My ideea for a better feeling !!

Mîtiu Ioan

Jan 30, 2002
Timisoara, Romania
I must tell that I was inspired by "Black and White" game ...

Why the leader of a civ doesn't change according with the style of play ??

For example - being with France and play a "war-monger" style will show you ( but also the computer controled Civs ) face of Napoleon. Playing a peaceful game will show the face of Louis the XIV !! Having a great corruption will show the face of Louis the XV !! Being a ruthless tyran which wipe its citizens will show the face of Henric the III ! During revolution there will be the face of Robespierre and so on !!

What's your opinion ? My humble opinion is that this will give a great feeling for the players !!

And another question - there are 5 kind of "civ types" : european, middle-east and so on. Is just my impression or the number of civs belong to this major types are far to be equilibrated ??

I like the idea about your leader changing. But I don't think he/she should change person, just mood and clothes. Like when you switch to another age, there should be clothes for different govs and the major identification for ur civ fx. corruption/tech/war/peace/and so on....
that could be nice
You're going to need a lot more art files!

And who would you get for, say, the Chinese?? Sid couldn't even get their one leader right - it should not be Mao.

It's not a bad idea, but I can think of sixty or so changes ahead of it in the line of how to improve this game.
Thats actually pretty cool! Though I'd hate to be the Americans and lose a war. L.B.J. was a jerk-off!
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