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[MOD] My first real mod! Industrial Combat Overhaul--yes, I'm making an overhaul

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Creation & Customization' started by AzraelZephyrian, Apr 16, 2019.


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  6. More fortifications with better textures!

  7. New techs!

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  9. Extension to modern eras!

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  11. More planes!

  12. Airships!

  13. Great walls (for any city, not a wonder) that don't obsolete and have defensive bonuses!

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  1. AzraelZephyrian

    AzraelZephyrian Chieftain

    Apr 11, 2019
    Here it is!

    Adds some new units, new fortifications--foxholes and foxhole outposts (which can be used to claim land with your millitary units), extends range of several gunpowder units, makes stock gunpowder units ranged, and generally overhauls the entire combat system post-crossbow, with useful upgrade paths.

    Most of the civ-unique siege weapons and gunpowder units are also available to any player.

    Also adds volley-type units--e.g. volley guns, and "mobile forts" (early tanks)--that can lay down up to 2-4 ranged attacks.

    Incudes A variety of different types of artillery/field guns with different strengths and weaknesses--no more of the drab "cannons that are only good for seiges and cover fire" business. E.G. the Culverin and Bombard, reinassance-era siege-specific and anti-personell-specific artillery respectively. Or the antimateriel gun, which has a range of 7 and is designed to take out early tanks.

    I added somehwat pricey "sharpshooters", with large view ranges and an attack range of 5 to counter the antimatieriel gun.

    You now can to place citadel-like (without culture bombing) improvements pretty much anywhere, even outside your borders--although they will damage *you* if you place them in enemy territory, so it's better to lay down suppressive fire while you build a foxhole outpost to claim a toehold in enemy territory. All fortifications are removable and pillagable.

    Certain armored and siege units are able to "route to" with road and railroad, for siege and invasion purposes. It's a bit buggy in terms of animations (e.g. the Bombar will play the "running" animation for every turn it is building--so turn your sound down if you want to use it). I'm planning to see if I can modify the triggers files a bit to circumvent this dillema.

    Still a work in progress--I will do more diverse icon art and text soon. I'll also add a component that enables the great wall (plus some castle-like properties) in any city, to make city-seiges a bit less of a rout.

    COMPATIBILITY: Pretty much everything. I think I have 200 mods running most of the time, so it's pretty friendly to other mods. Doesn't touch the DLL at all.


    + Industrial era mod. This was designed and balanced to work with that mod in particular; it allows you to get the whole endgame experience in the victorian era. IMPORTANT: I will write a small addon mod allowing for scientific victory in the industrial era--and possibly cultural as well. I'm thinking you build a H.G.-Wellsian time machine instead of a spaceship.
    + 3 Units per tile
    + Fortress borders
    + One of the mods that allows for wider cities. So you have more space to shoot things in.
    + Airship mod--scouting is very important with the new long-ranged units.
    + Whoward's railroad artillery mod. I'll be adding a similar unit soon. I'm planning to retexture the stock one to look cool and steampunk. I'm also setting its range to 12, so it's useful in sieges, and as OP as the real thing--though you will only be able to make one of them.
    + Ultimate Eras. Who doesn't like building an industrial empire in 500 AD?
    + A lot more. I'm planning to make a modpack of my go-to mods soon.

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