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Thorvald of Lym

A Little Sketchy
Nov 21, 2005
A Palace north of Oslo

The year is 2222. Decades after the Great Powergame destroyed the standing order and plunged the world into lameness, survivors of the Trollocaust have at last begun to reconstitute stable political organization. Will the veterans of the Dork Ages surmount their petty egos and vault the world into superland, or will alliances of smugness summon a new age of RAEG?

Time Vill Tell.



Spoiler The world was without colour, and meh :

World map generously provided by taillesskangaru

Imperium Offtopicum (IOT) is a geopolitical simulation and role-playing game spun out of the Altered Maps thread in Off-Topic. Players assume the role of leader of a nation of their own creation, and interact with each other on such issues as law, economy, science and technology, humanitarianism, and national defence.

When players first join the game, they may select a colour demarcation and claim five territories that are either contiguous, or in the case of islands are in close proximity. Islands within a box are considered one single region; otherwise, each is its own. One territory may be selected as the capital region; this provides certain bonuses to gameplay mechanics. Players also choose one of two general forms of government:

Direct, representative, or any other form of plural assembly in which practical power resides with the masses. Democratic players more strongly influence national revolt risk through their roleplay. Internal dissent does not normally trigger armed uprisings; as a trade-off, a player's executive and legislative power can be curtailed, and in extreme cases, said player can be thrown out of office.

Sham democracy or outright authoritarianism in which power is centralized and restricted to a ruling class. Dictatorial players influence national revolt risk less effectively through their roleplay. All government functions are always under the player's control, but dissent will lead to insurrections.

Players can change their form of government later, but doing so risks leading to various domestic consequences.

Lastly, players may choose one of six national powers that provide slight bonuses to gameplay:

- Agricultural: Population grows by up to 8% per turn, rather than the normal 1-5%. Newly settled territories add 2 extra population units.
- Industrious: National industry grows by up to 7.5% per turn, rather than the normal 1-5%. Money allocated toward infrastructure development is worth an extra 10%.
- Commercial: Global trade revenue earns an extra 50%.
- Militaristic: Victory odds in combat receive a 15% bonus; this does not affect casualties, fire support, or air interception odds.
- Scientific: Money invested in research or industry is worth a bonus 10%. This power can be gifted or rented out to other nations, but is non-cumulative with the Industrious power.
- Expansionist: When a player's gross national income surpasses its client by 75%, there is a low chance of a client territory defecting to the player's nation. Territory gained by conquest has a +5% chance of assimilation. Lastly, the state has twice as much chance of a baby boom random event.

National Economy

Players begin with a starting treasury of 100 gold or equivalent currency, 5 units of population representing 10,000 individuals each, and an industry rating of 1. Population and industry grow each turn at a normal rate of 1-5%. Gross national income (GNI) is equal to population times industry; government revenue is whatever is taxed on GNI. For every 10% of GNI invested into state infrastructure, the player's industry rating increases by 0.01.

Players earn additional revenue from international trade, the sum of each nation's GNI times 0.005. While every country trades openly by default, embargoes can be issued to deny two countries their respective share of this total. Additionally, a country may opt to blockade a rival, completely cutting off their trade; as this is an overtly aggressive action, blockades run the risk of precipitating war.

Territory gained through assimilation or annexation normalizes the acquiring state's industry rating to the average between the two. Thus, attacking a larger country may net a slight increase in overall economic strength, while subjugating smaller states can quickly cripple national productivity.

Military & Combat

When all other venues at dispute resolution have failed, players can turn to combat. After initial order lock, combat operations are made public and 24-48 hours provided for defenders to plan accordingly. Emergency forces may be drafted from any funds not already spent that turn; maintaining an emergency surplus is thus recommended.

Military research is delegated into each theatre (Land, Sea, Air), with a cost of 50n each. Battles are calculated through a comparison of total units and military research, with victory odds influenced additionally through roleplay and the circumstances of certain attacks. Independent of winner and loser, casualties are determined by the difference between combatants' tech levels, balancing between killed in action and captured by the opposing side. Captured forces are converted into prisoners of war; their population value does not contribute to the captor's productivity or military strength, and may attempt escape or armed uprising under extenuating conditions.

The sequence of battle is naval skirmish→dogfight→ground attack. Fleets and air wings can provide fire support, with a 20% chance of inflicting a casualty plus 1% per tech level. Amphibious assaults can only be conducted if the defending navy is routed; surviving aircraft from both sides provide support to the ground assault, although remain vulnerable to surface anti-aircraft fire. Navies have a 20% chance of intercepting aircraft; ground divisions 10%.

Land conquered through combat is not immediately annexed, but becomes a zone of occupation. Occupied territory provides population but no income, and will rise up each turn; if a country has been completely conquered, these rebels benefit from half the old state's military tech level. The chance of pacification and subsequent assimilation ranges from 1-10% each turn, influenced by a number of factors including the difference between occupier and occupied population, conqueror's form of government, cultural familiarity, and roleplay.

As an alternative to merely "restarting" as a new nation, a defeated player may opt to take direct control of the occupied territory in the hope of either leading a successful revolution or negotiating independence before the land is completely assimilated.

Military units are trained from government funds and national population. While units can be demobilized and their population value returned to the workforce, their training cost is not refunded. Standing armies also incur a maintenance fee; both upkeep and initial purchase price increase by 10% per tech level. Base prices are as follows:

Theatre|Purchase price|Pop. cost|Upkeep

All forces pool globally, although players may specify regional distribution for special attack patterns or defensive operations.

All new nations begin with one land unit. Land divisions can be used to claim neutral territory. A player may claim as many territories as one has armies, provided these claims form a contiguous chain. Fleets can land troops on distant shores, and air wings can deploy troops further afield, thereby surmounting attempts at encirclement by other players; a maximum of five claims can be made this way by either method.

Fleets may also be used to blockade strategic straits, preventing amphibious incursion.


Ballistic weaponry comprises three components: payload, weapon tier, and missile quality. Each tier costs 150n to research; the number of provinces affected is directly proportional to weapon tier. Missile quality, or "ballistics tech", is a cumulative pool a player can pay into each turn; the higher it is versus enemy missile shields, the greater the likelihood of a successful detonation. Each weapon has a base cost that doubles per tier and increases by 50% per missile.

