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Mountains (No Roads) and Resources?


Oct 30, 2022
Like several others, I have made most combat units in my mod wheeled. I made Mountains, Jungles, and Marshes impassable to wheeled. I want to either have no roads on mountains or not have roads until later. My first thought was to allow roads on Mountains, but not until the Middle Ages. I made Workers wheeled and then had them upgrade to Serfs at Feudalims who were not wheeled. I wasn't thinking it through and that plan backfired. Iron often appears on mountains and there was no way to get to it, severely nerfing Civs unless you happened to have Iron on a hill.

So, my next thought was to make workers not wheeled again, but give Mountains no commerce bonus so roads couldn't be built, but workers could work mountain tiles. Then like a dummy, I remembered that if you can't build a road to the iron it's of no use. Doh! Am I missing an alternative? Is there a way to remove roads from mountains, but still access iron? Outside of making it not available on mountains and making it available to a different terrain (in addition to hills) instead?
Am I missing an alternative? Is there a way to remove roads from mountains, but still access iron?
If the neighbouring terrain allows a continuous road back to a friendly town, then technically a Colony could be planted on a resource-bearing Mountain to gain access to it. A Colony comes with a "built-in" road, which is left in place after someone's Cultural borders expand over that tile.

The problem with that 'solution' is that Colonies can only be founded outside Cultural borders, and although the AI knows where all the resources are from Turn1 (and founds towns accordingly), it would likely not be smart enough to know that it should (Road To +) Colonise a resource-Mountain, before planting a town nearby.

Conversely, a human player who was 'lucky' enough to roll a spawn-point sufficiently close to an Iron-Mountain for it to be already within their borders when they discover IronWorking, would then be able to see that Iron, but never access it.
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