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Discussion in 'Civ4 - Modpacks' started by Mumin, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. Mumin

    Mumin Warlord

    Nov 18, 2005
    Update: New version with ranged artillery.

    Mumin proudly presents:

    Muminmod v1.1 (my first attempt at a mod, by the way)

    which contains material from the following mods:

    Frontbrecher's Lost Units (some units)
    Frontbrecher's Lost Wonders (some wonders)
    Kael's Fall from Heaven (some button graphics)

    Thank you, guys! :)

    The mod contains quite a lot of changes, so check out the civilopedia and feel free to point out horribly
    unbalanced stuff that probably have been introduced.
    Outline of the important stuff:

    The most radical change is that there are NO wonder races anymore (I hate wonder races, and they don't
    make any sense to me anyway). Depending on what civ you chose you get to build a number of the wonders
    (no particular thought has been spent on which civ who gets which wonder). Building a wonder won't prevent
    anyone else from building the wonder. The wonder movies won't play in this mod. (Unfortunately for some,
    fortunately for others like me who can't enjoy the movies anyway due to horrible stuttering.) Wonders don't
    get obsolete.

    There are also some new buildings and wonders as well as changes to existing ones. Of note are some late
    game wonders that provide you with important resources:
    Power Transformer (Coal, simulates electric railroad)
    Biogas Plant (Oil)
    Material Designer (Aluminum)

    In order to make Archipelago maps more playable, Lighthouse and Harbour yield 1 extra hammer.

    All cities now begin with 2 hammers. Not just the ones founded on plain/hill (that must be a bug).

    Improvements may now again be built on Oasis.

    There are a number of changes to the improvements. E.g., mines do not produce any extra hammers from start.

    One new civic in each category and changes to the existing ones.

    A bunch of new units and changes to existing ones. Unit upgrades are cheaper. Siege have 75% withdrawal chance.

    Some new techs and changes to existing techs.

    The leader traits have been modified. There is currently a bug here: I have made Workers faster to build with
    Industrial and Settlers faster to build with Expansive. This only gives a bonus to hammers, not excess food.
    The problem is that the AI doesn't get it and thinks that food is just as valuable as hammers. :(

    To do:
    New skins for Heavy Horse Archer, Cuirassier and Keshik
    Civilopedia and strategy entries
    Civ3 style bombardment for artillery
    Other ideas?

    MuminMod v1.1 changes:

    New feature:
    Civ3 style bombardment implemented. (Code based on Kael's "Fall from Heaven" mod. Thanks Kael!)
    Rather than fighting themselves, siege units can now create a barrage if they have at least one move left
    and are on land. The barrage works like a non-interceptable aircraft which will remain for the turn only
    and may be used to bombard the enemy.

    Pros (in my opinion):
    Siege cannot kill units outright or capture cities.
    Siege won't get killed when bombarding.
    Feels much more like actual artillery.

    The AI won't use air units far away from cities. (Why??)
    The attack explosion often appears over another tile than the one attacked.
    Siege may fire and then move. (The AI will otherwise not be able to move its siege units at all.)
    Bombardment is now a two-step process, making it a little more awkward.

    New unit:
    Zeppelin from Frontbrecher's Lost Units v1.2

    Promotions have been rebalanced so that e.g. following one line no longer gives accelerating returns.

    +1 commerce for Watermill under Yeomanry civic.

    +1 commerce for farms with Refrigeration.

    Defence bonus for Bunker and Bomb Shelter reduced to 50%.

    Bonus to commmerce and production raised to 25% with Secularism civic.

    Library, University, Observatory and Laboratory raise city maintenance with 10% each.

    -25% production under Environmentalism civic.

    New skins for Horse Archer, Heavy Horse Archer and Cuirassier.

    Industrialism and Assembly Line names switched. (Doh!)

    New button for Pacifism.

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  2. stgelven

    stgelven Prince

    Apr 22, 2003
    pays de loire - france
  3. Nadin Bytefelt

    Nadin Bytefelt Chieftain

    May 11, 2005
    interesant Mod.a diferend mod. Thnks
  4. Mumin

    Mumin Warlord

    Nov 18, 2005
    Bump: New version.
  5. Nadin Bytefelt

    Nadin Bytefelt Chieftain

    May 11, 2005
    when i whan to buld Lancer, the game end.(down)

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