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It belongs in a museum.
Jun 16, 2010
More Sponsors
"The great ships were the embodiment of each nation's courage, ingenuity, and faith. As we raced skyward, we carried aloft the hopes and dreams of those left behind."

The Sponsors:

SEACA - Abhisit Norodom Na Ayutthaya​

Relatively untouched by the Great Mistake, the nations of South-East Asia banded together for mututal prosperity, sharing the belief that it was their adherence to the Buddhist faith which spared them from the events which devastated so many other nations. Their union preceeded that of the Pan-Asian Cooperation to the north, with whom they eventually joined with reluctance. However, at the time of the seeding they were able to reclaim their independence once more, using their strong economic strength to fund a localised seeding mission of their own, much to the annoyance of the PAC government to the north.

Pouakai - Code
Janboruta - Leader art
Sukritact - all other icons
JFD - Lua

At last! I am taken completely by surprise. :p I like the simplicity of the design, not to mention the synergy between all three componens (seemingly promoting going tall - something which isn't promoted by game mechanics at the moment).
Well well, this is starting to feel like playing BE where other sponsors gradually land upon your planet, now the "More -" sponsor has finally landed around hehe... (which would mean JFD is the human player, given he was the first to land :p )

Great Job :D Agreed on what Jan said.
I'm trying to figure out what the last two letters of the acronym stand for. I assume this is primarily a union of the peninsular Southeast Asian nations - the maritime Southeast Asian nations aren't Buddhist. Not anymore, anyway. :lol:
You really should have given the full version Pouakai. SEACA stands for "Southeast Asian Cultural Alliance", it is an alliance of the peninsular SEA nations, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma and Laos, who all share a common religion and heritage (the maritime nations are part of Polystralia for now, and have been ravaged by rising sea levels in the lore I wrote up for SEACA).
Oh, don't worry about that. I was having fun trying to guess the acronym anyway. And it's already canon that Indonesia at the very least is part of Polystralia. Though the whole sea levels thing doesn't sound like good news for us... :eek:

Then again, Bangkok was already confirmed in the canon to be part of PAC. It's perfectly possible that a country to be part of two seeding coalitions at the same time.
I did on Steam, but seems I forgot to copy it over. Besides, having South-East Asian Cultural Alliance and Abhisit Norodom Na Ayutthaya would make for a very long title...

I'll have to do some more tests, but it seems the code for the UA doesn't work. Thankfully, JFD's got a backup lua done already, so if it turns out to be true then I can just uncomment that and it should be all ready to go
The GM Crops seem to fall outside my initial borders though. This is a great addition, however he settled next to Vadim, and their colours got kinda mixed up.
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