More Heroes and Legends


Feb 8, 2021
We have Sinbad for gold, Maui for amenities, Himiko for delegates, Anansi for science and culture. Now meet:

May embark across ocean tiles without the required technology
6 charges
Odyssey: May spend a charge once per unique city-state or natural wonder visited to create a great work of writing
Nostos: These great works earn double theming bonus if Odysseus expires inside friendly territory

(Basically collecting chapters of The Odyssey and The Illiad)

Paul Bunyan
6 charges
Lumberjack: Unlimited woods harvests while alive. Harvesting uses up remining movement. May harvest woods outside your territory
Babe the Blue Ox: Extra harvest yield if woods is on tundra. May spend a charge to harvest a removable feature for twice its normal value

(Bringing back a little of the old mechanic of harvesting outside your territory. 30 turn lifespan is about the same as 5 midgame workers if you can land on woods every turn)

Robin Hood
Ranged cavalry
Invisible if fortified on woods. Extra movement if starting turn on woods.
6 charges
Steal from the rich, give to the poor: Double yields from pillaging tiles but uses a charge
Band of Merry Men: Units within 2 tiles cost no maintenance

(Weak against cities but the ultimate stealth pillaging machine)

John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed)
Religious combat only
8 Charges (religious spreads)
Nurseryman: May use 2 charges to plant Orchard, a unique bonus resource providing food and faith, and increases appeal in surrounding tiles.
Faith healer: Acts as medic to nearby religious units

(Basically a super apostle. Orchards can be improved with plantation or left alone)

Thales of Miletus
Support unit
3 charges
Ancient Engineering: Unlimited tile improvements while alive but cannot chop removable features. Improving a tile uses up remaining movement.
Eclipse of Thales: May spend a charge to immediately force peace with a civilization you are at war with.

(30 turn lifespan is about the same as 5 midgame workers if improvement constructed every turn)
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