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Oct 1, 2001
North Crackalacken
Lets start by sayin alot of swedish music sucks, but there are a few really good ones, so to help me find these `guldkorn´, we should pool our vast knowledge here.......

Rasta Hunden is a good band, especially mina polare and jag spyr igen (and sluten psykiatrisk vård) Björn afzelius has one good song, Vem dödade Carlos, other than that, i dont know of much more good music, so what artists/songs do y´all like?
How about the Flower Kings, the Nomads, Yngwie Malmsteen.

The Nomads were a good rock 'n roll pogo band in the eighties that became to their own surprise quite popular in Holland.

Oh, and Europe but that was short-lived.

Is Sweden playing Mozarts requiem tonight?
sweden has a great music scene right now. the best in the world if you ask me.

håkan hellström
the hives
division of laura lee
bad cash quartet
the plan
bob hund
and a bunch of high quality metal bands

and of course broder daniel. have anyone heard their shoreline?
You have just noted a lot of band names that just as well could be my milk mans family!

Kidding... :lol:

I like "Kent" alot, except for their first album. Then we have "Cornelis Vreeswijk" as another favorite or mine. Im also rather fond of old punk like "Imperiet" and "Ebba Grön". But my absolute favorites are probably "Bob Hund". They are the best live band I have ever seen.

None of the above are very known abroad. It´s mostly the commersialised artists that gets the attention, atleast in my opinion.

And Beammeuppy, good suggestion, I´m of looking for my Mozart collection.
Originally posted by The Balrog
You have just noted a lot of band names that just as well could be my milk mans family!
i think you should have heard the hives at least.. they are number ten or something on the english album list.
Hey, wait a minute - I thought ABBA sung in English...

They are talking about Bands from Sweden, not bands singing in Swedish, right?

How about:

Both Swedish and English, but their best songs are in Swedish...

Weeping Willows
'Touch Me' and 'Falling' are two really great songs that I've been listening to lately

Bo Kaspers Orkester
They are kind of soft, but some songs are really good.

Charta 77
Lilla Björn och Lilla Tiger is very good!
Herrarna i Sandlådan is good too...

Well there are many great bands coming from Sweden, many of them singing in English...

Abba to mention a big one...

(Remember that Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears are produced by some swedish guys...)

EDIT: I just noticed the Thread Title: "Music in Swedish". Well just take away Weeping Willows from the list...
Charta77 are great.

But I belive that the song Grey Fox are refeering to are called "Herrarna i sandlådan" (The gentlemen in the sandbox) and not "Herrarna i Sandaler" (gentlemen in sandals) :lol:

There´s another good punk band called "Dia Psalma" that nobody mention. They are just as good as Charta77.

A Charta77 cd-cover:
Sorry about that mistake with the songtitle... I got it from my Mp3 version of the song... no å ä and ö...

Anyway, yea Dia Psalma is great too... but I can't remember any songtitles...
don´t forget dr kosmos:D
Speaking about punk, I think I have to add some:

Radioaktiva räkor
De lyckliga kompisarna
Dennis och de blå apelsinerna

Other good bands/artis not previously mentioned:

Big Fish
Hoola Bandola Band
Ulf Lundell


Edit: I forgot to mention Nationalteatern. Silly me.
Yeah, Asta Kask is a classic. :)
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