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(MTG) The Izzet League for Vox Populi

Discussion in 'Mods Repository' started by Blue Ghost, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. Blue Ghost

    Blue Ghost King

    Sep 5, 2016

    Steam Workshop download

    UA: Epic Experiment
    +50% generation of Great Engineers and Great Scientists. Whenever a Great Engineer or Scientist is expended, 25% chance of receiving a free :c5science: technology.

    UU: Blastseeker (Gatling Gun)
    Upon completing first combat, gain a random promotion out of the following:
    Mizzium Mortars: Deals 10 Damage to all enemy Units adjacent to targeted Unit (within Range).
    Gigadrowse: Enemies hit by this unit get -2 movement for 1 turn.
    Electrolyze: Enemies hit by this unit get -30% combat strength for one turn.
    Cyclonic Rift: Targets hit have a 50% chance of being teleported to a random location within 3 tiles.

    UB: Steam Vents (Windmill)
    In addition to the normal effects of the Windmill, has the following:
    5 base :c5production: Production
    +1 :c5production: Production to river and lake tiles
    +4 :c5production: Production to Academies
    +4 :c5science: Science to Manufactories
    10% of :c5production: Production in the city is converted to :c5science: Science
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