Weapon|T1 missile cost|T1 maintenance cost|Upkeep increase per tier|Effect per province
Nuclear|200|60|20|Destroys all industry and population. Contaminates territory for t turns.
Neutron|350|100|50|Destroys all industry and population, but allows immediate claim.
Chemical|100|30|15|Kills 10 t % population. Can be deployed tactically to increase combat odds by 1 t % each.

Anti-Ballistic Missile defence is a similar pool as ballistics tech that can be consolidated between nations, although this runs the risk of a sudden undermine by a participant withdrawing support. At a 1:1 ratio between ballistics and ABM, they cancel each other out, although there always remains a 1% chance of an accident.


In addition to player states, as the game progresses a number of non-player countries will emerge under control of the game moderator. NPCs will generally keep to themselves, but will defend themselves if attacked and band together against especially potent threats. In addition to winning their allegiance through conventional means, players can attempt to recruit NPCs as client states, either by investing 50% of their GNI*, or more insidiously by staging a coup d'état to install a puppet government. Clients will provide their hegemon with 10% of their turn revenue and generally tow the player's line, although they cannot be directly controlled.

NPC states can also be founded by players out of territory they control. Such governments will typically retain close ties to their sponsor, at least unless they are overthrown. This is one way to avoid the public unrest that stems from direct military occupation of conquered lands.

New players may opt to take control of an NPC state, retooling its characteristics as they see fit.

* - For the first few turns, "purchased" clients will defect to a new sponsor if the player invests 75% GNI.

Revolt Risk

A measure of general national approval toward the current government, revolt risk is the chance per turn of either armed insurrection or loss of legislative and executive privilege. It is influenced through a number of variables both mechanical and roleplayed.

- High taxes
- Military-to-civilian pop. ratio above 35% or below 10%
- War-time casualties, but especially from rebellions in occupied provinces
- Territories annexed from existing or recently-conquered states
- Malicious roleplay
- Generally aggressive behaviour

- Low taxes
- Contributions to UN initiatives
- Altruistic roleplay
- Generally peaceful behaviour
- Time

Thus players should be able to reach an amicable equilibrium through a mix of mechanical manoeuvres and superior storytelling.

NPCs have a generally fixed revolt risk of 10% that results in internal coups d'état.


Countries can engage in covert operations. Agents are hired for 25 gold and 0.1 population unit, and require 4 gold in upkeep costs. Spy tech costs 50n; total operational strength is tech times 0.01*number of agents. Spies can be sent on a variety of missions, each with base success odds of 50%, altered depending on the balance of strength between the two sides. Missions are as follows:

- Sow Discontent: Increases target's revolt risk. Odds are additionally influenced by existing RR.
- Incite Riot: Provokes protests or uprisings respective to target's form of government. Odds are additionally influenced by existing RR.
- Equip Resistance: Bypasses/infiltrates government intelligence networks to aid a rebellion already in progress, allowing the player to allocate funds toward any area of one's choosing. Rebels supported in this manner will cultivate greater loyalty than average clients.
- Steal Plans: Reveals all "secret" orders that turn, including relevant conversational private messages. This mission is always calculated first; raises success odds of subsequent missions by the player to 90%.
- Stage Coup: Overthrows an existing NPC government and replaces it with a puppet régime, which will automatically pursue client status. Both player-sponsored and indigenous coups have a 25% chance of triggering a civil war within the country.
- Steal Technology: Provides ¼ of the difference between the player's and the target's research investments. If there is no new tech to steal, the mission defaults to treasury theft.
- Steal Money: Siphons off up to 20% of the target's total income. Total theft across all operations can thieve no more than 80%.
- Crash SDI: Disables target country's ABM defence. If part of a group network, the attacker faces all defending agents from contributing countries.
- Sabotage WMD: Destroys up to half the target's standing stockpile, lower tiers first.

All operatives not assigned to an offensive mission will assume counterespionage duties, bolstering defensive strength. Although all operations remain covert and agent identity is never revealed, there is a 10% chance of the action's exposure during execution, leading to a firefight during which every agent has a 1-in-10 chance of being killed, capped at the total number of the smaller side. The defending force, however, will never lose more than 50% of its agents.


Terrorist organizations are extremely versatile non-government entities. At the start they are limited to two, but new positions may emerge as the game develops. Terrorists begin with 100 gold, 5 agents and 5 bases scattered randomly across the globe. They may construct new bases for 10 gold each anywhere in the world. Players may also select one NPC to act as initial headquarters; they may choose to make their control public, granting them full control of state functions, or remain in the shadows.

Terrorist agents cost 5 gold to train and are limited by the total number of bases worldwide. Terrorist operatives act both as spies and soldiers, and thus benefit from both military and espionage technology. Terrorists can pursue research within all the trees, but cannot produce WMD themselves. In addition to all standard spy missions, they have access to unique operational perks:

- Recruitment Campaign: Levies new agents for free by drawing from a target nation's population. Odds are additionally influenced by existing RR, but the total number of recruits will always remain small.
- Terrorist-sponsored rebellions inherit the same military technology as their instigator.
- Suitcase Nuke: Tier 1 nuclear and neutron warheads gifted from other states can be detonated as "suitcase nukes", circumventing ABM defences. The operation is launched as a single mission but calculated per bomb; failed missions relinquish the warhead to the defender. Furthermore, terrorists can selectively target military installations, killing troops without damaging population or infrastructure, at 15% lower odds of success; exposure of this operation has a 10% chance of prematurely detonating the warhead, destroying the province.
- Terrorist coups grant the player full control of NGO faculties except taxes, including foreign policy and client status. Subverted states contribute 10% of their income to the controller; this cannot be altered, nor can troop or technology be gifted. In most circumstances, ousting a puppet government will expose the terrorists that sponsored it.
- Counterintelligence will both protect bases against exposure by rival spies, and attempt to defend against direct attacks to expel camps.

