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Monster Rush Turns to Builder Mush

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Stories & Let's Plays' started by Draknith, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. Draknith

    Draknith Chieftain

    Jul 12, 2007
    Chicago Suburbs
    Just wanted to share a little bit of my current online game with a friend of mine.
    Here's a bit of the backstory:

    Online Standard 8 Player Pangea
    Human Players: Mongolia
    AI: Mapuche

    My friend an I wanted to play a quick online game for him to practice working through beginner mechanics of the game. For this setup I wanted to all out rush and destroy and provide protection and land area for my friend to work on building.

    From the get-go I begin working up my military and establishing early eurekas and such, and before long Scotland drops by my doorstep. I do not provide any pleasantries, and tell 'em to get packin. I get a few units up and running and head South. Along a very hilly and stone rich peninsula I find Mapuche. Without the slightest hesitation I destroy his scout, and shortly thereafter his capital. Boom! One done, more to come.

    By about this time, a scout I had built while marching, finally met our old foe Scotland. He had a nice little capital situated on a beautiful riverbank with grasslands, jungle, forests, and hills all around. Quite the prize, and since I cannot raze it, this city will provide at least possibilities for further staging.

    Scotland and Mapuche are now gone, and at this point I meet my friend. I realize at this point that what I originally thought was my starting location was in fact the completely wrong. Here I believed I was in the NW corner of the map. However, I was really about a third of the way into the continent from the eastern coast. I figured I should continue building my army and start watching my expanding borders more closely.

    Not one turn later but the Romans arrive at my new formerly Scottish capital and I actually don't mind greeting this fellow, since I have heard stories of Roman might and want to assess their abilities first... Well, their abilities were assessed, and let's just say war was quickly determined to be the best course of action for my increasingly bored horses. Rome actually put up a fight and it was interesting to see the Mongolian special unit get into action. The first city I captured simply because it had the Oracle already built. A little further North was Rome itself. After some prodding and poking Rome was beginning to crumble, so of course rebellion was only natural. Not a problem as my capital continued to pump out units and the rebellion was crushed, a governor was placed, and Rome soon fell allowing for complete loyalty to begin to turn the tide. After a little more work Rome's other cities fell. Another so-called civilization is ground to the dirt by the Mongolian horde. During the war I encountered Sumeria, which unfortunately was a friend of my friend, and due to extenuating circumstances I could not immediately declare war on Sumeria. That's okay, because there are other adventures to the West.

    Sitting at about turn 60 I realize I'm having a lot of fun in this game, and my friend is really starting to grasp the early turns to maximize your potential. Everything is working great. My buddy is even ready to start actively engaging in war against the AI now. His work up until this point was more getting caught in an ambush by city-state forces loyal to the former Romans. His soldiers showed their courage and bravery, but were not coming home for dinner. However, now it was time, and the target is the Khmer.

    The Khmer were a few turns away from Roman-Mongolia to the NW. A wonderful road which had been started by the Romans to connect trade to the Khmer made for an excellent Sunday drive right to the doorstep of my first target. After a couple logistical issues, the Khmer cities begin to fall before my army. Weaving around the front, creating feints, flanking maneuvers, and the like, I finally reach the final portions of the Khmer empire while my friend focuses on their western and central cities. It is now that he decides to tell me the wonderful news that he has Infantry! Wow, I think. He's really coming along. But then it dawns on me, after we wipe these Khmer, the only civilizations left are allies of my friend.

    This is after all a friendly game which is supposed to be a building grounds for my friend's civ development. Now, my horde looks on to a life of establishing cities, growing families, and building wealth. Who knows though, maybe a knife in the back may just happen upon someone...

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