[MP] Give me your OOS saves

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Fall from Heaven' started by Dis Citsatnaf, Oct 2, 2011.

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    Oct 2, 2011
    After the eventual success of our attempt to fix the OOS-on-rejoin problem plaguing Pitboss (and normal MP games where a player tried to rejoin or pick up an AI), we played a couple hundred turns in pitboss as a test and still ran into a couple more OOS issues (minor though they were). This will not stand :lol:.

    Given the sheer amount of debugging output I'm generating in the 'debugged' DLLs that were used to isolate the first issue, I'm probably in as good a place as anyone to figure out WTF is causing OTHER OOS issues. Accordingly, if you have an MP game going OOS, and a save from that turn or the turn before which will reliably cause the same OOS when it's loaded, I'd appreciate a copy of the save if you're prepared to part with it. Edit: Either 0.41o vanilla or Tholal's Mod 1.7 saves are fine. Anything else I can't deal with at the minute (but am happy to take requests.)

    I assume save games are the sorts of things that can be handed out as forum attachments; alternately, PM me for an email address.

    Thanks in advance, folks.

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