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My First Playthrough as Germany

Discussion in 'R.E.D. World War II Edition' started by sonihi, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. sonihi

    sonihi Chieftain

    Aug 24, 2013
    This time I played through the whole game as Germany. It started out a little difficult after charging warsaw and taking poland I had to focus everything on fighter production because RAF stronk. While holding the line and waiting for may,1940 to invade the benelux countries france got open borders in the south with Italy and ended up hitting my flank till I myself got open borders with Italy and invaded southern france.
    When I finally invaded france from the north it took me 2-3 months to arrive in paris. Then I prepared for a strike against yugoslavia, they fell pretty quickly. But my advance in the balkans was halted for some time and on june 22nd I launched operation halfbacked barbarossa. It was intially a complete failure till I got rid of the soviets attacking my vital oil fields in romania and Bulgaria. Meanwhile the battle of greece was still going on. It took till the mid of 1942 till mainland greece fell. Anyway after defeating the soviets in romania and bulgaria I advanced deep into soviet territory capture the cacasus oilfield which solved my oil problem and then went on to capture all of the soviet union. The attack was only succesful because for some reason the soviets focus everything on finnland to early. Anyway after the fall of the soviet union I landed in great britian and captured London and won. By that time it was march 1943

    Now here is my conclusion of this playthrough: 1st Playing as Germany even on diety is too easy. 2nd Make the AI should focus more on Major than minor civs. 3rd Oil is a nice factor that changed whole experience. 4th I think you should add more defensive lines like the ones the soviets (Stalin line, Molotov Line) built or fortresses like Eben-Emael

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