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Mar 6, 2023

i play civ 6 with all dlcs and the "got lakes"-mod.
now i want more natural wonders to spawn on huge maps and i have no experience in modding.

does changing the first "10" in the following code from "NaturalWonderGenerator.lua" do the trick for distances between natural wonders?
-- Score is based on distance (high distance is better, but once we get over 10 hexes away it is pretty flat) plus a random element
local iDistanceScore;
if (iClosestConflictingDist <= 10) then
iDistanceScore = iClosestConflictingDist * 100;
iDistanceScore = 1000 + (iClosestConflictingDist - 10);

row.Score = iDistanceScore + TerrainBuilder.GetRandomNumber(100, "Natural Wonder Placement Score Adjust");
does it have to be higher or lower to be get more wonders?
another question to "NaturalWonderGenerator.lua":
there are three files in base game and in both expansions. which one is the right one to edit?

does changing the "7" in the following code from "maps.xml" do the trick for the amount of natural wonders?
<Row MapSizeType="MAPSIZE_HUGE" Name="LOC_MAPSIZE_HUGE_NAME" Description="LOC_MAPSIZE_HUGE_DESCRIPTION" DefaultPlayers="12" GridWidth="106" GridHeight="66" NumNaturalWonders="7" PlateValue="5" Continents="6"/>

thx a lot,

Scrum Lord

Jul 2, 2017
Sunwood, have you tried searching the steam workshop or this site for mods that increase natural wonder spawns? Even if they're outdated or seemingly broken, the source code of those mods might be a good starting point for making your own tweak to the natural wonders count. You can view the source code of any mod that you subscribe to on Steam by navigating to its folder, which is usually at <your steam library>\steamapps\workshop\content\289070\<mod unique folder #> on a Windows machine.

I believe you're onto something with that NumNaturalWonders field in maps.xml. I just took a quick peak at a mod called More Natural Beauty (Steam workshop) and I found a sql file that simply doubles that value for all map sizes and sets the minimum distance between natural wonders to 1.

So maybe do something like that, and also follow the suggestions from that mod's Comments section to about setting Load Order to make the mod play nicely with Terra Mirabilis.
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