My First Emporer Game


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May 22, 2005
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After Beating Monarch on a couple victories (domi, SS, UN and 100K), i decided it might be time for me to go to Emporer...

It will be the Ottomans (Scientific, Industrious). The UU will be good when in the MAs. I'll beeline for Miltary Tadition and get some salt and horses and try to whip everyone. :D

My (quite frankly) Good start:


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In 4000 BC Osman was elected leader of a group of local tribes to make the new city: Istanbul.Some of the workers went out to make some roads on a domesticated animal: cows. This will bring some wealth back to Istanbul.

After a couple years the road was finished. The workers dicided to farm the area to make Istanbul grow faster.

The first regiment of warrior were finished. They were assigned to protect the city in case of attack.

A LONG time later, warrior discovered elephants north of a large marsh.

Ottoman Empire circa 1950 BC:

PS- I've meet Romans and Incans...


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The monarch to Emperor jump took me more than 6 months. You seem to have the hang of it, nice job building the workers and only warriors for military. Try to build Statue of Zeus if possible, but don't overlook expansion,it is relatively cheap and it will pay for itself. ACs are effective until the advent of cavalry, of sipaligh.
You've met a lot of civs,so why building the Great Library?
Why waste 400 shields if you can trade for techs?
The SoZ could be an option,it's only 200 shields.
Also,looking at the terrain,you have a lot of work to do
with all that jungle and marsh.
The AIs research much faster at Emperor,don't fall behind.
Good luck.
Good luck Madviking! My first (And only) Emperor victory was as the Ottomans. You'll be really happy when you get the Sipahis.
Sounds cool. I'm planning to take a shot at emporor soon too, cuz I just won my first Monarch game about, lets see, 30 minutes ago. :D
Check your auto-saves... it might still be there. It's worth the time to beat your first next higher level game. :)
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