My DVD drive has died...can you help?


I was kittenOFchaos
Jan 6, 2001
Brighouse, England
One day I had a DVD gave loyal service for all of 5 it is dead.

It worked on day...the next day when I got out of bed (around 4 pm as I am a hardworking student) it was dead.

1. I can open and shut it which is cool
2. No CDs, or DVDs are recognised as present in the when I try to play anything it won't and if I try to search the drive via "My Computer" etc it tells me to insert a disk into the drive.

WHAT SHOULD I the moment I am using my cd-writer drive to play music cds and those games I haven't bothered to get the cd hack 4.

First of all, check and see whether your laser heads are not covered with dust. That happens often. So you can try to use a cleaning CD. YOu can find that in any superstore, for $15 approximately. It's a blank cd with some cleaning liquid. Just insert it in the drive, let it run, and then see if the situation improved. Otherwise since it's only 5 months old I think the guarantee should still work, so you can bring it back to the manufacturer...
Make sure all the cables are plugged in securely...if the power cable is connected and not the data cable(whichever variety you use) then you can open and close the drive but it can't be read. probably is dust as it is on virtually 24/7!
It is working again...mysteriously!

I opened her up...cleared the dust change.

Checked the cables re-inserted change.

Put BIOS to fail-safes and then back to optimised and HEY BINGO we are back in business and can NOW run the DVD cleaner CD...ROFL!
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