Player countries can aid or attack terrorists as they see fit. Successful player-sponsored coups can invite terrorists to take charge, granting them the same benefits as if they had conducted the operation themselves. Players can also provide terrorists with dedicated land, air, and naval forces, tallied separately from their agent pool.

Player countries (and terrorists!) can conduct searches for bases. The exact number revealed is delegated between the number of agents committed, the total number of provinces, and the sum total of all bases. The operation can be blocked if terrorist operatives have been tasked with defense/counterintelligence.

Once a base has been exposed, conventional forces can assemble to destroy it. Any terrorist agents not otherwise engaged will attempt to defend.

Bases can be relocated for free, so long as they are not subject to search or attack that turn.

United Nations

The United Nations social group serves as a forum for dispute resolution between nations, and discussion, development and implementation of international legislation. It comprises the General Assembly, by default all nations in the game, and the Security Council, featuring only the player countries. All recognized members possess one vote; the Security Council may override the Assembly under certain conditions if it achieves 3/4 unanimity.

The UN can also, with the support of other nations, launch military missions against and establish trusteeships over disputed regions. While it does not actively field its own army, nations may volunteer their armed forces to the Global Defense Initiative intervention force.

The UN reserves the light blue colour (HTML #4b92db) on the world map, should it become necessary.


Roleplay is integral to IOT, helping to craft the game's universe and breathe life into the machine. Silent bonuses and penalties are applied based on a nation's behaviour during the game, and it serves as the most dynamic influence on national revolt risk. Roleplay does not need to be well-written, but the greater the time invested in the story, the more engaging the game is as a whole.

Take care that fevered dialogue does not tread into personal offence. While international rivalry is to be expected, rude, harassing, or otherwise problematic behaviour will be punished. Please also refrain from dragging real-life politics and other off-topic subjects into the game.

Closing Commentary

Each update spans a three-month season beginning in Winter 2222. First round order locks will optimally occur after all players have submitted orders; otherwise, when at least half the active players have responded, a lock will be instituted after 24-48 hours, after which no new commands will be processed until the next turn.

This game is double-hosted on Tani's forum. While CFC takes precedence in terms of updates and reports, my inbox space is at a premium and I strongly encourage players with accounts on the other site to submit their orders there.

Fake orders, decoy actions, false-flag operations and the like can be conducted, but make sure I have the real instructions prior to order lock.

IOT adheres to general standards of CFC polity and unspoken codes of conduct. Players who continually abuse mechanics, breach decorum, or otherwise disrupt enjoyment of the game will be reprimanded, and in extreme cases banned from playing.

