My civ 6 next (patch/update/dlc/expansion) wishlist:


Jun 9, 2019
1- Immigration Mechanic

It can start in the industrial era where population may immigrate from civs that you have cultural influence on to your civ when you have immigration policy in your government or open borders with the other civs.
You need to have surplus housing for immigrants and each immigrant grants +2 culture and -1 loyalty for a number of turns until they get completely assimilated into your own culture. Immigrants become citizens that can work tiles, so that you can grow your cities faster.
You can also relocate citizens within your empire from a big pop city to a small pop city, but they will take a number of turns to reach it and will need extra 1 amenity for a number of turns until they get accustomed to their new home.

2- States/Provinces

Also starts in the industrial era, you can turn your one central government civ into a federation by turning cities into states or provinces. You need at least 2 cities to become a state and each state provides more loyalty to counter the minus loyalty from immigrants.
Each city in a province works its own tiles. Your capital can be turned into a state all by itself without other cities.
And you may never lose your main capital due to loyalty.
States are not puppets you still have full control over their production and citizen management.
Governors will provide 50% of their bonuses to the other cities in a province.
You have to assign a capital to each of your provinces, so if you lose loyalty in a capital city of a province, the entire state will flip and turn into a free state/province.
If a state/province flips due to loyalty they remain in a free state form for a number of turns until they get independence and become a full civ led by the ai of your respective civ maintaining all the unique features that your civ has.

3- Civilizations Names

There is a civ 5 mod where it names your civ by what kind of policies and ideology you have, I would like to have a similar feature in civ 6 where your nations name changes based on what type of civ you play, government, religion, whether you have conquered cities and if you have provinces or not.
You can also name your civ manually.

4- More Units and Resource Management

a. More units like long swordsman, great war infantry, paratroopers, etc.
Also have units require more than 1 resource like knights should require both horses and iron.

b. When you progress through the eras and you don’t need certain resources anymore make them yield something like horses can yield culture or tourism (imagine racing) and iron can provide extra production towards buildings or units.

5- More Diplomacy Options

I would like to have more in-depth interactions with other civs leaders more than just trading goods, maybe add research agreements or foreign investments where you trade for production, maybe even settling border tensions where you can trade land tiles if adjacent to your borders (like when you forward settle the ai because of a resource that you need and you can sell them a few less important tiles so they won’t hate you more), or even bigger member alliances like Nato or the European Union once you reach a higher level alliance of a specific type with other civs that are friendly towards each other and can form your own economic or militaristic bloc.
Besides why can’t I have more than one economic or other alliances at a time, I find myself with everything but one thing in the late game and it would help me a lot if I had multiple economic or scientific alliances at the same time.

6- More Civs/City States

Self-explanatory, I almost always only play giant earth tsl map and Africa and Asia are way less populated than other places like Europe.
Being able to play vs 60 civs, now that’s the dream.

7- Civilization Builder

Basically you can make and customize your own civ.
Many times I was looking through steam workshop and the nation that I want to play as hasn’t been modded yet.
I don’t know how to mod so this may be an excellent addition to the game where you can make your own nation from abilities and units to designing your logo whether in game or importing from Photoshop or whatever. You would have a certain amount of points to spend on unique things so that your civ will not be too op for multiplayer.
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