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More than 16 Civs in a single scenario?

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Creation & Customization' started by Yashcheritsiy, May 30, 2005.

  1. Yashcheritsiy

    Yashcheritsiy Chieftain

    May 20, 2004
    Hi! I've been playing Civ 3 for a while now, but just started poking around in the Civ 3 Conquests Editor feature. I've put together a really nice looking map of the ancient Near East, extending (clockwise) from the Balkans to E. of the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf to Libya. My intention is to build a scenario to simulate the ANE with the civs from roughly 4000 BC to 500 BC. Unfortunately, I've run into some difficulties. Can anyone help me out? I just have a few questions below:

    1) I've tried to use the "Add" feature in the Civilizations portions of the rules editing. This is to add groups that aren't in the "real" game, like the Hebrews, Phoenicians, Cimmerians, Illyrians, Medes, etc. I spent about two hours creating the basic rules for roughly 12 new Civs (I'm nowhere near being able to make leaderheads or new units, etc. yet) and thought I'd saved them when I saved the scenario map. I went to fire the scenario up, and there were no buttons for any of the new civs I'd made, just the game civs who also happen to be in this scenario. In fact, when I picked a civ and tried to start the scenario, I got booted back out to the desktop. What did I do wrong?

    2) Is it even possible to have more than 16 civs in a game? Ultimately, I'd like to have, say, 22-24. The map is only a 160x160, but is probably only ~30% water, so there's a lot of land available to accomodate more civs. When I fired up the scenario, I noticed that there were 22 slots for picking which civs you wanted in the game, however.

    3) Maybe this is a dumb question, but if you do save edited rules, do these only apply to the particular scenario you're saving, rather than globally to the whole game? I don't want to mess the whole game up trying to specialise rules for one scenario!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! If I ever get this thing done, I'd be happy to release it onto this forum for all the other gamers!

  2. Bungus

    Bungus Chieftain

    Sep 8, 2004
    2) The limit is 31 civs. In order to add or change civs you must delete others
    3)Yes, your scenario is saved it as a biq. In order to play this scenario you must go to civ-content at the games menu screen, and selected your biq file. That may be why you did not see any of the changes you made in game. And you haven't messsed up the default civ game, it will still be playable as normal.

    1) You didn't add the civs right. You need leaderhead .flc's, .pcx's, and then you have to reference them in the editor and pedia. Take a look at how the existing civs are set up, or download an existing mod andd see how they do (and what folders and files are necessary, or find a tutail on adding civs in the tutorials section of this site. And even when you figure out what your doing, typos in the editor and pedia will crash your game.
    Good luck
  3. Plotinus

    Plotinus Philosopher Administrator

    Nov 14, 2003
    I'd advise checking the Scenario Properties windows. There's a box there where you need to specify how many players the scenario has - that is, you need to "activate" the civs you have already added in the Rules section. I expect that's probably your problem.
  4. CyberChrist

    CyberChrist You caught my attention

    Dec 6, 2001
    The Matrix
    Since you are making a scenario on a premade map the solution to your problem is probably what Plotinus suggested.

    However, to change the number of civs that can be present on a random map you need to set the value Number of Civs for each map size which is located on the World Sizes page in the editor.

    Good luck on your project btw :)

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