ4ScreenShot0041.JPG This is my loyal vassal, the Khanate of Holy Rome.

    Even as my other loyal vassals collapsed, namely Poland (all their cities got brutally razed) and China (I retook them, they were pretty profitable), my hordes were drudging along the strongly fortified Moorish coast (they didn't get their high score in my game for nothing), my eastern hordes swept quickly through the Mughal territory. I had spared these buddhists quite long because I would have to take their two huge holy cities as well. But when I teched into the modern era, I was prepared enough to include them. Five other Mughal towns were mercilessly destroyed, ancient wonders or not. Then, the Mughals collapsed mid-turn in 1605, and India and the Tamils reappeared, with one/two cities respectively. Grumble, I couldn't even pawn off Patal and Delhi to the Indians. Well, not by liberation anyway. Instead I just gifted them these money-sinks.
    I finished off with Morokko, with Tibet, with the Malinese, with the independent cities of Indonesia, finally with Amsterdam. I also pillaged as much of the countryside as possible, restoring the pristine nature of the land and removing traces of my ruinous warfare. Hey, an army of 56 Keshiks needs to do something! In the same time, I built a fleet of Galleons, to settle Argentina first. There I would find cows and horses in abundance. Muhahahaha.
    Of course, my Galleons first had a more noble goal: Invading and razing Japan. England (Great Britain and Andes) was still too far away. For practice, my first Galleons ferried Keshiks to independent Indonesia and burnt everything. Then, I destroyed Japan within three moves from 1655 to 1670. First: Landing between Edo and Tokio from the East with 12 Keshiks and 3 support troops. Second: Move the invasion force one NW to hills, then attack and raze Edo. Third: Move, attack, raze Tokyo. Keshiks are grrrrreat. Naturally, the mopping up process afterwars took two times that long, but I left a cleansed Japan. Win!
    During the British-Maratha War (1685), I started my attempt on the Bahmani Sultanate (Tamils) and attacked Portugal in Brazil, while also naval-assaulting their capital Delgada and the Azores with my General Keshiks. Portugal folded after two turns; the Tamils had Ceylon and my fleet was not there just in time for a super quick finish. But of course, they were destroyed. As was India when the British conquered their capital and renamed it to Bombay.
    I cleansed as much of Southern India as I could and moved to Persia for the third time. This time there was no pardon. I also prepared my moves on the rest of the colonial empires, namely Britain and the Dutch overseas (Caribbean, New Zealand, Kap Hoorn). For that, I founded two "Ameri Khan" colonies in Argentina, and ferried some Keshik-laden Galleons there. Then, the long-awaited respawn of France happened, and they arrived together with Italy, shrinking my Holy Austrian vassal (good for him: He went from collapsing to stable :).
    Mongolian steamer ships ferrying Keshiks back to Liboa Freehaven after the conquest of South America...

    France declared war because they wanted my (K)Hanoi as a colony, but they sure were disappointed because my horde from former Iran arrived just in time. The Dutch colonies, meanwhile, collapsed just because I threatened them with Keshiks. Not wanting a respawned Netherlands, I did my best to raze everything quickly. Also, I had done my best to assemble half of my former horse archers in the Argentine colony, now promoted to Cavalry: The war against the English was the first one where I wouldn't solely rely on Keshiks anymore. Still, my invasion force that rolled up the Anden regions was made up of 6 Cavalry, 1 Cannon and 10 Keshiks: The Cavalry (advanced on the cities first with Disengage II) would weaken the defenses, then the well-trained Keshiks (30-50 EXP, the usual promotions: 3 Stars, March, Pinch) would do the rest. My task force for British-India was mainly Keshiks and a few Cannons and Muskets, the latter were nothing but dead weight in the rear.
    My mediterranean fleet (ahem, well, two Galleons) was tasked with reinforcing Spain with a horde. Until now, I had relied too much on the land route controlled by HRE. They barely threw back a French assault before I could retaliate and raze Bern. In the Anden theater, my hordes took Uxmal (panama canal!) and I chose to hold onto that place until the Anden region was cleansed. It would be settled by Colombia, anyway. That hub was also good to organize my horde and galleons - some would take the Dutch/French caribbean islands, others would mop up the barbarian/native/independent Mexico, again others would be ferried home to Lisboa and take part in the French/British theater. While the French and Italians were pushovers, the advanced British Empire was another matter. We had some fierce Ironclad-battles in the 1740ies, for example. But after my invasion of the British Isles, they were suddenly thrown back onto their colonies in North America. The year was 1766...
    Back at home in Asia and Africa, I had erected a socialist regime (Democracy, Constitution, Egalitarianism, Central Planning, Tolerance, Isolationsm) as well as the Liberty Statue. My laborers were laboring on the Trans-Asian Railway (Lisboa to Seoul; Moskow to Sambia), but that still took more time and was only partly finished around 1800 even though I churned out labourers in the unreliable Chinese cities.
    The most powerful nations of 1790 AD: Kongo is #6.

    I conquered New York from the British just in time to be able to refuse a flip, and immediately enter war with the US. That way, I could prevent their expansion into the West, where Washington settles cities with tiny garrisons that any horde can destroy with a strong breath. Turns out that fights between Minutemen and Keshiks are pretty one-sided, but at least the many partisans provided some target exercises. When the liberation war was over, I razed the US east coast completely and evacuated my Keshiks towards Mexico and Columbia which had spawned in the meantime.
    On another note, the Turkish Krim State had collapsed and turned out to have been Russian all along. That means, all former Turkish cities flipped to Russia on collapse. My problem was that Saratov and Donezk couldn't be properly razed, so I needed to attempt to espionage-culture-flip and then disband these cities. This strategy never succeeded, even with 96% cultural dominance exerted from Mongolian Moscow. The Russians wouldn't flip. Though I had them revolt a few times. In a new run, I would be more careful when conquering Russia for the first time.

    In 1841, I declared war on Mexiko (won 1844) and Kongo (won 1850), and attacked Colombia (won in 1847). In the year 1900, I invaded and defeated Prussia in one turn, gave all their land to Austria. Austria was my only remaining vassal, and now it was unstable. So I stirred up unrest there and finally got rid of them. Francis' collapse caused Germany to respawn in 1902. Figures. So I razed Germany again which prompted an Austrian respawn... Figures. There were also a Korean, a British and another Chinese respawn, to which I always responded with razing all their cities. On the final turn, I got rid of Austria, then Russia.

    Puh. But the reward was: 100% of world population: Mongol.
    I also scored a Muslim URV and the Culture Victory along the Conquest Victory.
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  2. star15389

    star15389 Chieftain

    Sep 7, 2008
    Nice work. I remember having a plan for this in 1.14; goal was to win before the colonial civs spawned. Only real question is stability; I think it could made to work though
  3. Enyavar

    Enyavar Chieftain

    May 16, 2015
    Conquest victory is definitely feasible before 1700! I went the extra mile with my obsession to clean up all improvements, roads and ruins, which cost me the time.
    Not sure whether you can win before Netherlands spawn though ; if you tried THAT you'd need to keep a very strict time table I think. But the 1700 (or 1775) goal would be worth trying I think. Hmmm...

    Also, I did too much city building. Despite the awesomeness of owning cities with four pastures, it wasn't necessary at all to colonize Portugal, Texas and Argentina. Instead, it made balancing the stability extremely difficult for me.

    And I learned that the Ger's UB effect also obsoletes: Which is why true Mongols would never build Carriers and Pentagons.
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  4. star15389

    star15389 Chieftain

    Sep 7, 2008
    Before 1580 was definitely my intention. Seemed like it was going well until I suddenly collapsed lol

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