More careful climate research - same conclusions

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Ayatollah So, Oct 24, 2011.

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    Perhaps not, but there is still a large number of people who don't believe global warming, simply the warming of the globe, doesn't exist. This simply adds to the overwhelming evidence that it is.
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    The theory is very sound and largely accepted as being heavily grounded in reality in academia.

    Even some of those who were certain there was no global warming accepted the CO2 premise as valid, but rejected the argument because there was no raise in temperature. This has since been seen to not be the case.

    It's pointless, though, because we're talking about a group of people that adamantly believes scientists to be doing the devil's work. If the next Koch-supported study proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that human industrialism was causing global warming, it wouldn't change the right-wing line at all.
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    I know people might not remember, but it's not been long since the meme "there's been no warming since 2002" was pretty rife throughout the skeptical crowd. It was skeptical stuff, they were wondering how we could have AGW if there was no warming?

    This is pretty unfair to a lot of us, this is something our parents should have been dealing with. The Rio Conference was in 1992, for goodness sake! And the problem is that by delaying action, they've increased the cost of mitigation by leaps and bounds. This means that, because they continued to buy SUVs and eat steaks, we will have to do more than just buy small cars and cut back on our meat. (And if we continue to waste the CO2 buffer space in the atmosphere, then the cost of preventing issues goes even higher).

    We're slowly locking ourselves into pretty severe warming, and each day we're making it harder to fix things. Again, the analogy of deficit spending kicks in. If you keep adding debt, and passing it to the next generation, they what's required to pay back the debt gets harder and harder. Especially if you generate a bunch of wasteful fixed costs will accumulating the debt.
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    WOAH!!! We must inform climatologists about this so-called sun at once!
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    I'm not going to a. read a blog, nor am I going to watch an hour of tube. I tried following the links in the blog, but they led to other opinion pieces. I did however find some background on James Delingpole. I cross referenced him with a google search on Climate Gate. :)

    James Delingpole: Climategate: the final nail in the coffin of 'Anthropogenic Global Warming'?
    Instead of him eating some crow and be a little apologetic about his premature ejaculation, he goes: no don't look over there! Look over there!

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