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My Idea(for the constitoution)

Discussion in 'Civ3 Demo Game: Citizens' started by Strider, Jun 29, 2002.

  1. Strider

    Strider In Retrospect

    Jan 7, 2002
    This is unfinished!!!! And if you notice I added a layer add on.... so expect it to be long!!!

    Layer I Section A List of punishments:
    Final punishments
    Exile: Impeached from all governmental positions and also loses citizenship. An exile can only return to a demo game if the council deems nessary, but they can still limit that person to certain rights.
    Full impeachment: Impeachment from all current government positions held by the player. A player can get both a full impeachment and probation if thought necessary
    Partial-impeachment: Impeachment from only the government position the player was violated from. This impeachment can only be cast upon a player with more than one government position. Ex: They lose one of their government positions. A player can get both a full impeachment and probation if thought necessary.
    Probation: Player has only limited rights. The council decides upon these rights. If thought necessary a player can get both an impeachment and probation. Ex: Player can?t run for government positions, player can?t create citizen groups.
    Starting punishments
    3rd degree warning: Finally warning for player. If they continue to break the constitution they will be punished by an above punishment. If the punished player?s evil deed is bad enough he can be given a 3rd degree warning without having any below it.
    2nd degree warning: 2nd warning for player if continued player will move up to a 3rd degree warning or a final punishment. If the punished player?s evil deed is bad enough he can be given a 2nd degree warning without having any below it.
    1st degree warning: 1st warning for player if continued it can be moved up to a higher warning level.

    Punishments even the warnings can only be lowered only by a council vote. If a player currently holds a 1st degree warning and does something else it can be moved up as nessary. A punished play punished with a starting punishment must hold that punishment for one week. Final punishments must be held for an entire turn. A full impeachment the player can?t run for any government position next term. A partial-impeachment is decided upon the council.

    Layer II Section A Game Dynamics

    Article 1: NO ONE is allowed to download and play out a saved game. This is grounds for impeachment and/or exile from the Democracy game. All players caught playing out a saved game ?even accidental will be punished no matter what. The citizens vote on the level of punishment. All citizens may load and view a save game but no action within the game is permitted.

    Article 2:The game consists of the Excutivate Branch, The council, the senate, congress, House of representatives, and the royal family.

    Article 3:The president/vice president will post a turn chat schedule. The president/ vice president can change it at any time, but it MUST give the players a two-day warning. Ex of turn chat schedule:

    Monday August 4 at 23:59 GMT

    Thursday August 8 at23: 59 GMT

    Article 4: Polls for the turn chat MUST be posted a day after the last turns chat results. If it fails to do so the poll is deemed inaccurate and is closed by the mods. If it is needed at the president/vice president will call a council spot vote or a citizen spot vote.

    Article 5: Flag changes can be made any time no matter the government. Ex: New flag with stars that resemble number of cities/provinces. Name changes can ONLY be made during anarchy.

    Article 6: There will be a separate instruction thread for each chat turn. This thread should be set up as soon as the chat turn is scheduled. All instructions to be played out in that chat turn should be placed in this thread. Any instructions that are not posted to this thread before the start of the chat turn are not considered official.

    Article 7: A player with government powers MUST say when they are to be gone. If not a punishment could be placed for the level Ex: 1st degree warning if they had an accident. 3rd degree warning if they decided to leave town without mentioning anything. A player is deemed missing if that player is inactive for one week without a reason.

    Article 8: Citizens can override any govermetal vote. The citizens creating a thread to debate the new topic do this. If it then successful it will be moved to a poll.

    Layer II Section B: Government

    Article 1: Six council members each head a department. Departments are Domestic, Foreign, Military, Science, Culture and Trade. Two council members are "at-large", are responsible only to the citizens and have no direct governmental responsibilities.

    Article 2: The Excutivate Branch is made up of the president/vice president. These two are in charge of running the game.

    Article 3: The senate is made up of 4 people 2 citizens, 1 department leader, and 1 House of Rep member. The senate is in charge of making sure the game runs smoothly. 1.They bring more people to the game. 2. Helps the Mods perform their duties 3. Keep the const.

    Article 4: Congress is made up of 3 citizens. It is in charge of punishing players who have not followed the rules. It also is in charge of keeping the peace in the demogame.

    Article 5: The House of representatives is made up of 3 citizens. Each council leader elects a representive. They are in charge of running that department if leader/deputy is gone.

    Article 6: The royal family is made up of One King (must be male) One Queen (must be female) 1 prince(must be male) and one princess(must be female). If no female/male are open for the poistion then no one will hold it. The royal family is their to encourage citizens and to point out flaws to the government offcials. They are here to try to add some fun to the demogame. The King and Queen must be a honored citzen. The prince and princess can be anything. The King elects the prince and the queen elects the princess. The King and Queen is nominated/elected by the citizens.

    Article 7:The council-members, Excutivate Branch, and House of Representatives is the only one?s with special govermental power. All others contain the right of normal citizens just with extra duties.

    Article 8: There is one governor for each province. The govonors control the producation in that province.

    Article 9:All of the above is elected by the citizens unless stated otherwise.

    Layer II Section C The Citizens

    Article 1:All citizens are expected to post their idea?s in the department threads. They are also expected to give comments and suggestions about demogame interface. Citizens are asked to vote in polls.

    Article 2:Citzens can over throw any government seat if they think that person is not doing their job correctly. This is done by creating a discussion. If it then pass?s the discussion it moves to a poll. Then if it pass?s the poll the congress decides his punishment with citizens approval.

    Article 3:Citzens may create citizen groups. Citizens may under any reason stop a council-vote if he/she has government approval. All citizens have the right to request a spot-vote/citizens poll if he/she deems it necassary
  2. disorganizer

    disorganizer Chieftain

    Mar 30, 2002
    i like the idea of the royal family. we could implement this immediately.
    we will nevertheless need 2 citizens who mary...
  3. Strider

    Strider In Retrospect

    Jan 7, 2002
    I think instead of electing the king and queen they should be "picked."

    "supreme excucutive power arise from the masses, not from some farsatic aquatic seremony"
  4. Waterz

    Waterz Talking Dog

    Jul 1, 2002
    Melbourne, Australia
    I saw that the Royal Family encourages people to oust corrupt government leaders but what happens if the Royal Family is corrup and say citizens do what they did in the French Revolution?
    Ousting the rich and making themselve corrupt. What happens then?

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