Finally, the ruleset of this game is not entirely settled and subject to revision. Although most of the mechanics have been automated through Python and spreadsheet scripting, there are a few elements that I am currently managing ad-hoc. While I hope to have these outliers rectified as quickly as possible, some decisions are made wholly by GM discretion. If players have questions about statistical outcomes, have identified "broken" mechanics, and/or would like to suggest methods of amendment, please do not hesitate to speak up.
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Country |Player |Colour |Government |Trait |Provinces |Population |Industry |GNI |Tax |Dom. Rev. |Trade |Client |Army Upkeep |Net Revenue |Treasury |Currency |Land |Air |Sea |RR %
UN |N/A | █████ |N/A |UN |0 |0 |0 |0 |0 |0 |0 |0 |0 |0 |12 |N/A |0 |0 |0 |0
Taipei Legion |Kinich-Ahau | █████ |Dictatorship |Scientific |10 |9.8 |4.10 |40.180 |15 |6.03 |81.893 |0 |-20 |67 |1 |League UM |6 |0 |0 |21
Allied Occupation Zone |Red_Spy | █████ |Democracy |Militaristic |14 |16 |3.14 |50.240 |20 |10.05 |80.528 |0 |-8 |82 |0 |USD |4 |0 |0 |5
Greece |(mayor) | █████ |Democracy |Industrious |11 |12.4 |2.52 |31.248 |20 |6.25 |81.893 |0 |-26 |62 |3 |??? |4 |0 |1 |0
Mexico | mechaerik | █████ |Democracy |Industrious |10 |12.8 |2.94 |37.632 |20 |7.53 |81.893 |0 |-14 |75 |3 |??? |3 |0 |0 |0
Socialist Africa |Mosher | █████ |Dictatorship |Agricultural |32 |84 |2.75 |231.000|20 |46.20 |80.528 |0 |-16 |110 |-9 |Ruble |8 |0 |0 |0
Orobouros | SonicTH | █████ |Dictatorship |Scientific |13 |15.7 |3.68 |57.776 |20 |11.56 |81.893 |0 |-15 |78 |46 |Mobium |3 |1 |0 |0
New England |Omega124 | █████ |Dictatorship |Industrious |17.5 |18.9 |3.79 |71.631 |20 |14.33 |80.528 |7 |-23 |78 |1 |USD |4 |1 |1 |0
USSR | christos200 | █████ |Dictatorship |Industrious |12 |15.8 |2.33 |36.814 |20 |7.36 |60.055 |0 |-16 |51 |11 |Sov. Ruble |2 |0 |0 |2
Brasil |Verarde | █████ |Democracy |Industrious |18 |19 |2.94 |55.860 |20 |11.17 |80.528 |0 |-10 |81 |30 |Real |5 |0 |0 |0
Siam |JoanK | █████ |Democracy |Scientific |21 |22 |2.34 |51.480 |18 |9.27 |81.893 |0 |-10 |81 |0 |Sij |5 |0 |0 |-2
Kurdistan |Celticfury | █████ |Democracy |Industrious |16 |19 |4.05 |76.950 |20 |15.39 |81.893 |5 |-6 |96 |1 |Dinar |3 |0 |0 |0
Afghanistan |NedimNapoleon | █████ |Democracy |Agricultural |6 |13 |1.20 |15.600 |20 |3.12 |81.893 |7 |-2 |90 |261 |??? |1 |0 |0 |2
Renfair |Lighthearter | █████ |Democracy |Agricultural |16 |19.4 |2.76 |53.544 |30 |16.06 |80.528 |0 |-22 |74 |10 |Kink |4 |0 |1 |6
Setting Sun | Sonereal | █████ |Dictatorship |Commercial |5 |9.8 |3.02 |29.596 |40 |11.84 |77.798 |0 |-7 |82 |5 |CBD |1 |1 |0 |24
Jinrai |CivGeneral | █████ |Dictatorship |Militaristic |11 |8.5 |1.06 |9.010 |20 |1.80 |80.528 |12 |-25 |69 |4 |Yen |3 |1 |1 |4
Mumbambu |(hoplitejoe) | █████ |Dictatorship |Industrious |13 |16.5 |2.59 |42.735 |20 |8.55 |81.893 |0 |-20 |70 |27 |Child skull |3 |0 |1 |0
Hyderabad |Farsight | █████ |Dictatorship |Scientific |4 |5.4 |1.66 |8.964 |20 |1.79 |81.893 |0 |-6 |77 |129 |Rupee |3 |0 |0 |22
Egypt |Dem Taqat | █████ |Democracy |Industrious |27 |26.6 |2.80 |74.480 |16 |11.92 |81.893 |29 |-25 |97 |9 |Nilean |6 |1 |0 |-5
Republic of Plains |Radio Noer | █████ |Democracy |Industrious |11 |13 |3.60 |46.800 |20 |9.36 |80.528 |0 |-8 |81 |50 |Wheat Dol. |4 |0 |0 |-2
Reunited America |DroopyTofu | █████ |Democracy |Expansionist |12.5 |14.5 |2.94 |42.630 |20 |8.53 |80.528 |7 |-26 |70 |29 |RSD |4 |0 |0 |0
Crusader State |Tyo | █████ |Dictatorship |Industrious |24 |21 |4.02 |84.420 |25 |21.11 |81.893 |0 |-18 |84 |0 |??? |9 |0 |0 |13
Sarajevo |Robert Can't | █████ |Dictatorship |Agricultural |6 |11 |1.96 |21.560 |20 |4.31 |81.893 |0 |-6 |80 |193 |??? |3 |0 |0 |0
Abyssinia |Krzowwh | █████ |Dictatorship |Industrial |22 |21.9 |2.78 |60.882 |20 |12.18 |81.893 |0 |-16 |78 |0 |Werq |6 |0 |0 |0
England |SamSniped | █████ |Dictatorship |Agricultural |15 |25.6 |2.99 |76.544 |20 |15.31 |81.893 |0 |-20 |77 |1 |Pound |5 |0 |1 |0
Empire of Horn |Tambien | █████ |Dictatorship |Industrial |15 |14.5 |3.07 |44.515 |20 |8.90 |81.893 |0 |-6 |84 |0 |Horn |3 |0 |0 |0
Knights of Malta |(Double A) | █████ |Dictatorship |Scientific |7 |10.5 |3.29 |34.545 |20 |6.91 |81.893 |0 |-18 |70 |2 |Phallic Sym. |2 |0 |1 |0
Alaska |bestrfcplayer | █████ |Democracy |Agricultural |15 |36 |3.15 |113.400|20 |22.68 |80.528 |0 |-10 |93 |0 |USD |5 |0 |0 |-2
Norselands |Nukeknockout | █████ |Democracy |Expansionist |10 |13.6 |2.54 |34.544 |20 |6.91 |80.528 |29 |-14 |102 |153 |Mixed |2 |0 |1 |-1
Yamato |Jehoshua | █████ |Dictatorship |Militaristic |14 |15.5 |3.72 |57.660 |15 |8.65 |80.528 |0 |-24 |65 |-7 |Yen |5 |0 |1 |-5
Formatting Crew |NinjaCow64 | █████ |Dictatorship |Expansionist |14 |14.1 |1.29 |18.189 |20 |3.64 |79.163 |7 |-34 |55 |31 |ECD |5 |0 |2 |3
New Britain |filli_noctus | █████ |Democracy |Agricultural |12 |25.5 |1.90 |48.450 |20 |9.69 |79.163 |8 |-26 |70 |0 |Pound |6 |0 |1 |-2
Canary Atlantis |Optical | █████ |Democracy |Commercial |12 |16 |2.64 |42.240 |20 |8.45 |120.792|6 |-8 |127 |91 |Box o' Sand |2 |0 |0 |0
Ukraine |spaceman98 | █████ |Democracy |Agricultural |8 |13.8 |3.10 |42.780 |30 |12.83 |80.528 |0 |-12 |81 |0 |Hryvnia |2 |0 |0 |10
Macedonia |christos200 | █████ |Democracy |Agricultural |5 |5 |1.00 |5.00 |20 |1.00 |81.893 |0 |-2 |80 |100 |Mac. Ruble |1 |0 |0 |0


