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Musket Infantry M-Unit.

Bjorn Bjornson

Nov 19, 2001

I made this M-Unit from the animation "Musket Infantry" created by Dark Sheer.

It contains attack, default, death, fortify, run, and victory animations, of a line of 4 musket soldiers. :cool:

Tested in-game, looks nice (better than I thought it would), although, if you are a nitpicker, I'll warn you now, that the death animation overlaps nearby tiles, and in most other animations, the two flanking soldiers are trodding the "border" of their tile in the isometric directions. ;)

Again, this unit was made by Dark Sheer, and I put the MF version together using Steph's spiffy SBB program (so props primarily to those guys). :goodjob:

Note, if you do find any problems that I did not catch, please post them here, and I will fix them up shortly! :)
I made a couple animated GIFs with the FLIC2GIF program, but there were much too big to post, I may get one up in a bit.

Anyway, here is the zip, its about 900kb:

And here is a single SS of the unit, sorry it's not in alpha palette:


  • musketinfantryattacka.gif
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This is intended to be a Multi-figure unit for the Imperial Age - late Middle and Early Industrial, basically.

Just unzip the file into a new folder called "Musket Infantry" in your civ3/Art/Units/ directory.

This is my first completed unit for Civ3, so again, please post any problems you may have while using this.
I'd really like to use this unit. I'm perplexed about the numbers.

What have you used? If you would be so kind as to perhaps send me (greenmtnsun@unityinchrist.net) a screen print of your CIV3Edit screen for this unit I would be TRHILLED!!!

Also, any small and large PCX's? Or Unit 32?

thanks a million!

I don't have any .pcx files, sorry.

As far as the numbers, well, that would be relative - you wouldn't want to see my civ3mod screen with this unit because I've heavily modified ALL units.

But anyway, I have this unit come in at metallurgy, and replaces all infantry formation units that come before (when I say formation units I mean MF units - these take 1 population point to build, have +2 HP and have higher stats then the singles units of the same time period) - and are replaced by "Rifle Muskets" (Rifleman MFunit).

As such I've made their power in between the early firearms (civ3 musketman) and between the civ3 Rifleman.

And, like said, I make it so it costs 1 population point, but that is because I keep single and multi-figure unit animations in my mod - MF units represent large military formations, so they require population to build, and resources, but are much more powerful then single units of their type - which do not require resources.
And thanks for the compliments Dark Sheer. Back in the early days of unit making I considered your units to be the highest quality.

So what you been working on lately? Can't have too many units you know!

If I ever get my Tribe and Settlers units done, I'm going to go back and redo this unit (since I'm much better at Steph's lil program now), make touch-ups, and stuff.

I mean it works good for me, but being my first project, I have that stupid feeling whenever I do any type of art, that maybe, just maybe, I can make it better. Why I usually never finish any artistic projects! :lol:
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