Montezuma's Revenge


Jun 20, 2013
Just when I was getting fed up of uneventful BNW games.

I'm China and I keep getting double DoWed by Monty and Napoleon on Emperor.

So here's a fun savegame if you enjoy fending off frequent attacks, it's turn 138, i have one city, mostly pillaged, two Chu-Ko-Nu with some promotions, and the GL and NC wonders.

I've played to turn 310. I took a city off France each time he attacks, working east along the river till all the Hydro plants are belong to us. Then Japan to the south wants a bit of us too, and let's not forget Monty. I'm currently working west to the sea, will let him keep his cap. It's a tough balance, taking enough off them to not be disadvantaged by the war, and to hopefully weaken them so they don't do it again, and getting a warmonger penalty on the other hand, or having them hate you forever for taking their cap.

Is there a thread for fun savegames like this, where war is pretty much guaranteed?


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