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[MoO] MoO1 modernization: Remnants of the Precursors


Nov 17, 2014
Remnants of the Precursors, a free fan modernization of Masters of Orion 1.

needs java, so works on linux, mac, windows, ..
now alpha 3.20
alpha 4 is announced to include tactical ship fights
graphic minimal but fantastic
low hardware prerequisites

already great fun to play!


on linux with OpenJDK I had to install JavaFX for sound (sudo apt install openjfx)

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Ray Fowler, should you see this at some point, I am very happy that you managed to finish the job you started all those years ago. Way back on the old Atari forum, still miss that forum. Job well done.
just subscribing and stuff . Any download available as it takes me to a reddit page on my tablet ?
many thanks . Laptop is from 2013 and like ı don't think ı could install this java thing but will get the downloads anyhow ... Who knows ı could get a new computer , one of these days .

and having skimmed through ı can fully understand the expectation , this seriously looks like MOO and you are likely be able to play it ! A joy to say the least . Though what they have done to Zygot !!!
I am not a java users, but it installed in a snap. I am using the 64 bit version. I have not run into any game crashes after 3 full games. It is very close to Moo1, though a few things were implemented a bit differently. One was that the Guardian is 10000 hp on all levels. I got a rude awakening the first time. had to come back with a better fleet.
as long as save and reload works , things can be arranged .

the issue being my laptop has no internet connection . lt might not work in isolation , might always ask for connection and so on .

edit 5 august . Forgot my usb stuff at home , just saving a game here .


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I do not know, but I would think not. I have not seen or read about any and I talked to Ray many years ago, when he start the project. Java does have an update service that runs at start up of the pc. It just checks to see, if a newer version is available. You can turn it off. That should be the only thing that cares about the network.
Just in case anyone missed it Remnants Of The Precursors hit the big version 1.0 full release back in 2022! And they've since updated it a few times and it's now at v1.04. :)
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greatly irritating that combat transporters thing . When that's designed the AIs scrap their fleets and launch 300 or 500 or 1000 troop transports to invade planets and you can't ever luck out in stopping them ...
You know, it is incorrect to call a game that people learn to play literally from scratch due to the huge difference in rules and controls, modernization. It is correct to call it a clone, very similar to the original. Don't fool people.
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