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Multiple attacks?


Jan 25, 2002
Houston, TX
I've noticed in battle that while some units, such as Tank and Modern Armor, claim that they allow you to attack more than once, they don't always allow you to do so. Sometimes I will attack another unit and kill it, and it will allow me to attack again, but sometimes it won't, and I haven't been able to figure out why. Does it have to do with the speed of the defending unit? The terrain? The unit's experience? Number of hit points left? Can anyone shed some light on this?
I think it is only if you didn't move the unit before you attacked the first time.
For example, if you ended the turn next to a city you'll be able to attack twice, but if you move next to a city then attack you can only attack once that turn.

Anyone correct me?
The behavior I saw was you get another attack if you have any movement points left. The movement cost of the destination terain matters
This happens when a 'blitz' unit attacks a stack. So if your tank has 2 mp left and you attack a stack, 1 mp is used up on the attack and 1 more when the tank moves back to its original tile, so in effect one attack uses up 2 mp. However if you attack a single unit, only 1 mp is spent.

Personally I think its a bug that when a stack is attacked the attacking unit loses 2 mp. Funnily enough, it seems that if a unit attacks a stack, but then retreats, only 1 mp is spent!

The consequence of this is that the only way to attack a stack (or a city) more than once with one go is to have movement 3 or more. That's why tanks with 2 mp are not very useful and hence the German Panzer becomes far more useful than the normal tank in this respect.
Lawren8 is right in that you only get multiple attacks if you have any movement points remaining. However when attacking a stack you lose 2 mp indepenent of the terrain type!
OK, I think I get it. Attacking a stack means two movement points spent, one one the attack and one moving back. That does seem pretty gimpy, but it makes sense.

So if I attacked a stack sitting on a hill with a modern armor, would I only get one attack, since attacking the hill would be 2 movement points and going back would eat up the third point? Or what if I were attacking from a hill, would moving back after winning eat up 2 movement points as well? (I'm on a new game before modern times, so can't test it myself yet)
i had a feeling that mp required on enemy ground is doubled, so u lose mp while attacking on enemy grounds. but if opponent is on ur ground, u still have the multiple attack working. i might be wrong thou...
Once I was the persians, and I had tanks next to a German City, and I am sure I could attack twice, but only if I was next to the city, but maybe this was because I backstabt them and I could still use the German railroad, if this is the case them backstabbing is the way to go if you don't have Panzers:lol:
That stands up. ModArm parked next to an enemy city gets 2 attacks, but tanks get only one. In your own territory, tanks can get two attacks, including one against a stack, but it has to be the second attack.
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