multiplayer game by cloud looking for players


Apr 5, 2023
I found it difficult to find time to play it online to find a spot to accomodate everybody's schedule.
I would love to join a multiplayer game by cloud and seriously commit to make a turn at least once in 24 hours.
If not, I would host the the multiplayer game by cloud (for the first time) with the following parameters:
- Gathering Storm with all DLCs
- Small Map Size (Small Continents). Huge map size takes a lot of time :(
- All leaders, (if we have duplicates we make this random or something)
- Balanced start position
- Game Speed: Online
- All victory conditions
- No turn Limit
- No Teams
- 8 players (on a small map this should not be boring)

Join: Code: yvkDq

You should have played or at least tried Deity vs computer.

Will get email, or discord or something similar to communicate. Please PM me if you are interested. All pointers to setup the game are welcome.

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