Country |Client Status |Colour |Government |Provinces |Population |Industry |GNI |Dom. Rev. |Currency |Land |Air |Sea
Nunavut |New England (P) | █████ |Democracy |9 |11.7 |3.38 |39.546 |11.86 |Seal pelt |3 |0 |0
Texas |ReUSA (P) | █████ |Dictatorship |9 |11.6 |2.97 |34.452 |10.34 |Oil |3 |1 |0
Venezuela |Norselands (P) | █████ |Dictatorship |9 |11.8 |2.60 |30.680 |9.20 |Oil |3 |0 |0
Peru |New Britain (P) | █████ |Dictatorship |10 |12.7 |3.58 |45.466 |13.64 |Llama |2 |1 |0
Argentina |Canaries (C) | █████ |Democracy |11 |13.4 |2.42 |32.428 |9.73 |Tourist trap |3 |0 |1
Denmark |Independent | █████ |Democracy |9 |12.4 |3.01 |37.324 |11.20 |Butter cookie |2 |0 |1
Baltic A. |Independent | █████ |Dictatorship |10 |13.5 |3.50 |47.250 |14.18 |LaaneLots |2 |0 |1
Aragon |Independent | █████ |Democracy |9 |11.7 |4.49 |52.533 |15.76 |Rojo's rant |2 |0 |0
Mali |Egypt (P) | █████ |Democracy |9 |12.6 |3.46 |43.596 |13.08 |Gold |3 |1 |0
Libya |Egypt (C) | █████ |Dictatorship |12 |14.7 |4.04 |59.388 |17.82 |Oil |3 |0 |0
Sudan |Egypt (C) | █████ |Dictatorship |9 |11.8 |2.64 |31.152 |9.35 |Kids' tears |3 |0 |0
Batonga |Norselands (P) | █████ |Dictatorship |10 |12.7 |3.65 |46.355 |13.91 |Diamond |3 |0 |0
Oman |Afghanistan (C) | █████ |Democracy |9 |12.4 |3.03 |37.572 |11.27 |Oil |2 |0 |1
Kazakhstan |Norselands (P) | █████ |Dictatorship |11 |13.9 |2.45 |34.055 |10.22 |Space rocket |2 |0 |0
Tibet |Independent | █████ |Democracy |9 |12.6 |2.47 |31.122 |9.34 |Karma |2 |1 |0
Mongolia |Ind. (Pro-Oro) | █████ |Democracy |9 |10.7 |2.43 |26.001 |7.80 |Steppe pony |3 |0 |0
Hokkaido |Jinrai (P) | █████ |Democracy |8 |11.5 |2.06 |23.690 |7.11 |Mint |2 |0 |1
Borneo |Norselands (P) | █████ |Dictatorship |8 |11.1 |2.77 |30.747 |9.22 |Palm oil |1 |0 |1
Pacific A. |Independent | █████ |Democracy |8 |11.4 |3.29 |37.506 |11.25 |Cruise ticket |2 |0 |1
New Zealand |Formatters (P) | █████ |Democracy |10 |13.4 |2.99 |40.066 |12.02 |ECD |2 |0 |1
Nicaragua |Ind. (Anti-SetSun) | █████ |Democracy |7 |9.8 |3.83 |37.534 |11.26 |Contra |2 |0 |1
Suriname |Independent | █████ |Democracy |7 |9.8 |4.85 |47.530 |14.26 |Bauxite |1 |0 |0
Slovakia |Independent | █████ |Dictatorship |9 |10.7 |2.83 |30.281 |9.08 |Czech |3 |0 |0
Kongo |Egypt (P) | █████ |Democracy |7 |9.7 |3.30 |32.010 |9.60 |Bribe |2 |0 |0
Madagascar |Independent | █████ |Democracy |7 |10.5 |4.04 |42.420 |12.73 |Redwood |1 |0 |1
Hainan |Independent | █████ |Dictatorship |8 |9.7 |3.11 |30.167 |9.05 |Vacation |3 |0 |0
Korea |Jinrai (P) | █████ |Democracy |7 |9.4 |2.84 |26.696 |8.01 |Gamer |2 |1 |0

Rebellions in progress

Rebels |Government |Colour |Provinces |Population |Industry |Land |Air |Sea
Jinrai |Democracy | █████ |3 |3.8 |0.39 |2 |0 |0
Hyderabad |Democracy | █████ |2 |4.6 |0.89 |3 |0 |0


E.V.I.L. |Ailedhoo
Brotherhood of the Pacific |Sonereal
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Coalition of Benevolent Autocrats
New Zealand

ReUSA & Plains
Allied O.Z. & ReUSA

Defensive pacts

British Pact
New Britain

Most Regal Alliance of Crowns
Horn Empire
Setting Sun

Luanda Pact
Socialist Africa

Union of South American States
New Britain
Argentina (pending)
Peru (pending)
Suriname (pending)

Mexico & USSR
Abyssinia & Socialist Africa
Jinrai & USSR
Jinrai & Formatters
Hyderabad & Orobouros
Setting Sun & Yamato
Canaries & Egypt
Alaska & USSR
Mongolia & Orobouros

Jinrai & Orobouros
Jinrai & Taipei
USSR & New Britain
Canaries & Malta
Canaries & Abyssinia
Canaries & Mumbambu
Canaries & Alaska
Canaries & Egypt

Non-aggression treaties

Alaska & Setting Sun
Abyssinia & USSR
Sarajevo & Setting Sun
USSR & Setting Sun
Brasil & New Britain

Sarajevo & Greece
Alaska & Yamato
Egypt & Greece
Egypt & Sarajevo
Egypt & Malta
Kurdistan & Crusaders
USSR & New Britain

Trade pacts

British Pact
New Britain

Most Regal Alliance of Crowns
Horn Empire
Setting Sun

Alaska & Setting Sun
Sarajevo & Greece
Brasil & New Britain
Renfair & Egypt
Jinrai & Formatters
Jinrai & Renfair

Sarajevo & Setting Sun
Renfair & USSR
USSR & New Britain


Setting Sun v. Formatters
Renfair v. Setting Sun
Korea v. USSR
Jinrai v. USSR
Hokkaido v. USSR
Formatters v. USSR
Plains v. USSR
Alaska v. USSR
Brasil v. USSR
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Taipei Legion​

Capital: Taipei (Northernmost Taiwanese Province)
Government: Dictatorship
Trait: Scientific
Leader: Grand Moff Xue Sheng-Li
Language: Imperial Basic de jure, Hokkien (Taiwanese) de facto
Social Policy: Libertarian
Fiscal Policy: Non-interventionist
Trade Policy: Free Trade
Monetary Policy: Monetarism
Currency: We still use the League Unity Mark
Foriegn Policy: Generally Determined on a Case-by-case basis.
Religion: Freedom of Religion
Spoiler History :
After the end of the 501st Civil War & the annexation of Alaska, things were looking up at last for the 501st Legion. The state was stable, the former Mexican rebels were being cured of the mass brainwashing caused by the Templars, and the reigning Grand Moff, Jiaan Terjerrod, had successfully trasitioned the state from a Military Dictatorship to a stable democracy modeled on that of the late Co-operative Federation of Xinjiang. It looked as though the 501st Legion was ready to stand pround as one of the world's finest defenders of Freedom & Democracy.

Unfortunately, it could not come to pass. For on April 19, 2187, the 501st Legion reestablished contact with the wider galaxy. The entire reason they had settled on Earth, their whole purpose on this planet, had at last been fulfilled. This event, however, rather than bringing the nation to new heights, brought it crashing down.

