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My First Regent Game!!! Norseman

Dec 8, 2004
Iowa, USA
Since this my first Regent game, I will need help to complete it.
I'm playing as the Vikings, because I can use explorers to pop goody huts, and create war.
I'm on a Huge map, with Barbs at Restless. Everything else is Random.
Here is my starting point:
Not exactly a great start. First, I have my Scout go N a couple tiles. I'm at a narrow part between 2 oceans, so if I settle where I'm at, no other civ will be able to cross without paying a price.
At Trondheim, I build Scout, Scout, Barracks, Archer. I send all 3 Scouts to explore, and we get Ceremonial Burial, 25 gold, and the city of Bergen from the Barbs. My worker builds a road on the game, then starts a road from Trondheim to Bergen.
After 500 years, I have 2 cities, 3 scouts, 1 worker, 1 archer, and 48 gold.
for a good settler factory chop the game forest and irrigate then work that and the forests. pump the settlers with the ocasionall warrior inbetween.
Own & Coolio: Thank for the advice. I'll really need it later in the game!
Here is a shot of core in 2950BC.
My Scouts discover the Celts, the Spanish, the Russians and I get Masonry from a goody hut. Trondheim has Settler & Granary, and Copenhagen was founded. I traded Bronze Working from the Russians for 50 gold & 1gpt, Pottery to Celts for 10 gold, & Masonry and Warrior Code to Spain for Alphabet & 35 gold. I think I'm doing pretty good so far. Now, I'm not sure if I should build a couple stacks of 5 archers & defeat the Celts, or should I settle cities up to the Celts to eventually defeat them, or should I expand south?
It's now 2270BC, and I'm trying to find an iron resource so I can fight with Celts. The Celts have 4 towns to them, but haven't hooked up with the iron right next to them. I've decided to keep expanding north & south until I have to fight the Celts. They will probably have Celtic Swordsmen by that time, and I'll have archers, horseman, & swordsmen against them.
I've founded Reykjavik to the west of my capital, but still no iron. I've gotten The Wheel & Mysticism from goody huts, and traded Alphabet & Masonry for Iron Working and some gold. I've discovered the French, and I've seen an English scout checking out my land. I've turned my capital into a settler factory, but I think I could clear out some more forest. What do you think I should do next?
It looks like you need to mine those hills around Bergen and use the town for military production. Copenhagen will grow fast when you irrigate. Use workers to get your cities running efficiently and allowing you to focus on expansion. The easiest government to get is monarchy where your worker rates double and you can hurry production with gold. Then research construction so you can get your population up which increases production. Looking forward to updates. :)
More workers, more settlers! Get some irrigation up to Copenhagen and Bergen. Great job so far! :goodjob:
Thanks for all of your advice. I'm trying to build as many workers & settlers as I can. I've found the iron source that I need to build swordsmen. And I've added 3 new cities to the mix. I've traded for Horseback Riding, but haven't put a road to horses yet. I've been trying to chop down the forest around my capital, and provide roads to my new towns. The Celts have built more towns closer to me, but a war could be a few turns away. I've lost all 3 of my Scouts to Barbs, but I'll continue to explore this huge continent.
What do you think I should do to prepare for the upcoming war with the Celts?
Since no one has posted since my last entry, I went ahead to 1000 BC. I've expanded as far as I can go to the North, and will have to either fight the Celts, or take over them culturally. To the South, the Russians have declared war on me for no reason, but they've only sent 2 Spearman to attack. I've got all of my swordsmen stationed in Hareid, and will build more as time goes on. I've traded with Germany, England, Spain, and France, and gotten my way up to Monarchy. For some reason, and this happens to me every game about this time, I start to lose money. I have to keep lowering my science bar so I don't lose everything. How can I build up my economy, and still keep building military units to fight?
Have you got enough roads? From the picture in the previous post it didn't look like it. You should road every square that is being worked. Also are you over the unit support limit? Building more cities will help you with that.

Good luck!
Build more workers to improve tiles.
Another 500 years, and I've continue fighting with Russia. I've built up a stack of 10 swordsmen, and destroyed a couple Russian cities. I've expanded as far North as I can get, as you can see by the JPEG. So far, the Celts have crossed into my territory, but retreated once I asked them to. Now, I have a wall of defenders, and I am gathering a force of swordsmen to take them out. But, I want to concentrate on taking out Russia first. I captured Krasnoyarsk from them, and I want build or capture another city between my territory and that city so the Germans can stop going over there and taking my future land.
Right now, I'm still in the Ancient Ages because I've run out of money, and I can't expand fast enough. Every turn, I lose a worker unit because I don't have any money, and I'm running a deficit. I've turned the Science bar to 0% because I'm losing so much money. What do you think I can do to get back to positive money, and turn up my Science bar? I also want to continue fighting against Russia. Should I go for Monarchy or The Republic?
looked at your game save and some things you could do-

1) gather your army together and send them into battle, you have a large gold upkeep right there.

2)sell off some of your improvements-alot of your cities have granaries that don't require one. build granaries in cities that have a surplus of 4-5 food.
courthouse aren't usually needed until your cities grow fairly large and your capital never requires a courthouse-there is no waste there. several cities have harbors and the citizens are working the ground and not the water.

3)pull the irrigation around your capital north to all the plains around your northern cities. Aarhus is building a settler, is size 2 and is not growing.

4)make sure your workers build roads on all squares that citizens are working on.

main thing is sell off some of the unneeded improvements to improve the deficit. that should get you started.
Own said:
THose are the cities that need it the least. Unless the city is at size 12, keep them.

i would agree for the most part, but there is zero gold in the bank and -20 gold per turn. i would sell a granary in a size 2 town with no positive food before i would disband military. help is needed in some way or all the workers will be disbanded and then later on improvements would be sold off anyway.
has over 60 military units
0 gold to sci, 0 gold to lux, 0 gold in bank and -22 gold a turn

didn't mean to imply that my above suggestions were for any game played, just for his 'immediate' need :)
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