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More AI Units in the game - better game


Aug 18, 2018
Do you want AI to produce more units and be relatively challenging on Deity?

I played many hours after I changed 2 lines in Yields.xml (Standing Army Number)
Additionaly I changed "Science bug" + Favoured Districts by editing Victories.xml

This was already described and proposed in forum.
This is not my idea but people already proposed this, esp. @DizzKneeLand33
Big thanks to them.

My target is to make the game as challening as possible, played more than 3000 hrs.
Results are promising.

AI is still not smarter of course, but now at least:
1. it builds large armies.
2. it re-builds the army, if lost some units during a war
3. it does not disbands the army due to lack of gold, have not seen this
4. very often, each pcs of AI`s land has an unit on it
5. AI make wars on another AI but this can be still my impression that is more often then before
The game is more challening.

*I am using many mods but the only one which changes gameplay is Zee's Properly Timed Eras which i.e. extends game pace + make eurekas 10 % and science discoveries harder.

The seen disadvantage is that AI does not build mixed armies.
In example: builds large quantites of cavalry and siege and 1 unit of melee. But this is nothing new in this game :)

Below, Gandhi built quite an army

Different game: Large army from Cree (my ally) and Montezuma already weakened


Another screen- enemy Kongo
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Aug 19, 2012
My main objection to isolated changes like this is it probably means there’s something else the AI is *not* building. Depending on your play style, that may or may not be an issue. If you are a conqueror, it may not be an issue for you that the AI will perhaps build less improvements, districts or wonders - it may even be an advantage. But if you are a builder with a more defensive play style, it may end up killing immersion if the AI foregoes (all) other things just to pump out units endlessly.

Now I haven’t tried this specific change, so this is just an overall observation. I remember playing with the Real AI mod some years ago and being less than impressed exactly for this reason.
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Jun 8, 2019
If the point is to have more units and a more challenging AI on the military side of things, then perhaps giving the AI Scythia's ability would accomplish the same thing without worrying about side effects. This is something I considered doing though I haven't had time to play or mod the game in a while.

"Building a light cavalry unit or Saka Horse Archer grants a free second copy of that unit."

That just needs to be applied to every military unit in the game, and exclude the human player from receiving the bonus.

Edit: probably a good idea to reduce starting warriors to 3 on Deity if doing this.


May 10, 2003
Additionaly I changed "Science bug" + Favoured Districts by editing Victories.xml
The science bug has been fixed with this weeks patch; the attached AI value for Science has been reduced from 150 to 30. What value(s) did you choose for the settings instead?

Shirotora Kenshin

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Apr 26, 2014
Berlin, Germany
Hi SaboteurINT, More AI Units sounds like what i would like to see in Civ6.

Changing Standing Army Number, which value do you think is good?
And, Favoured Districts… what would you recommend to change?
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