For over the course of their 37 year stop on this planet, many of the troopers & officers had come to see Earth as home. Their fathers & forefathers had spent decades drifting aimlessly through space, desperately searching for the refugees Palpatine had originally sent them to retrieve. Now that the men had found a safe planet, many had settled down & started families with the natives.

At the same time, however, many of the natives were eager to leave. Only a privledged few had ever been allowed to serve in the Air & Naval forces of the 501st Legion- and therefore, make orbit- but even they had never been outside the solar system before. A large population of the natives began petitioning the government to send them into space.

This conflict of interests, bewtween the troopers who wanted to stay on solid ground & the civilians who want to explore the galaxy & leave the corruption & backstabbing of Earth behind, tore the nation apart. Representatives debated for hours on what to do; should we leave, should we stay, should some leave & some stay, and if so, how to allocate the transport barges & Star Destroyers in such a way that got the people off in a timely fashion and didn't leave the homeland defenseless. Eventually a compromise was reached: 3/4 of the ships would take those who wished to leave off the planet, 1/4 would stay in low Earth orbit and bombard any nations who sought to take advantage of the 501st Legion's temporary vunerability. Unfortunately, the grave threat to the nation came not from without but from within, as after the ships departing Earth had passed Mars, Alaskan terrorists conducted a series of coordinated strikes designed to bring down the 501st's communcation arrays. Left unable to call the departing ships for help, the devious Alaskans detonated a suitcase nuke in Los Angeles. The 501st Legion, with half of her military out of range & out of touch, and so recently having suffered through a political crisis that nearly tore the country apart, collapsed. Alaskan nationists declared independence from the 501st while opportunistic raiders sapped the strength of the military; the nation could take no more, and after the seat of the provisional government, San Francisco, was sacked by a maurading party of Ojibwe invaders, the 501st Legion broke apart into a series of feuding city-states based in California, Mexico, & Polynesia.

But one area of the former 501st was blessedly free from this destruction; the 501st's chinese territories, based out of Taipei, remained a bastion of stability; after the sack of San Francisco, the highest ranking military officer in 501st Asia, General Xue Sheng-Li, declared himself the true Grand Moff and the Taipei Legion the true successor to the 501st.

tl;dr, 501st collapsed, Xue Sheng-Li siezes power. If it helps, my basic idea for this was that if the 501st Legion=Roman Empire, then the Taipei Legion=Byzantine Empire.

American Allied Occupation Zone of Germany

Spoiler :
General Eisenhower, 1st governor of the American Allied Occupation Zone of Germany, sat at his desk in Munich, going over evidence for the Nuremburg Trials. His inspection was interrupted when his aide, SGT. Morison opened the door and walked in.

Saluting the Governor, the Lt announced, “Generals Patton and MacArthur wish to speak to you.”

Eisenhower casually looked up from his evidence before responding, “Send them in I guess.”

The sergeant nodded and left to get the generals. As soon as the door closed, and Eisenhower went back to his evidence, he could hear an argument. After several seconds the door reopened, and Eisenhower could hear loud and clear what the argument was about.

“You!? You be in charge of the Nuremburg trials Patton? All you’ll do is wear at them for a couple of minutes, while I on the other hand will make sure to get what they deserve!”

“Oh shut the *beep* up MacArthur, you can’t even do it because you are only visiting here. Also, you should be back in the Pacific beating the *beep* out of some Japanese. But no, instead you want to shoot some Nazis, which even a private could do!”

MacArthur opened his mouth to yell, but was silenced when Eisenhower ordered, “Attention!”

Both generals fell silent, and slowly saluted the governor, who returned the salute.

“I would like to let you know neither of you are getting the job, you both are two violent. Is that all you came to me for?”

MacArthur muttered something and turned to leave, leaving Patton and Eisenhower alone.

Patton handed Eisenhower some papers and replied, “Troops reports and the like. Only requires your signature.”

Eisenhower glanced over the papers before signing each, and handing them back to Patton. Patton nodded and left, and Eisenhower returned to reviewing the evidence. Outside the office, Patton looked through the papers that Eisenhower signed. One read, The Order for the Execution of the Nazi PoWs.

Spoiler :
Patton walked into the courthouse where the trials were taking place. Guards lined up by the walls, watching the prisoners. The nazi prisoners sat in back row of chairs, and they glanced up at Patton. He casually walked up to some of the guards, showing them the paper, and motioning for them to follow him. Several of the judges got up, and once they saw he paper they sat back down, muttering. Patton approached the PoWs and said one word.


They had no choice but to follow Patton out of the courthouse, and down the streets of Nuremberg. They were deserted for the most part, as many families were rebuilding after this destructive war. Finally, they stopped in a seemingly random place off to the side of a small street, beside a tall building.

"Against the wall."

By now the nazis realized what was going to happen, and all but one accepted their fate. That one who didn't stood there in front of the guards and Patton, watched by the others.

Barely audible to Patton, he whispered "Hit....Hitler told me to use this if we fail. Hitler said we would win if it is used." His voice grew louder, and he started to smile. "It...it will make sure there is no inferior people in this world, because they will all die." He had a insane smile, and now he was practically shouting. He then grabbed a remote from his pocket.

"Say goodbye to your inferior world you American pigs! For when I press this button, you and everything will die!"

He pressed it.

And nothing happened.

He pressed again, and again, and again.


His face turning to sadness and despair, he said, "He...he lied to me?"

He took the remote and threw it onto the street, it smashing apart once it hit the ground. Then, a giant boom filled the air.

Patton looked around, just like everyone else. Two seconds later he shouted at the guards, "Fire!"

Government: Dictatorship (For now)
Currency: American Dollar
Leaders: Eisenhower, Patton, MacArthur
Trait: Militaristic
Language: English
Capital: Munich

Gorgeous Greece


more to follow
Spoiler :

Mexico, more to come, including probably a cropped map.

Socialist Republic of Mexico
The Enlightened Vigilante Infiltration League or the E.V.I.L

Organisation: international terror cell

Authority: Dictator style! There is a council but it is mainly for failures to be “retired.”

