My first impression of Civ6

Oct 7, 2022
I used to be a huge fan of civ long ago (civ3 and civ4 was my time) before I switched to another grand strategy games, but now I wanted to come back and try civ6 as I understand that it has reached the end of its product cycle and is now polished and stuffed with content. And this is what I think and feel so far:

That’s obviously a big minus. I’m used to have some bugs now and then as more content and more complexity often means more of those nasty glitches, but having to figure out what game modes to disable or other game settings to adjust before starting a game is even for me a bit too much to handle. ==> big —

2. Especially the content targeting natural disasters and climate change is lovely. I absolutely love how the devs managed to give me a feeling of being part of something bigger even long before I start building power plants. ==> big +

3. The world congress is a nice tool to exert soft power over rivals. It would be nice having a more influential supranatIonal organisation though. Maybe even some sort of federation or otherwise decentralised polity with the vassalised city-states.

4. Worker actions are repetitive and dull, and thus should be priority for automation. ==> -

5. The meme-y content is immersion breaking. And by this I not only mean vampires or zombies, but also the gimmickish comments on the loading screen or the cartoonish looking avatars. I know that I’m playing a game and not actually leading a human tribe through the ages, but imagination is a core ability of the human mind, one that even enables the development and consumption of products as this computer game. Breaking that immersion for your customers seems pretty unwise, even vile. ==> big —

6. The religious system is not relevant enough. Which is actually weird because it’s huge, even with its own combat system. But in the end it doesn’t seem to matter at all and you can literally play a successful game without even choosing a pantheon. ==> -

7. The world view graphics are absolutely stunning! Especially how the city outlay adapts to the waters around it and the things you can do with canals are very beautiful. ==> big +

8. I love the city tile planning. It‘s a great way of countering the random map generation, enabling a strategic depth to the economic aspects of the game. ==> big +

9. I also love the governor system, especially the limited number of governors. It allows a specialised gameplay. I even would add more promotion levels to them so that playing with very little cities becomes even more viable and fun. ==> big +

10. I miss the niche content that made Civ: Call to Power so engaging and fun. Especially the futuristic stuff and the ecological extremism would make great content for expanding the game. ==> -

11. The diplo AI needs more I. It’s being too eager in making friendships with the player to its own longterm demise. Neighbours are seldom friends. ==> -

12. There’s so many world wonders and rulers that I’ve actually learned quite a few new things about humanity. ==>+

13. I miss a difficulty rating for all the achievements. I personally use them as a “soft railroading” in an otherwise open sandbox game, so I like to have an overview of them in order to get a general goal for the run to aim for. ==> -

All in all it seems to be a good game, and I’m looking forward to civ7. I probably won’t get it right from the beginning as I don’t like playing a plane base game, but will definitely give it a try after the first major DLCs are out.
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