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My Civ-specific problems

Swein Forkbeard

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Jan 13, 2007
Hello, Sir!
Arabia: Why is Saladin the Arab leader?! He fought the Fatimid Caliphate as well the Crusaders, and the Fatimids were also Arabs. Their leader should be Abu Bakr, the only leader of a united Arab nation.

Aztec: They should have Montezuma I as their leader. The current leader is Montezuma II.

Babylon: Nebuchadrezzar II should be their leader. Garden should be aqueduct replacement.

Byzantium: The Hippodrome should be a Colosseum replacement.

Celtia: I was hoping for a new Celtic leader BtS, but I hoping it would Brian Boru, Robert Bruce, Alexander III, or Lywellyn the Great, not BOUDICA!

China: This civ, in my point of view, is the civ in most need of another leader. Both Mao and Shi Huangdi were cruel and arrogant despots who absolutely hated technology, but then wasn't ahead of Europe in technology for most of history? T'ai Tsung (or any other T'ang leader) would be much better. Mao should definetely be removed; most Americans would hate any notion of him. The only reason I'm okay with Qin Shi Huangdi is because "China" is named after him.

Egypt: Why did Ramses II make it instead of Thutmose III? Thutmose III was like Egypt's greatest warrior-pharoah, whereas Ramses II led a bunch of failed military campaigns.

More to come...
Arabia: Saladin was in fact a Kurd rather than an Arab, making him a terrible choice for Arab leader.

Aztecs: They do, don't they?

Babylon: Why? Don't know much about either to be honest, but why not Hammurabi?

Byzantium: Yes. And the Odeon should replace the Theatre, seeing as it IS a theatre. We've had all these before.

Celtia: Boudicca is a better choice than any of the others you suggested. The "Celts" as they are in the game no more represent the modern Celtic nations than the Romans represent the Italians, or the Egyptians represent modern Egypt. Besides, if you're going to knock a Celtic leader, knock Brennus for god's sake! At least Boudicca is relatively interesting and a rare opportunity for a female leader.

China: I'd rather have seen Spain/Japan get second leaders myself. I don't really think Americans have much of a problem with Mao being in the game though; certainly not more than they do with Stalin. And lots of leaders are nasty.
id say Hammurabi over Nebuchadnezzar II because Hammurabi was part of the original Babylonian empire while Nebuchadnezzar just took over the Assyrians who were in control of Babylon at that time

Byzantine. Yes it should

China. Defiantly
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