More Terrains / Terrain Features / Bonus Ressources [IMPLEMENTED]

Moose and Caribou.

I need them to balance the North (Tundra) and High North (Perma Frost) a bit ... :dunno:
(I have more plans for the North though than just Moose and Caribou though - I might e.g. also give it a bit more Iron Ore, Silver and Gold.)

Santa will be happy.

Yes, indeed. He is actually the one asking for it. We are good friends because he is about my age.:old:
(And we both like to give presents - see my avatar icon. The smoke is supposed to be resemble a present. )
Do I read this correctly? :think:
So there were rabbits in the New World before the Europeans introduced the "European Rabbit"? << Native New World Rabbit? << European Rabbit?

Since I now figured out that there were actually Rabbits in the New World before the Europeans arrived, here they are in WTP as well.

Credits for graphics:
Caveman 2 Comsmos Mod

I may need help with this.

1. The graphics do not work in Pedia. (I know that we had this before, but I just do not know how to solve it.)
2. There is even a KFM (for animations) but if I try to activate it, it crashes the game.

Otherwise it is working.
(But without Pedia and without animations ... :sad:)


Similar to their little friends (Guinea Pigs) they also love all kind of Grass (Lush Grass, Meadows and Shrub).
In contrast to their little friends (Guinea Pigs) they are mostyl found in Flatland of Prairie, Plains and Grassland.

The places where they live can not breed Cattle or Horses - somehow your Cattle and Horses seem to be scared of them.
Your Colonist seem to like them though ... it looks like they are tasty and also give some fur ...
Also the children in any adjacent City like to play with them as pets which increases Happiness as well.



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fuuuh, I read everything I missed. it was long and wonderful.. are mushrooms or guinea pig to blame?:shifty::lol:

Ray, I have a question: the descriptions on the screenshots of many Terrains do not have what you described in the text in the message. maybe it is worth expanding the description? I think it will be useful for learning all the features when viewing Colopedia.
new Terrain: Shallow Coast. :)
(**only the really "big ships" can not enter it.)

Sandstorms also cause turn damage to Units on Plots. Both impact visibility and movement

It gives more "Valuable Wood" but also reduces "Food" (both on Water and Land)

Affects Movement Rules and causes Damage per Turn, bad Plot Defense

Kelp: Goes up to the Surface. (+1 Food, Reduces Movement, Defese Malus)

Impassable Mountains
It is 100% impassable - no Scout, no Pioneer, no Native, ... can cross it.
Thus there will be no Yields, no Road, no Improvement, ...

or am I in a hurry and it's just that not everything is finished yet?)
or am I in a hurry and it's just that not everything is finished yet?)

Exactly. :thumbsup:
See the title of the thread: [WORK IN PROGRESS]

This is work in progress. I was just showing previews of my work.
(I am in an early stage of collecting / prototyping.)

Most of this already works ingame, when you place it by Worldbuilder.
(Colopedia has not been written / adjusted though.)


See here for example:
Ingame it shows "Damage per Turn".
(Only Colopedia does not tell it.)

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Since I am now working on this alone, I will take a while to finish all of it. :dunno:
(I estimate that I will need 2 more months to finish all the new Terrain / Terrain Features / Bonusses / Yields / Professions / ...)

But it is pretty fun. :)
yes, I just started reading the forum after a long absence) then I was not mistaken in my assumption. it's good) and a lot of new content will appear in my VK group - :woohoo:
great job :clap: :thanx:
I can test the innovations in a real game and give feedback if needed.
It is not yet balanced or anything like that. It is not ready to be played.
But if you want you can place that stuff by Worlbuilder and test it. (Just having a sneak preview.)

A lot of graphics also still have missing animations or are not yet perfectly scaled.
Again it is very early "work in progress". It will need about 2 more months to really be finished in quality.

I am really a beginner in that graphical work and still learning a lot. :dunno:
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Just as a prove that I am still modding.
(Privately but I am still active.)

Credits for most graphics:
Caveman 2 Cosmos mod

Currently I am finetuning the animals in the "Terrain Overhaul".
(Once the complete "Terrain Overhaul" is done the WTP team may of course integrate and publish this in WTP core mod.)

Special thanks to @Moandor and other befriended graphical modders that support. :hug:
(We are still fighting with animations though - because none of us know how to do that ... :()



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Just wanted to let you guys know about the great successes of Moandor. :goodjob:
(A new graphical modder that is supporting me.)

Attached you will find a avi video of his first animation.
He successully animated the new Bonus Ressource Shrimp.

Until yesterday he had never done a Civ4Col animation (kfm) before ... :eek:
Each time it is astonishing what motivation, perseverance and of course skill make possible.

It is alive !!! It moves !!!


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Work to bring some more diversity and life to the Desert has started ...



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Ok, now Iguana and Vulture are in the my private branch. :)
WTP core mod can merge it later once this branch is ready and WTP team wants to have it.

Credits for graphics:
Caveman 2 Cosmos mod

They are of course purely Desert animals (Bonus Ressources).
They do not give that much food, but well, better than nothing.

Gameplay idea:
There should at least be a small chance that a City in Desert (e.g. near Gold / Salt) can sustain itself.
(So a basic supply for e.g. 2 colonists should become possible witht these Bonus Ressources + Farms.)

So some might ask:
What? My Colonists shall eat Iguanas / Cactus / Vultures ?
Well, in the Desert when there is not much else Food around you will eat whatever you get ...

Again, this is still very "early work in progress".
I am still experimenting / adding / removing / changing / balancing / ... a lot.
Some things may work and become part of the final version, some thins may be dropped again ...
I can not know what works, before even having tried ...