Leader: Herrick De Venn: descendent of several American railway tycoon CEOs. Now leader of a terror group.

Bond villain cat: Peril, a classic Bond villain Persian cat.

Right hand: Gregory Jans: a general with a lax attitude to war crimes.

Left hand: Elise Sutherland: a former spy for several now dead countries.

Spy Chief: Kwan Shi: skilled in the dark arts. Former library assistant.

Chief of Security: Megan Mortar: a sociopath determined to ensure all order is maintained.

Accountant: Thomas Howards: a banker wanted for stealing money from charities.

Chief of Propaganda: David Murdoch: think of him as the evil counterpart to IOT IX’s Victor Miles. Descended from a certain media empire family...

Head scientist: Doctor Anwer Ilic: wanted for making dirty bombs.

Diplomatic Face: Isaac Zupan: a former tour guild, now a diplomat for a terror group. How sweat!

General Security of Paperwork: Edgar Wilson: Stalinist that is plotting to take over the E.V.I.L.

Chief Janitor: John Smith. Scars come from cleaning all those traps, torture devices and punishments methods.

Political Ideology: Authoritarian.

Economic policy: E.V.I.L has some company fronts in order to help generate revenue. Ideological it does not care for the struggles against socialism and capitalism but rather the profit that could come from the conflict.

Religion: the Cult of the E.V.I.L’s cat.

Aim: to take over the world of course!

Realistic aim: to have gained significant influence over world governments.

History: founded in 2198, Herrick’s father Nicolas hoped to use the group as a means to make up for his selling of the family railway company. The group idea was a protest group against the former rival companies but when Herrick got in control after Nicolas’s “natural” passing, he decided to set it up as a terror group to fill out his vision for world control. After years he is ready to prepare the first part of a dark plan. Will someone stop this mad Bond villain before it is too late?
Reserve Russia.
Union of Socialist African Republics​

Government: Dictatorship
Currency: Ruble
Power: Agricultural
Capital: Luanda
Spoiler :

Might add more later.
I shall give this successor thread my blessing by being a signup! :p

Order of Orobouros

Government: Dictatorship

Currency: Mobium
Religion: Demonic
Economy: Energy resources, Manufacturing
Power: Scientific


Spoiler :
After Russia launched its nuclear weapons against Asia so as to destroy Mongolia, the generated EMP was so large it struck the border regions the creature known only as Iblis was currently residing in. Having been a victim of an EMP before, he knew exactly what would happen.

He rushed to the red emerald, but his split personality was taking over as he reached for it. Just before he could get so much as a dose, he was fully subsumed beneath the good personality, which decided to take the name "Orobouros." The creature was symbolic of cycles, and this was what he had always known: a constant cycle of good and evil, destruction and creation, reason and insanity. He was determined to break the cycle, but paid tribute to the past none the same.

He understood what he was, even if it had been ages since he had last seen the light of day. He knew that there was so much good to be done with the ancient gem's power, but at the same time, such great evil could come from it. More than once, he had attempted to use the powers of chaos for good, first to save the passengers of a train from death, and second to preserve his life so as to spare his friend Ebony horrible grief. In both cases, the power had tainted him and allowed his destructive, malicious side to take hold.

Third time being the charm, "Oro" immediately set about fashioning himself some means of tapping the energy. Still as Demon Overlord, he was content to use his dictatorship to achieve these ends, though the brutality of Iblis' reign evaporated almost overnight. Former demonic officials went to trial, human rights were translated into Demon rights, and so on.

After weeks of research(his status as a chaos-based being not only gave him knowledge, but a lack of need for sleep and much greater efficient use of his time), he finally crafted what he so desired, a pair of red and black gauntlets. Shaving his quills, donning more friendly eyes, and gaining matching boots, he sought to re-invent himself. Much like rubber to electricity, his gauntlets could touch and absorb energy without it corrupting him. He would be able to touch, study and access the powers of the red gem without giving in to its madness.

Being a charitable soul, knowing only peace, generosity and kindness(as he was made from these emotions), he naturally wanted to use the gem's power to not just prolong his life(he would fade away without a regular dose; he found a means of extracting only the positive energies within), but to enhance the living for all other living things. Under his stewardship, the Demon Realm's power grid was rebuilt and fueled by the clean, renewable, potent energy of the gem. He guarded it closely at all times, actually building his private quarters around the generator; he knew many others would kill to have such potency at their disposal.

With a long history of learning and science, and a thriving power generation sector, Oro's state was set to grow into great wealth and quality of living. He reformed the legal system to further this idea, breaking down the aristocracy Iblis had so graciously reinforced, and introducing more and more democracy at the local levels. He remained a nominal constitutional monarch, having the final say on practically every matter, but having regularly elected politicians advise him and pass policy, which he would rubber stamp.

The Order of Iblis, a tyrannical hellhole that made North Korea seem benign, had given way to the liberal, democratic Order of Oroborous.
Matriarchy of New England

New England is an Industrious Dictatorship

In brief:

Spoiler :
Capital City: Boston

Largest City: Boston

Official Languages: English

Ethnicities: Predominantly Yankee and Mid-Alantic Americans, with various different minorities due to America's past history of being an immigrant nation

Demonym: New English, Yankee (colloquial)

Government: Matriarchal Military Junta

Establishment: March 12, 2164 (As "The Women's Republic of New England)

August 31st 2219 (As "Matriarchy of New England")

Currency: Dollar

National Anthem: Our Revolution (Fictional, Battle Hymn of the Republic retolled with new lyrics)


Spoiler :
The Effects of the Great Powergame had weird effects on Northeastern America during the 2140s, to say the least. During these troubling times, all society in this broke down as a mysterious plague descended upon the nation. Dubbed the "X-Virus", it was not a deadly disease at all; there is no official documentation that it even claimed a life. Instead, what the X-Virus did was infect males, and attack their hormones. Eventually, they would turn into females, and become a carrier of the disease for a few months, before it died off in that body. Females could also carry it, but ultimately had no symptoms of having it.

