(My first SG)For newbies


May 20, 2006
Madrid, GMT + 1
Well as the title says this is my first SG (also my first post:D ), so i guess it would be a bit slow paced and akward for vet players(Considering that the difficulty level is Warlord......which is probably just a joke to all of you, but i have a hard time beating this level:blush: ), thats why im only accepting newbies (like myself:D ), although advice from expert players is greatly appreciated:) .

So lets start with the basics: How about this?

60 percent land coverage
Climate is Normal
4 billion years
Roaming Barbs

9 civs(including us..)......im open to suggestions in choosing the civs

Allow accelerated production

6 Players (including me)
20 turns each player in AA and MA, and 10 turns in IA and MA
24 hours to confirm
24-72 to play and post

I will post a pic of the starting location and will start playing my turns as soon as the remaining five slots are covered.

PS: This game will be played in the Regular version(Or Vanilla...as i´ve read you call it) of Civ3.......not Conquest or PTW. I live in a small town near Madrid and since Civ isn´t a big game here....i haven´t been able to buy Conquest or PTW in any of the local stores:cry: :cry:

As i said before, advice from expert players is greatly appreciated.....since this SG is basically just scenario to learn from each other (is it just me or does that shound very very cheesy?:rolleyes: :p )


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Well a number of attempts at Warlord SG have not gotten of the ground. You would probably have to go to at least Regent.

There is at least one going now that you may be able to get into in some capacity. If you do try to get this going, I would think you need to go with the full 8 civs. SG's makes the game easier than normal and having only 3 AI's makes it even easier.
I guess I'll join
but I also think the diffculity level should be at least Regent , and the map got to be changed at least for Large ( I prefer Standart ) . You think it's small , but you'll like it later ;)

we can pick America or just choose random civ . and let's change the Archipelago to Continets or Pengia ( or whatever it is , lol ) , and 60% water ..

as vmxa said , in the SG everything is much easier , you've your team to discuss moves , advices ..everything .
Alright, goodsmell, you´re accepted. I´ll change the difficulty level and settings. How bout this?:

60 percent water

I havent decided on the civ we should be using yet....i´ll wait until more people join and vote, although i agree w/ America. Still need 4

PS: The time limits for downloading and playing/posting are gonna be a bit akward. Im 6 hours ahead of you guys. Different timezones suck!!! :D
PS2: Dam! its getting late here, and im falling asleep. Ill reconect tomorrow
I'm in. :)

You might want to put a roster in post #1 that looks like this:


I also recomend that instead of 20 turns per set the whole game, you do 20 in the AA and MiddleA and 10 un the IA and ModernA. Otherwise, the IA and ModernA turns will take too long.

My votes on the civs:

Us: Don't really care, but America is fine.
Ai's: all random
A large map should have 12 civs, but if you want it to be easier you could drop it down some. I would not go below 9, that is too much help for the humans.

You will have so much land to fill that is distorts the game. IOW you won't get a true feel for how the game plays.
Pequenino said:
Considering that the difficulty level is Warlord......which is probably just a joke to all of you, but i have a hard time beating this level
First off:

Welcome to the forum!
:band: [party] :dance: :groucho:

You've have picked a bold way to improve your skills. And you will. If your first post is to start your very own Training Day SG, you have the wits to figure things out on your own. I must admit, the learning curve is a little bit steeper when you try to learn on your own, but it can be done. This SG will make things much easier.

SG's tend to be flexible on how quickly the turns are played and Training Days even more so. The learning comes from discussion between the players and the teachers. Discussion takes time and for Training Day SG the standard 24/48 is not even an issue, except when the teaching is done and it is time to put into practice what has been taught.

Good luck and have fun.
Yeah , you can surf in the SG forum and see some training games on any difficulity .
and just learn to play better . you need to know basic things , and know where is better to settle , etc..
We can start the SG with 5 players , even with 4 players .
I would bring my friend but I won't since his english is worst than mine :D :D
Try to pm someone who looks like a "newbie" too , "newbie" Regent player .
any news , updated roster ? anybody wants to join , oh come on guys it's no Cheiftan it's Regent ;) leave yo message and join us .

Pequenino , why won't you change your signature with a link to this SG , I'll do it now .
and I guess we shall start tommorow no matter what will happen and I hope someone will join us later .
btw , what is your Timezone ? I'm on +2 Gmt [ Israel ]
Is this a training game or a normal game? If this is a training game, you may want to slow it down turnset-wise even more- a lesson I learned the hard way when my training SG dissipated when I wanted to go too fast (and because I might have done something to annoy my team)
I think I'll join. WARNING, I'm terrible and have no clue how to do this. BUT, I will learn...:)

EDIT: NOTE, I still play on Chieftain level half the time.
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