Goals / Objectives are still:
1. Improving balancing of currently less interesting Terrains / Areas (e.g. Tundra / Permafrost / Desert / Marsh / Wetland)
2. Improving balancing of currently unbalanced Yields, Experts and Buildings (e.g. Yields Barley, Furniture Maker House, ...)
3. Creating more diversity in "Wildlife" and "Nature" - for more immersion and interesting gameplay.
4. Setting the base for several gameplay additions that I plan.



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So ok we now also have 2 more Bonus Ressources for Premium Fur: Polar Fox and Red Fox.
WTP core mod can merge it later once this branch is ready if WTP team wants to have it.

Credits for Graphics:
Caveman 2 Cosmos mod

The Polar Fox can only be found in the North (Thundra and Permafrost) - with or without Forrests.
It is really the "Jack Pot" for Premium Fur - few Bonus Ressources in the game are more valuable.

The Red Fox is more common and can be found in all moderate climates and occasionally also in Thundra - it wants to have either some kind of Forrests (incl. Light Forrest) or Swamps though.
It is about as valuable as Beavers but found a bit less often. Still a really nice income ...



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Wow ... this just looks awesome. :eek:
(It is water graphics that @MightyToad created.)

I need to experiment a bit with this and see how it matches our 5 different Water Terrains.
(Large Rivers, Lakes, Shallow Coast, Coast, Ocean.)

I might use this so player can actually easily see a visual difference between Coast and Ocean.
(Currently it looks the same.)

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So ok, had to mess around with this a bit.
(There were issues with the graphics that I will explain below.)

But now it works. :)
And I am pretty happy with thre result.
Check your self though. :thumbsup:

Why I did not use the graphics provided in the ZIP above:
(Just for modders that are interested in technical details.)
Spoiler :
I did not use the graphics of @MightToad for various reasons (see below).
Instead I adjusted the Ocean Water colour to the different colour value.

Because the water graphics of Civ4BTS are not completely compatible to Civ4Col.
(Civ4Col uses a higher resolution of water graphics.)
  • If you try to simpy copy&paste water graphics of Civ4BTS to Civ4Col this here will happen:
  • Also e.g. the "Coastal Details" in the pacakge do not work because you will get sick from flaring when you move the screen.
  • Also by default Civ4Col has a higher water detail quality than Civ4BTS.

So ok, now back to what we have now. :)

As comparions: old version
(All our Water Terrais contained)

  • In the middle of the Island (surrounded by Land): Lake
  • flowing into the "Ocean": Large River
  • Coast from the "Large River": Shallow Coast
  • Then around the Island: Coast (looking like Ocean)
  • The rest: Ocean <---- This here is going to change in the next picture.

Now: NEW version

(All our Water Terrais contained as above - save reloaded with new graphics)

As you can see, the Ocean now has a darker colour and thus can be easier differentiated from Coast.
(Ther rest: Lake, Large River and Shallow Coast where already easy to identify.)

Tried to keep the change however "visually appealing for the eye".
(So I did not make it too dramatic.)



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Now there is a new feature in this branch as well. :)

Bonus Ressources can now be specific to either Northern or Southern Hemsiphere.

Caribous, Polar Foxes, Walruss, ... you will only find in Northern Hemsiphere.
Penguins, Parrots, Capybaras, ... you will only find in Southern Hemsiphere.

Details to the implementation see here.
Many thanks to @f1rpo and @Nightinggale to help this becoming clean and performant.
Ray, I have a question: you started this thread until you said you were becoming a free-modder. What changes to the terrain mentioned here will be in the next WtP release, and what only in your personal modmod? I'm confused)
... until you said you were becoming a free-modder.
That is correct. :thumbsup:
Meaning that I currently implement freely whatever I want. :)


1. As promised I still support WTP core mod if I can. (e.g. fixes, improvements, ...)
2. As promised I still share all my work with WTP core mod if you guys want it. (It is all yours if you want it.)
3. As promised I still cooperate with WTP core mod if there are features we all want. (You just need to tell me what you want.)

What changes to the terrain mentioned here will be in the next WtP release, and what only in your personal modmod?
You guys have to decide that. :thumbsup:

You can take all or nothing or just some of it - it is your choice.
You are of course also free to modify and improve my stuff.

How should I tell you guys what will be in the next WTP core mod release if it is not my decision. :dunno:
I hope you will like some of my work, integrate it and publish it.

The more, the better for me. :)
It will make it much easier for me to stay compatible to WTP core mod.


The only thing that really changed:

Everybody can do now what he wants. :)
In the end we will see if we can get all of that stuff merged or not ...
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Hi guys,
Wow! These new features look really good. This mod is turning out to be incredibly detailed. Truly a total conversion from vanilla colonization 2.
I want to apologize for my long absence with no updates. My last post here was in September after which I got super busy at work and had very little time and motivation to work on my new map. I put in a few hours at a time on weekends adding one state of Brazil at time but it was slow going. A few weeks ago I logged on to find you have added navigable rivers and decided it was time to add them to my map AND finally finish it up. So, I'm working on it - right now I have the Mississippi, Missouri, part of the Ohio and Saskatchewan rivers added in North America, and the Amazon, Orinoco, Rio Negro and Parana rivers in South America. Obviously I will also be adding a bunch of new terrain features whenever you release the terrain overhaul. My intention is still to make the most geographically and historically accurate map possible, which is why it's taking so long as I'm mapping one degree of latitude and longitude at a time rather than freehanding it. Anyway I just wanted to let you know I'm still here and working on something and that I'm truly impressed by all the new features! Can't wait to see them in game.
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