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MoreStuffMod BtS v3.19

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Modpacks' started by Daryl95, May 1, 2012.

  1. Daryl95

    Daryl95 Templar

    Nov 9, 2008
    The mod has been dead for awhile so I decided to post the BtS v3.19 version I originally compiled for a friend a year ago. I don't know if I'll do much more with it. If I do, I'll post updates here. As far as testing goes, I'm busy with the GoW mod (see my sig) so it'll be making sure it opens and runs fine, so if anyone has a problem midgame please let me know. I doubt their will be because the mod is simple and I've defined all the art tags and no xml errors are present.

    Here's what I've done. This is a progress report, the download is only up to v1. Also I will post a tutorial for compiling the SDK.
    Spoiler :
    The_Lopez - Multiple Favorite Civics Mod
    Paul Murphy - NextWar Mod
    Pegasos - Nuclear Arsenal Mod
    Bhruic - TechConquestMod
    seZereth – GoreMod
    Sevo - NukeAnywhereMod
    GarretSidzaka – *FutureCities, Barack Obama
    Supa – *Tiger, Lioness
    EmperorFool – *EventsWithImagesMod
    Asioasioasio – WideCityBar
    OmniojiOmn – Idle Cities
    Asaf – *ethnicbuildingsmod
    Rabbit, White - *WhitehouseBuilding

    * Planned but not yet added

    MSM v2:
    -added techconquestmod
    -added Idle City Process
    -added gore mod
    -changed Lincoln Trait to imperialistic
    -changed Lincoln Favorite Civic to Police State (I know it’s controversial, but it’s my mod and I believe this is more accurate. If you don’t like it, XML is easy to edit. still need to edit civilopedia!!!)
    -added nukeanywheremod
    -changed Experimental Weapon’s Nuke Range to 10 so you can launch on duel size map
    -added BarackObama
    -changed two tech names: Democracy(Elected Representatives), Corporation(Capitalism)
    -changed two era names: Modern(Information), Future(Interplanetary)
    -removed Global Warming (maybe climate change mod in the future)
    -added lioness to Lion Unit

    MSM v1:
    -added NextWar stuff
    -added Nukular Arsenal!
    -added Multiple favorite civics
    -changed max civs to 50
    -added HaloReachTheme on MainMenu (because I felt like it)
    -added widecitybar

    Two minutes looking up Obama quotes and now I know I'm going to have fun entering his diplo entries!!! :lol:

    I've decided to do some more work on it. Any suggestions, comments, and/or issues, please post. If you know of a good mod to merge into this, tell me. :)

    Known Issues:
    On startup there is a message that popped up about an extra diplo entry. I'll fix this in version 2.
    Let me know of any others.

    Download MSM v1.0
  2. Merkava120

    Merkava120 Oberleutnant

    Feb 2, 2013
    Not Turkey

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