Multiplayer Help - modern warfare


May 1, 2012
So my friend and I were playing multiplayer, with only domination victory checked. We worked together to bring down America and Egypt in a few turns, and now we have to fight each other. My friend, England, has a superior land force and naval force. All I've got 20 stealth bombers hovering over cities, and 4 nuclear missles (I'm also the Ottomans). I'm afraid that he's going to use his 15 nukes to destroy my airbases. Can someone help me with my situation and tell me how to survive?

Also, forgot this should go in the multiplayer thread. Sorry.
Nuke any of his cities containing nukes. That way his nukes get destroyed. With your air force, those nukes are the only real impediment for you.

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It's also nice to attack his border cities with nukes in them with Stealth bombers and take them with a fast unit (tank or so should do, but even Sipahis suffice).
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