My first Diety Cutural victory


Oct 26, 2001
Guys - wanted to let you know that I managed to get a single city to 20k cuture by 1866. I have been reading the forums and stragizing on how to do this all week at work. I thought it was impossible, but I did it after work last night. I think my brain is acctually swollen. Here is my strategy and story.

I chose the Egyptians. I believe they are a better choice for a single city cutural victory than the Babys/japenese/aztecs for diety level. Here is why - your main chalange is keeping up in the acient age WITHOUT having to kill everyone. I say without, due to a personal challange. The AI is too easy to beat militarily so I resolved to only have one 'enemy' during this culture game. If I didn't make that resolve I knew that my cutural victory would just turn into a domination. Anyway, the main challenge is keeping up in the ancient age with wonders and attacking that first enemy. The war chariots rule if you need to take out someone very early and the industrious bonus helps you trade as soon as possible since you can build roads fast. The cheap libraries and university that the babs get don't come into play until about 1000bc and by that time you should be able to rush them no matter how much they cost. The aztecs and the japanese would be great if it were not for my no military resolution. Anyway, one with the story and a picture of my ohh so crappy start.

Opps, here is the pic. Next message will be a story.


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Small world, 80% water, 5 civs, normal temp and age.
(random civs ended up babs, USA, french, indians and persians).

I started on this little Penesula and I moved south one square and began my first city. Pumped out the usual warriors and started exploring. I was looking for a place to found my second city that would generate tons of resources and allow me to build the great library at 6 culture per turn. Found a babylon city about 8 squares from my capitol and I knew I had to take it out with the little warriors. I traded tech and all that then I declared war and razed the city. I walked south and found their capitol. They already had spearman, so I had no hope of talking it over. I did notice that the area just above the bab city had 5 game in forests squares and had access to fresh water! Three of these were encompass by the bab capital and they were a little too far away from my capitol - meaning I would lose ~20% resources to corruption. Ohh well, I set up camp (Mephis) just above that bab city and used a captured bab worker to rush a temple. That stole 2 of the game squares from the babs so that I had a total of 4. I used my starting working and another bab worker to give the city a head start and I began consructing pyramids which I planned on changing to the great library. I made peace with the babs and took their tech. Meanwile, back at the capitol I had built another setteler to start city number 3. I switched to a barracks so that I could start pumping out vertern war chariots and finish the babs while trying to get a GL. I connected a horse to my road network and began sending war charriots to mephis, righ next to the bab capitol. I met the americans and the french and Joan gave me a pretty good deal on Literacy. I immediatly changed my pyramid in Mephis to a library, built it with a small loss of resources, then switched to the great libary next turn. Kept at the libary and kept adding workers from city number 3 to Mephis to make it bigger and bigger. I got it to twelve real quickly but I was way behind in Tech since I had about a 100% lux rate. At this point I had about 8 vertern war chariots in mephis and I kept telling the babs to leave my land. Finnally they declared war on me and my war chariots poured out and flattened their capitol. Finished off the rest of em a few turns latter - the americans took their southern cities. Didn't get a great leader but I tried as hard as I could! Anyway, I finnaly buitl the great library around 800-900BC and I got about 15 free tech in a row! Met the persians and the indians too. Just five of us now. Switched mephis from great libary to colesium and rushed it. Added mroe bab slaves to make up for the pop loss. Next I built a cathedral as my great libaby got monotheism for me. All by about 400 BC if I remember right? Started building hanging gardens in Mephis Here is where I screwed up, but I didn't reload.
The indians built the gardens and I was about 1/3 to half done. My stupid advisor changed the progess to a fricking marketplace instead of letting me switch to a palace and start saving up for the sistine chapel. This forced me to start my progess over and miss the chapel by about 2 turns! Stupid advisor! Anyway, after I missed the chappel, I believe I built the forbidden palace... story continues on next thread.
Okay fastforward ahead a bit. The stupid Persians kept declaring war on me and the French and indians were gracious. I fended off the persians without attacking back everytime.:love:

Well for a long time I just kept building crap and staying out of wars. The americans got wiped out and it was just french, idian and persians. They were all gracious, then suddenly the persians sneak attacked me again. I got joan and gandi on an alliance with me and let them do the dirty work. They took out the stupid persians but I was getting worried how much land the french were getting. I was pleased to see france and india constantly sqabling and I would give whoever was losing more aid (tech, resouces, luxuries to keep them even-stephen! I was playing the puppetmaster here, they both loved me. The war went on and india was communistice and lossing a lot of pop and cities due to rushing and losing units. I started subverting all of the small indiaan and french cities with my large cash reserve. Rushed temples and cathedrals in those 10-15 cities I boutht, they were both still gracious!!! Ohh, I built UN and I could have been voted in, but I was hanging in there for my first cuture victory.

Finnally they made peace and started trading again so that they would have all of the parts for the spaceship. Well, it was getting close to my 20k cuture and india was building their space ship. I stopped giving away tech to slow them down, and I sabatogged productions once or twice. They even caught me and they were still polite. I had a ton of tanks waiting to take them out if there spaceship was about to launch. I checked the manual and found out that they needed a party lounge and the laser tech to launch. Since they were 3-4 techs away, I realized I didn't need to worry and I slide into home plate. Hit the space bar about thirty times and saved my game just before I got 20k. I had to cut up the screen shot because my hotmail account only allows 1MEG file limit.
Ohh yea, and my final score was about 3600 and the year was 1866.

Has anyone else beat Diety with a single city culture victory? I thought it was impossible after playing with the babs so many times, the egypt industrious really helped. I bet aztecs or japanese with constant wars and many great leaders would also make this victory attainable.

Let me know guys, interested in hearing your strategies and stories!
one quick question, is it being at war wich halves your culture per turn? or is it being mobolized for war? Or does it matter who declares war on you?

I accidently won with a cultural victory one time. I was well on my way for domination but i had a few too many cities and well i got a cultural victory, kinda surprized me i won in the middle of a war but i'll take em as i get em. Now i'm playing only with space ship and conquest. I dont want to win a "cheasy" way, well ways i haven't won yet.

Oh yea, my cultural victories have only been the 100,000 culture points so far, its not that hard to get that i have to say, i won in 1879 or so in the accidental one and 1700 or so with the babs when i tried for it, not as much war in that game thats why it was so slow.

oh yea i meant not as much war meaning i didn't have as many cities or land.

I did not lost half of my culture production while I was in war. This may happen if you change you economy to mobilized for war, not sure, but it definitly does not happen during a standard war as a democracy/republic/monarchy/despotism.
ok thanks. I got scared when i tried to wage war while trying to win culturaly, So its all good. Im a cultural powerhouse and i'll wipe you off of the face of the earth, watch out:)
nice going zombie

I was wondering when and what you did about your government types. You seem to have rushed a lot so I guess you sticked with despotism for a long time, altho that would slow down your production wouldnt it?

And your cultural ever spent time building settlers/workers or even military units on this city, or you supported it from workers coming from your other cities to rush buildings really fast?
I will remember some of your suggestions for my next try at this-- on a lower level of course.

My only (100,000) cultural victory was as the iroquois - this bab thing just doesn't seem to work hmmm.
Correct, I never built a military unit, worker, or settler in Mephis. I build only items that produced culture. Also, if I would choose whichever government would help me rush build that building. ie, if my treasury was empty I would have a revolution and go to despotism and whip everyone, then I would immediatly add workers to get the pop back up. Ideally, I would have enough cash to just buy the building during a republic and avoid the revolution.
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