The results were disastrous, and by three months around half of the male population had been turned female. In order to protect society and the future of the region, men were rounded up into secluded camps where it was thought they would be safe from the ravaging disease. This, coupled with a rough winter that year, helped kill off the X-Virus as there was few hosts to spread into. However, its legacy remains to this day, as women greatly outnumber men in New English society.

During the outbreak, women also had to take over all the jobs, even the ones traditionally held by men. This led to a sense of power and entitlement, as the women started viewing themselves superior to men. The disease, in their mind, was just showing that the heavens supported their gender. Once the camps were emptied in the 2150s, discrimination ran rampart. Males were barred from the national guards and police force, and were often forced out of other jobs. However, conflict would rise in 2163, where a constriversal bill in Massachusetts barring male suffrage was narrowly passed.

A legal battle between the states and the federal government ensued, and in the next year, the New English states outright seceded from the union for this reason. What resulted was to be known as the first "Women's Republic", a radical feminist state. The secession was not met with much action, as the union was dealing with many other regions leaving, some even closer to Washington.

What resulted from 2164 to 2219 was considered to be the golden age of New England, at least to the women. Males were slowly being turned into just breeding tools; the idea of owning property or having a job outside niche markets being a long dream away, let alone voting. However, to the women, it was a golden age of unprecedented freedom and economical growth. The standard of living was growing rapidly, and corruption seemed like it didn't even exist. However, on August 30th, a suitcase bomb went off in Worcester, at the time where the President of New Englend was visiting, along with key figures in the government. President Gerd, most of her cabinet, and many congresswomen were killed as the second largest city in New England went into burning flames.

The next day, General Mary Smith, backed by the New English Army, declared that she was taking over the nation and would avenge the disaster. Immediately, the incident was blamed on "reactionary menswine", and that she will bring order back. Another campaign of terror against males was instigated, with a national curfew of ten being set for them. Also, elections were slowly suspended, as a junta started to form in Boston. New England finds itself at a crossroad between becoming the next North Korea, or going back to its democratic roots. Meanwhile, the males of the nation still yearn for freedom.

System of Government:

Spoiler :
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The Republic of Brasil

Brasil is an Industrious Democracy.

In Brief:

Spoiler :
Capital City: Brasilia

Largest City: Brasilia

Official Language: Portugese

Government: Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic

Demonym: Brasilian

Currency: Brasilian Real

Religion: 73% Roman Catholicism; 15% Protestant 12% Other/None

National Anthem: Hino Nacional Brasileiro

Spoiler :
After the Trollocaust, the Brasilians focused their sole efforts on restoring Brasil to a place of power in the world. They are reminded daily though, that they must show everyone that Brasil is spelled with an "S", and not with a "Z!" This gives the people a great sense of national pride, and this works well for the Republic that was restored to the Brasilian people.

Spoiler Claims :
India is back. And this time, there is no Christos anywhere near to destroy it.
Reserving isreal-Palestine region.
The Republic of Greater Kurdistan

Democracy, Industrious

Capital Province: Mosul
Currency: The Kurdish dinar (ع.د)

In Brief:
Spoiler :
Capital City: Mosul
Largest City: Mosul
Language: Kurdish (official), Arabic (recognized)
Ethnicities: Kurdish, Turkish, Arabic, Persian
Demonym: Kurds
Government: A federal parliamentary republic.
Currency: The Kurdish dinar (ع.د)

Spoiler :
After the Great Powergame obliterated the nations of the world, the Kurdish people were quick to assert their national sovereignty. Free from foreign domination, the Republic of Greater Kurdistan began working to put the natural resources of the area (namely petroleum) to work. Soon, the republic became a major expoter of natural gas and petroleum. The profits from this were then used to fund other projects and industries, making Kurdistan even greater. Recently however, bands of Arab, Turkish, and Persian warlords have been launching attacks on Kurdish merchants, as well as certain outlying regions. The republic mut ask swiftly to counter this threat.

System of Government:
Spoiler :
The Republic of Greater Kurdistan is unitary parliamentary constitutional republic. The powers of the government are limited by the Kurdish Constitution, which includes the Kurdish Bill of Rights. This document protects several key rights of the Kurdish people, including the freedom of speech, assembly, religion, press, due process, ect…

The main legislative and executive branch is the National Assembly, a unicameral parliament which is responsible for passing laws, budgets, and declaring war, among other things. Members of the Assembly are chosen by general election. The multi-party system means that it is necessary for political parties to form coalitions to maintain power.

The Prime Minister is the head of government and the executive branch for the republic. He is elected by the National Assembly, and thus, is fully answerable to Parliament. The prime minister is also the head of the cabinet, which is responsible for running the nation.

The President is the head of state for the republic. A largely ceremonial role, the president is none the less an important member of the government. He is the nation’s representative both at home and abroad.

Political Coalitions and Parties:
Party for Justice and Prosperity: A center right political party. Socially conservative, supports a free market economy. Strong stance on industrial growth and law enforcement. In a ruling coalition with the National Centrist Party. Controls 38% of the National Assembly.

National Centrist Party: A centrist political party. Socially liberal, support a free market economy with a limited welfare state. Can be considered a proponent of liberal conservatism. Strong stance on human rights and free enterprise. In a ruling coalition with the Party for Justice and Peace. Controls 17% of the National Assembly.

National Party of Kurdistan: A far right political party. Socially conservative, staunchly nationalist, supportive of an aggressive foreign policy and an economic model similar to Reaganomics. Controls 6% of the National Assembly.

Republican People's Party: A center left political party. Socially liberal, a strong proponent of social democracy. Strong stance on social rights and public welfare. In an opposition coalition with the People's Democratic Party. Controls 25% of the National Assembly.

People Democratic Party: A socialist political party. Socially liberal, in favor of a command economy. Strong stance on public welfare and social equality. In an opposition coalition with the Republican People's party. Controls 10% of the National Assembly.

Independents: These are Assembly members who do not belong to any political party. Their ideologies can range all across the spectrum, though usually they fall into a hard to fill niche. Makes up 4% of the National Assembly.

...reserving Japan (Tokyo region)
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