Multiple Crashes


Nov 22, 2005
I have the box retail version of the game. I am crashing quite often, sometimes multiple times per turn, sometimes I can go about 20 turns before crashing. I believe it's a problem with sound because the crashing seems to be occurring whenever there are multiple sound effects triggered at the start of a new turn.

PC Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
Pentium Dual-Core CPU 2.7 GHz
Nvidia Geforce GTS 240
Creative Sound Blaster
DX 11

I have all settings at Medium/Low because recommended High is laggy. I have the music turned off, with other sounds at 100%. I have only Microsoft Excel and Firefox browser running in the background. Playing in Windowed Mode so I can easily alt-tab out as needed.

Let me know if there is any other information I can provide to be of assistance.
Crashing with all sound set to 0. I have not been able to duplicate the crashing. It's seeming to be totally random.
Well Windowed Mode isn't the issue. I still crash on Full Screen. I also tried turning anti-aliasing off. Still crashing.
Same happening to me, except I barely ever get past turn two or three. Windows tell me that d3d11.dll and atidxx32.dll are to blame.

Attached is dxdiag, although it has a funny file name (probs because it was in Recycle Bin).


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Hmm... the customer support people said that it was alright. My settings are set pretty low though, yes.
I hope they did not say that you'll be perfectly fine with that card, it's a low end card, not even sure if it reaches min. specs.

Did you try to update your video drivers? Seems it is outdated.
Additionally, try turning down your resolution, it might help.
I thought it was outdated, but what appears to be a newer version doesn't apply to my laptop, and Toshiba itself only has these drivers. I have already tried 800x600 resolution ;).
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