My First Civilopedia Icons Pack


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Nov 5, 2004
Virginia, USA
Here's my first civilopedia Icons pack. They include both Large and Small. Please let me know about any pallete problems..I suspect there might be some on 2 of them. If there are, can somebody fix them for me? THanks in advance for downloading this.

They are: Hover Technology, Mounted Archery, Mythology, Nazism.

Please download in reply number 2. Props to Tjedge1 for fixing it and also for Bjornlo who first told me about the problem. You two rock.


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I like a couple of these. Maybe I can use them for the FE II mod.
Yup, you had at least one in the wrong format, and I think most were not in the right number of colors. I reformatted and set the colors to 254 in GIMP. That removes any magenta spots that might otherwise appear in the game.


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Thank you Tjedge1. I'll give you credit in the first post.
yea. It's the shrek book. I was wondering if anyone would notice it...
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