Most Popular Excluded Civ?

What civ would you like to see in civ3?

  • The Spanish

    Votes: 66 16.8%
  • The Arabs

    Votes: 27 6.9%
  • The Turks

    Votes: 24 6.1%
  • The Celts

    Votes: 27 6.9%
  • The Mongols

    Votes: 39 9.9%
  • The Hittites

    Votes: 3 0.8%
  • The Assyrians

    Votes: 8 2.0%
  • The Phoenicians or Carthaginians

    Votes: 21 5.3%
  • The Dutch

    Votes: 16 4.1%
  • The Portugese

    Votes: 6 1.5%
  • The Jews (Israel)

    Votes: 32 8.1%
  • The Scots

    Votes: 18 4.6%
  • The Aborigines

    Votes: 4 1.0%
  • The Inca

    Votes: 11 2.8%
  • The Khmer

    Votes: 5 1.3%
  • The Tibetans

    Votes: 5 1.3%
  • The Polynesians

    Votes: 5 1.3%
  • A Scandinavian civ

    Votes: 52 13.2%
  • Another Sub-Saharan or a Pan-Sub-Saharan African civ

    Votes: 3 0.8%
  • other

    Votes: 22 5.6%

  • Total voters

Pangur Bán

Jan 19, 2002
Civ3 really disappointed me, not just for its mediocre editor but also because of the small number of civs. They should be thinking about an expansion pack with more civs, so I thought this poll would be a good way of giving them some idea of what ones are popular. I know that the options are not perfect, but you're perfectly free to post other suggestions. The Austrians(part of German civ), Italians(Romans good enough) and Byzantines (part of Greek civ) were intentionally left out.

PS, sorry I missed out a 'u' in Portuguese!
the vikings, of course. then the mongols.

They almost beat Rome. Imagine how different the world would have been if they had: what is now France, Rumania, Brittain, etc., would have remained barbarian and never civilized. There would have been no Byzantine Empire. Yikes.
Couldn't it be argued that The Scots are just a subset of The Celts? Don't ever recall them being an expansionist Civ in their own right, either. Would be nice to play them though - unique unit, a bagpipe player that deafens opponents maybe? :)

By the way, I voted for the Spanish - can't believe they were omitted - they were the first to really explore the whole planet, after all.
Originally posted by pompeynunn

By the way, I voted for the Spanish - can't believe they were omitted - they were the first to really explore the whole planet, after all.

That's not true...
The first to explore the whole planet where, of course, the feared and powerfull portuguese
The Arabs
The most glaring omission of Civ3. Out because some people in USA believe all Arabs are terrorists... doh!

The Spanish
They couldn't include those? Why?

The Mongols
Another victim of the PC fashion? Or what?

Kush and/or Achsum
Those are out and the Zulu (???) are in? this is ridiculous!

Karthago was really an offspring of Phoenicia. The greatest merchants/sailors of the ancient mediteranea not in... tsk tsk tsk...
I would love to play as the Dalai Lama for Tibet! (I am Buddhist but oh well)
Just for the record, after the first day's polling:

!. A Scandinavian civ - 7 votes
2. The Celts - 4 votes
3. The Mongols
The Scots - 3 votes
4. The Spanish
The Cartaginians or Phoenicians
The Dutch - 2 votes
5. The Arabs
The Portuguese
The Dutch - 1 vote

Rest = 0 votes
Assyrians are actually with Babylonians, used to be as one Empire at one time.
The rest is perfect. I would vote for all of them one more time.
Same goes for Scots and Celts, don't you guys think that these come from the same root?
As with Scandinavians and Vikings??
I think assyrians and carthage should have been added. As far as I'm cocerned the game should have more ancient civs and fewer cop outs like the germans and americans.
I'm surpised how few people voted for Turks.
Unlike the Mongols who conquered and destroyed more under Genhis then make new stuff, or the Vikings who mostly raided others, and established settlements in Iceland, greenland, newfoundland, Turks actually had a proper empire/civ. THey had a strong army, a large population, and a powerful culture.
Doesn't anyone want to vote for the Aborigines?:sad:
They might not have been a very successful civ, but they represent a very old distinctive branch of human culture. If civ3 is about rewritng history, surely they are a must?:confused:
The Aborigines??????????????????????????????
why are the Koreans excluded? Koreans should be put in, even if it's for the sake for balancing the civs (european VS non-european). it had a long and dramatic history, and had developed a flourishing culture even though some were imported from China. it was strong enough to resist the strong Chinese and still survives up till today.

where are the Koreans?
The Assyrians invented many of the concepts and methods of large empire building, particulalr thoses for controling a multi-ethnic empire, such as transporting captured subjects into scatered colonies. They were the originators of "Resistace is fultile, you SHALL be assimilated". In game turns, however, they are effectively part of the "Babylonians" as are the Sumerians, Hurrians, Akkadians, etc.
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