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moral and supply

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by chef pablo, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. chef pablo

    chef pablo Chieftain

    May 1, 2006
    tulsa ok
    Many people here have discussed the possibility of adding supply in the game ,but no one has given a comprehensible way to do it.I have an idea on how to do it additionally I would like to add moral. so here we go!

    firstly supply and moral should not be total negative or positive effects but rather bonuses on defense or attack that work on promotions.
    in this way:
    supply=bonus on attack promotions
    moral= bonus on defense promotions

    to have these bonuses units must be connected to the trade network in one of 2 ways.
    either directly connected to the trade network by being on a road or railroad or be next to a tile that is occupied by a unit that is directly connected to a trade network.

    any units severed from the trade network lack these bonuses.

    These bonuses work directly on zones of control
    zone of control is an ability of an a unit to perform action in a given tile.

    This is a one time use per turn bonus , a defending unit has the moral bonus once, if it is attacked a second time in a turn the bonus is negated .additionally if an attacking unit has a promotion of blitz its first round of attacks have the supply bonus but lacks the same punch on additional attacks.

    Defending units:

    units that are defending have 2 functions that work directly on zone of control.

    To have the moral bonus a defending unit must be attacked from its zone of control.

    A defending unit that has the moral bonus can only access this bonus in the 3 forward directions opposite from the direction that it came from unless it is performing one of these 2 functions..
    Fortify= a unit fortified has zone of control in all tiles surrounding the unit by one.
    Ambush=a unit in an ambush function retains zone of control in the 3 forward tiles from the last direction that it came from ,but remains hidden from opposing units until attacked

    forts and hills extend the zone of control for moral by one each,additionally forts and hills give zone of control in all directions

    A defending unit within another defending units zone of control adds an additional moral bonus for that turn.in other words a unit fortified next to a fortified unit can have the moral bonus twice.Due to the ability of forts and hills extending zones, defending units next to hills and forts would have additional bonuses per turn.

    units defending in a city lack the moral bonus.

    attacking units:
    all attacking units zone of control are 3 forward tiles from the direction the unit came from.
    All attacking units recieve the supply bonus when a defending unit is in its zone of control.
    all attacking units recieve the second stage of the promotion the unit already has if the unit does not have any promotions or if the promotion line that it has is maxed out it will gain a promotion of choice for that turn.
    several promotions work directly on zone of control and function.

    melee- with supply an attacking unit with the melee promotion cancels a defending units function of fortify.
    flank-with supply an attacking unit with flanking promotion cancels one moral bonus of a defending unit.
    cover-with supply an attacking unit with cover cancels the zone of control for the specific tile that is attacked.
    sentry-with supply an attacking unit with sentry reveals any units within its zone of control functioning with ambush.
    combat=with supply an attacking unit with combat retains a zone of control in all directions by one tile,additional combat promotions give additional tiles.

    attacking units within the zone of controle of another attacking unit can attack an additional time for that turn.

    I realize that this would be difficult to mod but if anybody thinks its possible ....or perhaps this would be an idea for civ5.
    I would love to have the devils advocate ie, dh epic give his 2 cents as well as dale since he already crafted a nice combat mod ,so guys feel free to rip my ideas to shreds and anyone eles that wants to make some points ,valid or not.
    the idea is still evolving feel free to post suggestions and arguments

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