Monopolies aren’t the problem, it’s the void

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    As powerful as stuff like Hercules and Voidsingers are, they don't even come close to what monopolies can do. Using both secret societies and heroes & legends can speed you up by 20 turns give or take, but you still have to actively pursue whatever victory condition your going after. Monopolies can create wins out of thin air, and I'd argue that these "accidental" culture wins plague casual players more than min-maxers since they tend to create more balanced empires. A casual/rp player going for a science win is far more likely to have the 100-200 tourism necessary to get an accidental culture victory simply because they enjoy having a couple of themed museums and national parks in their empire.
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    I had just played a game as Babylon on a huge map (I had taken a break from playing, so hadn't played them yet). Due to Babylon's ability, I got Corporations super early (early Renaissance, or perhaps even late Medieval). I didn't really factor in the tourism bonus. The game was also unbalanced in that it seemed none of the other civs were going for culture, even as far as to be trading books to me for resources and such. I made a corp out of my 6/6 incense monopoly, and then a little while later in looking at Victory rankings, I saw I was going to win culture in ~40 turns. I had to give away all the Great Works to even slow things down, though it was still reporting around 70 turns for a victory. I was trying to fully unlock Voidsingers for the first time so was trying to get to Atomic age (though I wasn't using cultists for relics). I had totally blanked later on that artifacts gave tourism and filled two museums before realizing, and by then the game was borked. Even with giving away all the artifacts, i didn't feel up to trying to fight against the win for another 70+ turns.

    I'm not sure if the game was reporting correctly, but my tourism multiplier was showing +1100% due to monopolies (yes, one thousand, one hundred percent). That's patently absurd if that is a correct reporting. In closer reading of the mode, I have since seen it's just having the monopolies giving the bonus, which is even crazier.

    Couldn't a more balanced fix be to move the tourism bonus to incorporated monopolies (keep the gold bonus as is, since that's supposed to be the power of having a monopoly in the first place)? From my understanding, that would still have been +330% from having the 6/6 incense in a 12 player game. Still fairly broken in my Babylon game, but perhaps more reasonable for regular games.

    I am trying Industries again in another game that I hope will be more balanced as Byzantium. I have a feeling though I'll again have an absurd tourism bonus later in the game and not be able to get my expected Domination victory. It doesn't seem reasonable that we should have to actively sabotage ourselves to keep from winning in a mode we haven't been actively working towards. I suppose my expectation of an economic game mode is to produce the gold to then pursue my chosen victory path, not to win because I 'chose' to simply improve my luxuries.
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