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Most-Hated Civ

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May 20, 2005
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Whats your most hated civ? :lol:

Mine's Catherine, I consider her a Elizabeth Wannabe. :lol:
Memories of Civ 1 almost made me say Russian! Course it was Stalin then :crazyeye:

For civ 3 i have to say ZULU! They're just so aggressive! Haven't seen them for a while actually, since my last 31/tiny game, will have to put them in my next one!
Anyone who have read my Russia game knows I have serious issues with Smokey of the Mayans. He magically manage to always mess things up for me.

Of course right now I'm in more problems with Shaka - but that's probably because Smokey's not even in this game. Rest assured, if he was, he'd be the first to screw me up.

I'll vote Mayans or Incans, but it's not really good because I have no problems with the Incans. They're cool guys.
Babylon! Personal reasons - in my first game they declared war and utterly destroyed me. They did the same to my flatmate in his maiden voyage.

We have made it a point to hate the Babylons, and always wipe them out in every game they appear in. They started it!

(There really should be an 'other' option') :p
Two votes for Babylon. They are always the second strongest when they come up in my games. So far they've been the vast majority of runaway AIs I've encountered.
You need an "other" option. anyway, i can't stand the Hittites, but i voted Zulu, cause for me they are 2nd. The Hittites are basically in all my games (all on random civs) and they are always mad and go to war with me.
I voted Zulu (Shaka is a real pain), but only because India wasn't a choice. Ghandi always sneak attacks me, and even when he's too far away to do that, he's always a threat with his uber culture building. I always play with random opponents, but I really hate to see him included.

It's too bad there isn't a way of picking which civs you do NOT want in the game, rather than only the ones you do want. :mischief:
From that list i went for the Persians. Who as far as im aware are unable to not start with Iron (or at least in my games anyway).

However i actually wanted to vote for Spain my personal Nemesis. Every time i meat them its the same old story. Start of polite sometimes move to gracioues. Then its sneak attack (sometimes even ROP abuse) or an outrageous demand followed by war when i tell them no you cant have Iron and Astronomy.
gmaharriet said:
It's too bad there isn't a way of picking which civs you do NOT want in the game, rather than only the ones you do want. :mischief:

Yea, I was thinking of that too. :(
3 out of the last 4 times i've had the Zulu, they have become a runaway, unbeatable, murderous AI. And i've start on a loner island so i cant stop him.
Shaka is the most annoying for me, followed by Genghis.
From this list, the Mongols. But the Dutch are the civ I loathe most. Pushy agricultural civs. To make it worse, I prefer wet maps. :lol:
Mongols - Way too agressive, plus Gengis Khan looks like he has gingivitis
THE nemesis on the higher levels.
Sumeria, Ottomans, Persia and some more may be stronger - but in that case, they do deserve to defeat you.
Cleo OTOH always ends on another landmass, and threatens to win by sneaky 100k before I can take her out.
I've lost only a couple of Deity games after 0AD (but of course, plenty before...), and most of them were against Cleo.
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